4th of july


HAPPY 239th BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Man, do I love this country! And I also love to celebrate it! The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. I just love everything about it. I love the fireworks, the food, the summertime-y-ness of it (inventing words there…) the parades…the list goes on and one and on. Most of all, I love the sense of unity there is. As a nation, we come together and celebrate our independence and our freedom to choose to do what we love, when we love, where we love, with who we love. Sparklers come in as a close second on the favorites list though, hahaha! So, for Monday Sunshine this week I thought I would just take minute to reflect on a holiday that makes me so happy and how we celebrated this last weekend. Usually we go pretty extravagant with the holiday celebrations but this year we kept it a little more low-key and it was actually just so, SO nice! Here are some of the photos from our day 🙂


4th of July
Squid in anticipation of her Hawaiian shaved ice
Red, White, & Blue from the amazing Hokulia…. northern Utah locals- you’ve got to try out this place!
grilling time
It’s Grillin’ Time
Just a teensy, tinsy bit excited about sparklers
13 colonies
Celebrating our roots and where we started from
pink sparklers
Because PINK sparklers!
I promise, the situation was under control…
Alex and Ani
Made in the USA !!!!!
Happy Birthday ‘Merica !

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