Why am I writing about the 7 most magical moments to have in Harry Potter World? Because 7 is the most powerfully magical number, according to Tom Riddle… and J.K. Rowling.- 7 Harry Potter books, 7 Weasleys, 7 players on a Quidditch team, 7 horcruxes… you’ll find the number 7 peeking out in all sorts of fun places in the wizarding world. 7 just felt right.

Having just returned a couple weeks ago it’s all so fresh in my mind and I’m already crying because Iw ant to go back so badly. It was hard to chose only 7, but these moments were the ones that were the absolute most magical, life-changing moments for a pott-head like me.

1-Walking into Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley is the first true wizarding location that Harry experiences in the books and when you walk into Diagon Alley in the park, you can tell the creators put an insane amount of effort into creating the same emotions in fans that Harry Potter feels when he walks through the opening brick wall for the first time. It’s stunning. It’s breathtaking. I started crying. I’m not even ashamed. Yep. Tears. Real tears. It’s just breathtaking and that single moment is cemented in my brain forever. Part of my soul was definitely left there.

2-Riding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a ride that takes you into Hogwarts. You wait in line walking through Hogwarts castle, which to me was incredible. I didn’t want to leave! It feels so true to what I imagine Hogwarts being like, and Dumbledore’s study was beyond words. The attention to detail, people! To be honest, the wait in the castle was actually more incredible to me than the ride, although I did love the ride.

The real magical moment here, however, actually comes from something a little more personal. Prior to leaving I found out that the rides in Harry Potter world aren’t very accommodating to certain body types- AKA fat people – and I was worried that my chest was so large I wouldn’t fit. They have test seats in the front, which I was almost too embarrassed to try but I didn’t want to miss out so I decided to just go for it and what do you know, click, click, CLICK! The ride clicked three times meaning I totally fit! The magic of that moment, a moment I had been dreading and expecting a different outcome, can’t be passed up. You can read more about it in THIS instagram post.

And just as a tip, if you don’t want to ride the ride, or are concerned about having a body style that isn’t accommodated, you can still do a walking tour through the castle and you absolutely don’t want to miss it!

3-Experiencing the wand show at Ollivander’s Wand Shop

I read a bunch of things online that said to just skip the wand shop experience because it can often be a long wait and the room can get crowded, but I 100% disagree with that because OMG the show was amazing! The woman that played the wand shop worker was phenomenal, she chose out a cute little boy (see photo and tell me THAT isn’t magical?!) and let his wand choose him. I was only bitter for like 5 seconds that I didn’t get chosen haha. It felt like such a real part of Harry Potter world!

4-Getting on the Hogwarts Express at King’s Cross Station going to Hogsmeade

Notice that I was specific in that title, because riding the train FROM King’s Cross TO Hogsmeade was the magical moment for me. The train runs both ways and there is a different little show each way. King’s Cross station was phenomenal to look around while waiting in line with tons of photo opportunities. I especially love that they have this amazing effect where it looks like you’re going THROUGH the brick wall to get onto platform 9 3/4. The whole thing is much more magical than the station at Hogsmeade. Then the train ride itself was a lot more fun going TO Hogsmeade, I specifically loved the segment with the dementors. I have a special place in my heart for dementors and their representation which is a story for another time, but I really like them so it was a fun part of the story to experience on the train.

Here is a little clip of people going through the wall to get on Platform 9 3/4. You can see a bunch of other clips on my story highlights on instagram!

Tell me that isn’t amazing magic, right there? When I turned the corner and saw that it was one of those “holy crap I’m in real life Harry Potter world, THIS IS HAPPENING,” moments. So memorable.

5-Using an interactive wand to perform magic

I totally didn’t think that I’d get into performing the spells. I was nerding out, but I wasn’t THAT childish…so I thought? Ha! Let’s just get one thing straight. YOU ARE IN FREAKING HARRY POTTER WORLD AND IT’S NOT CHILDISH.  It’s fun. And magical. Do it. Around the parks there are a bunch of locations where you can perform spells. If you have an interactive wand, you perform the spell and then it works like magic. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do them all, I only did a couple but it was fun to see what would happen when you performed the spell!

6-When frozen Butterbeer entered my lips

I can be picky so I didn’t want to set my expectations too high for Butterbeer but it far exceeded them! No words. Actually… a few words. It’s kind of like cream soda, but better. Frozen is THE way to go. This was one of those fun things I wanted to do just to do it, but it ended up being one of my favorite magical moments in Harry Potter world while we were there.

7-Wandering through Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley

Maybe it’s the Slytherin in me, but I’ve got a total fascination with Knockturn Alley and it did not disappoint. First off – AIR CONDITIONING. As if you needed more reason to go, ha! Inside Knockturn Alley the shrunken heads were probably my favorite, I’ve got a video of them in my stories highlights on instagram, too. Then you walk into Borgin and Burkes and it totally has the ambiance you would expect it to have, but better. They sell all sorts of creepy and unique souvenirs and I totally wish I had bought something there! I think it was probably my favorite store in all of Harry Potter world to visit because those magical feelings are just cemented in my brain. So cool.

I’m already pining to go back and can’t wait for my next trip, which I hope is somewhere SOON in my future! If you want to see the vlog from Universal Studios and Harry Potter world, you can watch that here.

XXOO Sunny