I have a problem. A very annoying, ridiculous problem. I have a bad case of the statics…in my hair. Having always had long hair (even though it is currently the shortest I have ever had it right now!) means I have had countless days of battling static-y hair. I have learned a tip or two in my battle about controlling the static and keeping it away so I thought I would share.

Ditch the plastic comb. Instead, opt for a metal or rubber one because it generates less electricity as you comb through your hair.

Use dryer sheets…on your hair! This is an old trick I learned years ago and is great for an instant fix for when you are in a rush. Just grab a sheet and rub it over your hair quickly and bam! Instant static remover!

Lotion it up. Don’t use too much lotion because that will just make your hair greasy and oily, but putting a little dab in your hands and then running it over your hair will help control the static.

Use water or a wet comb. This is a great way to get rid of static temporarily, but I find usually the static returns once my hair is completely dry again. I find if you are trying to style your hair and are dealing with static, this is a great temporary fix to help out.

Avoid 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioners. Yes. Really. I don’t know what the science is behind it, but I have YET to find a combination product that doesn’t leave my hair ultra static-y.

Hair product is your friend. The more product that is in your hair, the less area that static has to cling to. Don’t go crazy with it or anything because too much product can be just as terrible to deal with (plus it makes your hair heavy and looks unnatural) but adding hairspray, mousse, or styling cream will help prevent static.

The Ionic Hair Dryer. It dries faster, it is less harsh on your hair, and it makes your hair less likely to have static. Well worth the investment and really, it isn’t much of an investment because I have found several online and in drugstores for under $30. SCORE.

Static Cling Spray. Yep, the very one you use for your skirts and slips. Just spray a small amount onto your hands, rub together, and tousle through your hair. This has been by far one of the best miracle workers for me when I need long term static control.

• Watch Where You Step! From personal experience, I discovered wearing shoes with rubber on the bottom seemed to make EVERYTHING more static-y, including my clothes and hair. I would also get shocked a lot more (my biggest pet peeve, plus I am a wimp and it hurts!) Then I discovered there has been some research done in connection with wearing rubber shoes and static in your hair. Coincidence? I think not. So avoid rubber shoes.

Hair Serum. I love Moroccan oil but there are a number of other serums that would work great. Just do a tiny bit and rub over your dry hair and it works as a coat that prevents static.

Dry Shampoo. I was a little late in trying out the new “dry shampoo” trend, thinking it was only for hipsters who want to rock awesome messy hair and avoid showering (although dry shampoo gives some AWESOME texture to hair) but once I tried it out, and I am completely hooked! It absorbs oil, but for whatever reason it also gets rid of the static! Even after I just wash my hair and don’t need the dry shampoo, I have gotten into a habit of spraying just a tiny bit on and off throughout the day and am always amazed how quickly it gets rid of static hair. This might be a trick worth it for you girls with longer hair that have more static to control!

• Steam Room! Ok, you may not have access to a steam room, but static in hair is the worst when there are dry conditions (hello, winter!) so when you are working on drying or styling your hair, do it in the bathroom with the steam from the shower going or next to a humidifier. The steam helps keep your hair moisturized as you work and avoids static.

• Conditioner. If you don’t use conditioner in your hair, you are being foolish. Start. Now. There are many hair health benefits and one of them is that your hair stays more moisturized, meaning it is less dry and less likely to succumb to static craziness.

Hopefully a few of these tips help out my fellow ladies (and a few of you men with luscious locks) and if I left any out, let me know so I can add them in! We all have to help each other out!