28 day challenge

For years I have been whining about wanting to lose weight, never being happy with how I am. As expressed in some recent instagram posts or this blog post here, I was really hard on myself for a long time when I was actually at a perfectly healthy weigh and size. I should have focused on maintaining that size and loving myself instead of hating how I looked and emotional eating myself into the hole I am currently in now, right? Haha! but really though.

This year i decided was going to be MY year, where I finally got into shape and became healthy both mentally and physically. AND here we are… in August… and I have only lost about 30 pounds. Which I am very happy about, but with the fitness goals I had planned and my final goal in mind, I feel like it is such a small accomplishment. To be honest though, I really wasn’t as focused as i should have been from the end of February until about mid-June, so I recognize the 30 pounds is really quite a bit to lose if you look at the actual number of weeks that I WAS working hard. Sigh. Weight loss and fitness is just one of those annoying things that ISN’T part of the instant gratification thing I have come to love, is it? No worries though! Because I am doing a new challenge for 28 days and I am going to bust my butt and see prove that physical, visible results CAN happen in 28 days (which in fitness journey days is kind of like instant gratification #amiright)

S. Here is the plan. I have prepped out and planned each meal and snack for the next 28 days which I will post more on later this week. I have also commited to 5 days a week of 60 minutes of working out. I am not exactly a work out genius, so I don’t have any genius ideas for a work out plan, other than 45 minuets of cardio and 15 minutes of strength training.

I’ve also taken measurements and my weight (yikes!) which initially I was going to post to force myself to be accountable somewhere, buuuuut I’m way too embarrassed, so what I’m going to do instead is track my progress and then I will share a total on how much weight I have lost and how many inches. And if I’ve done well enough (fingers crossed!) then at some point I will share the start weight with the final end weight.

Before you health gurus and fitness experts roll your eyes and think how dumb I am because this is how I should ALWAYS be living (which is true, no doubt) I need to mention that this really is a learning curve for me. I may not have been overweight growing up, but I didn’t grow up with an environment conducive to being a fit or thin person. My parents were overweight, my grandparents were overweight. Even though I knew that working out and eating right were important, they weren’t a habit that I practiced. Of course my fitness issues and weight are not anyone’s responsibility but my own, I am just trying to explain that this feels kind of like a foreign game I am playing as I go along in my fitness journey, which is probably why it is so hard for me and why it is taking me so long. For you other chubby girls, you get where I’m at, right?? My goal with my overall journey is that this will become a lifestyle that is natural to me, but for now, I’m still plugging along slowly and crying while I do it because I want so bad to be skinny but I also really want to eat tacos and ice cream and lay on my couch and not work out. Haha. Sad story, I know I’m pathetic. (insert crying because laughing so hard emoji here.)