Creativity in the closet doesn’t come natural to me because I pretty much have only worn black on black on black for YEARS. But I’m in closet therapy and trying to branch out.

How freaking CUTE is this Sweet Sassy Molassy shirt?? I’m totally obsessed, talk about the perfect piece for summer and my fourth of July outfit! My amazing friend Souzi and I decided to both buy the same shirt and style it in different ways!

I went for a casual mom look that is perfect for the weekend, and she went for the badass boss babe look because she is a GIRL BOSS!!! Woo!

I love how each of us took our own style and applied it to the same piece, it just shows that its a little bit of creativity you can add your own personality to your outfit, and definitely change up the functionality of the piece so you can get different types of looks with it!

The amazing thing about being able to create multiple looks with one, single piece is that it totally opens up your wardrobe and gives you more versatility. I don’t know about you, but I’m on the wear-the-same-shirt-three-days-in-a-row train (because…. lazy and minimal), so being able to come up with creative ideas for styling has been a LIFESAVER!

Please, PLEASE go check out my friend Souzi on instagram and explore her incredible blog, Confidently Corporate. She posts amazing fashion and style tips that embrace curvy figures, and is so creative with her looks. It’s the perfect blog for every girl boss out there to get inspiration!

Tell me what you think of the two different styles!

XXOO Sunny

P.S. Just a quick reminder, if you decide to shop at SS Molassy, I have a code for you to get 15% off your first order- just use code HEYSUNNYJESS when you checkout! 🙂 If you want to see how I have styled some of their other pieces, you can check those out here.