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Never in a million years did I think I’d ever find a solution to whiten sensitive teeth that actually worked for me. I cringe even thinking about some of the painful things I’ve tried! It’s unfair that people with sensitive teeth have to either live with the pain or live with yellow teeth – we deserve white smiles, too! Thankfully, Smile Brilliant has developed solutions for people like us. If you’ve got sensitive teeth and are ready for a whiter smile, here’s what you need to know:

Choose a product as unique as your smile

We all have different teeth, which means different ranges of sensitivity. Some of us might be able to bite into a popsicle (cringing as I type that) while some of us can’t even breathe in cold air without tooth pain. Smile Brilliant understands there is a range of sensitivity and they have 3 different systems for different levels. Choose the best option for your teeth.

Use the Desensitizing Gel First

This little tip is not in the instructions, but one of their amazing team members let me in on this one and it totally saved me! Do a desensitizing session the day before you do whitening for about a half hour to help ‘prep’ your teeth.

Slather your gums in coconut oil

You could also use vaseline, but I like how coconut oil tastes and feels a little better personally. This will help protect your gums from discomfort.

Give yourself a lower dosage

The instructions tell you to use about ¼ to ⅓ of a syringe when whitening. Always do the lighter end of that so there isn’t quite as much product surrounding your teeth at one time.

Use short sessions

Only use the whitening gel for the minimum period of time to minimize the amount of time it’s on your teeth.

Take things slowly

Most of the before and after photos you’ll see of teeth whitening are a 7 day period. My teeth are just too sensitive that they couldn’t take the assault day after day after day. Because I was whitening sensitive teeth, I needed to take things slower, and the whitening process worked just as well over a slightly longer period as it did over the shorter period. Plus, more importantly, I had zero pain. Zero! I usually did one day of prepping with the desensitizing gel, then I would whiten the next day, and then I would give myself about 4 or 5 days before starting the process again. I will admit it does require a little bit more patience, but to literally feel nothing and still get whiter teeth? WORTH. EVERY. SECOND.

Always whiten at night

When you whiten sensitive teeth at night, you have the option to just leave the desensitizing gel on overnight so it’s on your teeth for as long as possible to help maximize its effect and minimize any sensitivity.

Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth

If you’ve got sensitive teeth, you’re probably familiar with sensitive toothpaste. Now’s a great time to use it, folks.

How these 8 tips changed the game for me:

Luckily for me, I was born into a long family line of yellow teeth. As I’ve aged, I’ve noticed my teeth becoming more and more yellow. Ew. I also had the incredible fortune to be born with extremely sensitive teeth. We’re talking ultra-painfully sensitive. I really lucked out in the gene pool, didn’t I?

Because of my severe sensitivity I thought there was no way I’d ever find whitening options that that’d work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still tried. After I had my braces off in middle school, I tried an option with some bleach trays, but after only 20 minutes my teeth hurt so bad I couldn’t play my clarinet (yep, totally a band geek!) for a week after. I gave it another go before my wedding with some white strips and within a few minutes of having those on, I ripped them off because they were sending these throbbing zings through my mouth.

I honestly thought I was doomed for yellow tooth purgatory forever and that the only way to cure it was to eventually have my teeth all replaced with veneers. I learned to smile without my teeth in most of my photos because I was embarrassed.

When Smile Brilliant contacted me, I really thought there was no way, just no way, that this could work without tooth pain. My teeth are just too sensitive! Well, color me WRONG. With the options for customization to my whitening system, help from their team, and these 8 tips, I actually have a whiter smile that I’m proud of. My teeth are beautiful and I have the confidence to smile fearlessly, and I did it with no pain at all. I was so paranoid about having sensitivity pain that I may have even gone a little overboard, but ultimately it worked. I was able to get a whiter smile that I’m proud of without any tooth pain, and if I’m a success story, you will be too.

So… How does it work?

Find the whitening system that best fits the needs of your teeth and their sensitivity levels and order it online. Within a few days, you’ll get a kit in the mail to make your own custom trays so your system will fit perfectly to your teeth. Read the instructions twice all the way through before you make your impressions! Once you’ve finished them up, mail them back in and within about a week or so they mail back your completed trays ready to go! Make sure you bookmark this post so you have these tips easily accessible through the whitening process to help you avoid sensitivity. Now go get that confident smile you deserve!

Now for the best part… GIVEAWAY TIME!

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**This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. All opinions are 100% my own**
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