This time of year I always start to go a little crazy with all the gift shopping. Maybe it is because I am crazy, but I really like to get gifts for people that are thoughtful or that they will actually like and want, rather than just the same old stuff. Sometimes though, you just don’t know WHAT to get someone and then you just have to find something awesome that anyone would love. Whether you are looking for some just generally awesome gifts or you are looking for something perfectly unique, Etsy is your go-to place! Etsy is an awesome where tons of small businesses sell some of the most amazing things, and there is seriously every type of item you could think of from artwork and furniture to clothing and digital designs to vintage items and craft supplies. LITERALLY EVERYTHING! And I am a huge fan of shopping small business because it really is what helps keep the economy going! I have collected a list of a few of my favorite shops so if you don’t know where to start, here is a great place! It was so hard though because there are so many shops that I love! So this year for the holidays (or anytime the rest of the year!) ditch the Walmarts and SHOP SMALL ! 🙂

**just a side note, for those of you wondering about my NaBloPoMo goals….let’s just say I got half way through the month and life caught up with me and I flopped. FAIL. Sometimes though, you just have to roll with the punches, accept the failure, and just keep moving on, right? I’ll post more on that later!**

India y la Luna This is an Argentina based company who has some of the most AMAZING handcrafted jewelry and artisan pieces! Every single piece is a statement piece, it has such a unique look that people can’t help but pay attention to it. There are pieces from simple to intricate ranging across all price ranges. It is truly an exquisite collection of jewelry that you can’t find anywhere else.

Team Art This shop is totally awesome because they sell Colouring books. Yes. Colouring books. Like, really awesome colouring books that adults can appreciate! I have seen a bunch of different styles but I know they have colouring books for television shows like Mad Men, famous people, animals, and funny pictures. For art lovers, this is a totally unique MUST!

A Little Logo Co. If you know anyone looking at starting a business or trying to re-brand their business, this shop does some great custom work and would be an excellent, personal gift to give to someone to help them out.

The Golden Littles There is a really wide selection of different art pieces and hand crafted items in this shop, but my favorites are all of the beautiful bookends! The owner has so many different options for animals to make the bookends from, they could go in any room! They would definitely be a statement piece for your bookshelf or would look adorable in a kid’s room!

Katts Bath And Body Boutique I just love receiving bath stuff, and I know most others do too! This shop has some of the best smelling bath bombs you could ever imagine, it is like floating in heaven with one in the tub! Plus the packaging comes really nice and everything is made with natural, organic products which is awesome for people with sensitive skin, and the shop is super reasonably priced which is just a plus at this time of year!

Je Suis Mimi One word. DOLLS. I mean beautiful, soft, adorable little dolls. This shop has a really large selection of other home good and items that are excellent for babies, but I can’t get over how adorable the handmade dolls are! They are soft which makes them great for babies or older girls.

Teals Prairie & Co. I am not even sure where to begin with this awesome shop! They have an incredible selection of gifts that would be great, especially for those hard to shop for people (like husbands? at least my husband…) They have things like multi-use pockets knives, custom suede gloves, whiskey glass sets, wallets, custom , monogrammed cutting boards, and the list goes on and on. This is a great place to stop for personalized, useful gifts.

Cool Aunt Flo Ok, I know I have talked about this shop before in my post about Shark Week, but seriously I can’t get over these hilarious period underwear! I have a pair that say “shark week” on them, and I LOVE them! They are so comfy, so adorable, and they make you feel pretty on your period (which we all need, right ladies?) I wear them all the time and don’t limit them to just period days because seriously, they are SO fun! They are a great gift to generate some laughs for sure.

Royal MajesTees These guys have some pretty sweet t-shirt designs for people of all ages, babies to adults! There are funny shirts, holiday shirts, shirts with sayings, shirts with pictures, and about every other idea you can think of. These custom shirts are a great idea for anyone on your list, no matter how hard they might be to shop for.

Obsolete World This is NOT your regular art shop. This shop sells fine prints of some of the most one-of-a-kind art I have seen. The artwork is almost whimsical and has a definite style that anyone can appreciate. Perfect for any room in the house and a friend of mine who has purchased one of the prints says the quality is incredible.

Simply Clutch Cutest little bags ever! This is an awesome gift for moms, sisters, or friends! When I was looking through their inventory I couldn’t even find one that was my favorite because they were all so dang adorable and stylish. A clutch is practically a must-have in any girl’s closet anyway, why not have it be cute??

Jigsaw Furnishings This is a perfect gift for men, dads, your boss, or even yourself. Super sleek, hand carved “accessory” dock, with an organized place for your keys, wallet, watch, phone, pens, glasses, etc. No longer will you need that ugly bowl sitting on the counter to hold everything in a mess! This is a must have on my list this year!

Jess Kasteler Design StudioThe owner of this shop has some of the most creative talent with her digital design work that I have seen! This shop sells some of her gorgeous digital prints and the cutest darn coffee mugs on the block! If you got one of these mugs and paired it with a package of cocoa? I’m already jealous of the person on the receiving end!

Ohhh LuLu Some of the prettiest, most feminine lingerie and sleep accessories around! This would be an awesome gift men to get their ladies, or ladies to get themselves and just say it is a gift for your husband? These intimates are seriously so pretty, I have been oggling them for months now! Not to mention they started selling eyemasks to wear while you sleep that are so cute! Just the eye mask would be an adorable, personalized and unique gift!

Urban Mommy Boutique Ok, how could I not include my own shop here? We sell a collection of handcrafted items for moms and babies, particularly wall art that is great for nurseries and the home. I also recently added some of my new favorite things to make, baby wraps for newborn sessions! These wraps would be great for moms that are expecting or great gifts for photographers that need photo props for their business!

Sound Baby Looking for a great gift for a baby, a mom with a new baby, or a pregnant mom? This is your stop. This shop sells the highly coveted Muslin and bamboo blankets that are the best thing you will ever swaddle your baby in. I wish I had discovered them before I had my baby and will definitely be stocking up whenever I have the next one! Some of the cutest patterns are available.

Gloom Matter On Etsy There is always that one kinda weird person on your shopping list who loves dollheads and skeletons and other freaky things (ah-hem, people like me) and this is where you can find the perfect gift for them. They have skeleton ribcage lamps, bone toothbroosh holders, and all manner of creepy yet captivating jewelry.

What’s In Grampa’s Shack? Some of the cutest home decor ever! If you are looking for an original piece that you can’t find anywhere else, start at this shop. I particularly love the hand-painted anchors! They would make such a darling gift to someone who has just moved, for a beach house, or just for anyone who loves the nautical theme! And they have so much more than just the anchors, those are just my favorites, haha. Be sure to check them out.

Nk Naturals Homemade hair and skin care products = my favorite. I love this shop because they have some of the best body scrub I have ever used, the brown sugar and coffee body scrub! I use it once and seriously, my skin is still silky several days later, without lotion or anything! I also love the chapsticks! Who doesn’t love new skincare stuff?

Harry Potter Pages Ok, I know I am a nerd, but I am truly obsessed with Harry Potter, and luckily I am not the only one. So of course I had to share one of my favorite Harry Potter shops. This artist sells artwork all based on Harry Potter elements and is printed on Harry Potter pages. How cool is that on a scale of 1 to 10? 9 3/4. (Ha, there is that lame joke again, I just can’t stop!)

Add Some Stitches crochet hats and accessories are IN right now in the fashion world! This shop has some of the cutest, funnest patterns that you can guarantee not everyone else will have. There are so many to choose from, you could literally find the perfect one for everyone on your list (and a few for yourself, too!)

There are so many more shops that I love and wish I could add to this list, but then it would be like a zillion pages long! I may just have to do another post someday including more of my favorites. Really you just need to go check it out for yourself and find the joy in shopping small businesses, you really can get such cool, unique items that you won’t be able to find in your local Walmart or Target.