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24 Things to Do in Your 9th Month of Pregnancy!

The third trimester of pregnancy feels a little like prepping for a jungle expedition. Your hot, sweaty, exhausted, you can’t remember if you’ve got it all together or if you’re missing everything you need. Not to mention you feel swollen bigger than a whale and can barely move without peeing your pants, let alone sneeze or caught! That third trimester is HARD, and to add to the annoyance of being physically and emotionally wipes, you might be full of anxiety about all the things you need to get done before baby arrives and have no idea where to begin. I mean, you don’t even know if you took your vitamin this morning because #pregnancybrain. What you need mama, is a good, ole’ fashion list.

So, for all you pregnant moms, or those thinking about getting pregnant, or random people just interested, here is a list to refer to of things to do in your third trimester and/or final month of pregnancy to prepare for baby…and keep your stress levels at bay!

1- Get Out!

Go on a date…or 10 dates, with everyone. See friends. Visit grandma. Watch a movie at the theatre. After you have a little one, your chances of going out decrease by…well A LOT. You don’t have energy, and if you are anything like me, you don’t want to be around people either. So schedule some time out and be social!

2- Discuss your birth plan

This is something you will probably want to research yourself and talk to your medical provider about. Are you delivering vaginally or cesarean? Do you want an epidural? Will you be induced? How many people are going to be in the room with you? Are you planning on banking the cord blood? Skin-to-skin contact? Find out HOW to do that in my birth plan post. There is no wrong way to do it, but make sure whatever your plan is, that it is what YOU want to do and feel is best for you and your baby.

3- Get a Sleeping Area for Baby Ready

Newborns sleep, a lot. You don’t want to have to worry about setting up the crib or putting together a bassinet when you are exhausted yourself from having a baby. Having a place already set up (whether a crib, cradle, pack and play, bassinet, co-sleeper bed, whatever) will make you want to kiss yourself thank you when you arrive home. If you need some help getting started or finding the best bassinet for your family, check out this amazing ThinkBaby article that goes into detail about the best bassinets. P.S. their main site also has some other amazing sleep tips for new moms and babies, I’d highly recommend checking those out, stat, because we all know mama needs her precious sleep or attack of the mombie is a risk… 😉


Whether you like it or not, people LOVE babies. Which means you are going to have your privacy invaded like crazy. Save yourself from feeling flustered because everyone is seeing you in your long johns and invest now in some cute comfy wear. May I suggest yoga pants or patterned leggings paired with a cute, simple, loose top? Trust me- you won’t be shopping for these things AFTER the baby gets here.

5- Pack a Hospital Bag

When it comes down to the wire, you usually don’t know exactly when the baby will be here. He might be three weeks early. She might come a week late. Unless you have a scheduled date with your doctor (even then it is subjective to baby terms) it is best to be prepared for anything, anytime! See my suggestions for what to bring in your hospital bag here.

6- Choose a coming home outfit for baby

Baby has to wear something on his way out of the hospital, right? Of course he does. He is going to be the kind of style in those new outfits you have waiting. Pick one and toss it in the bag!

7- Consider some baby health and CPR classes.

This is something I wish I would have done before I had my baby. Most people have no idea what to do in an emergency situation, and with babies, being able to react quickly and efficiently is important. Most hospitals and fire departments will offer these classes for free or at minimal cost- or they can point you in the direction of where to find them!

8- Narrow down your favorite names

Some people have the name picked out before they even spawn their precious babe. Not me. I named my baby almost 3 days after she was born. And yes, I felt like an embarrassed schmuck every time someone asked her name and I said I didn’t have one yet…two days after her birth. You don’t have to have a name when you go in, but having a few in mind to pick from will help you make a decision all the sooner once she is born.

9- Get your nails done!

You need to pamper yourself during that last month to get through the less-than-wonderful parts of being 9 months pregnant. Not to mention how many pictures are going to be taken featuring a baby in YOUR HANDS! Make those nails pretty and feel a little prettier yourself! I had tons of nurses commenting on how cute my snowflake designed toenails were during labor- a fun compliment to encourage me!

10- Schedule a photographer

Most photographers want to take newborn photographs within the first couple of weeks of the baby’s life. Choose someone now and make sure they can fit you into their schedule and then you won’t have to stress about it later when your post-pregnant mind can barely handle more than “cry, feed the baby, love the baby, cry some more.”

11- Tinker and Play

I had the lovely experience of holding a screaming newborn and trying to unfold my fancy stroller for the first time in a parking lot in the snow. The people who walked past had eyes that glared at me with the thoughts, “incompetence.” Save yourself the embarrassment and take a few minutes to play with the car seat, stroller, bouncer chair, and anything else you might have so you know how to handle it like a pro when baby gets here!

12- Clean the house- or hire a professional cleaner.

If you have the money to splurge, I suggest the latter. Get someone to come deep clean your tub and scrub the nooks and crannies of your kitchen for you. It feels so much better to bring a newborn into a house where you don’t feel compelled to immediately start housework. If you can’t afford a cleaner, try to choose One task per day to complete and slowly work on cleaning it up a little at a time (many of you know this because you have been nesting, right?)

13- Stock up!

You might find it helpful to stock up on the “staples” now so you don’t feel like you need to once the baby is born. Get a bunch of on-the-go snacks (if you can eat them with one hand, more power to you!) toilet paper, frozen foods, cereal, feminine supplies (a LOT of these), and extra diapers.

14- Media it up!

Babies eat a lot and need a lot of attention, even if they are just sleeping! That means you are left with trying to find entertainment for yourself to keep you sane as you spend endless hours feeding or holding the baby. Sign up for Hulu, download books to your Kindle, fill up your Netflix queue of things you want to see, borrow books from friends, download music to your ipod, and start stocking up favorite movies so you aren’t left with the “what can I do” question later.

15- Wash SOME of baby’s clothes

Washing a few things to have set and ready to go will help your stress levels immensely after having a baby. Don’t wash too many things though- you never know if your little girl will grow fast, how long she might wear something, or if she pops out…a boy! Hey- you have to be prepared for anything!

16- Make a list of helpers

There is no question about it, having a new baby is hard. Sometimes, you WILL need help. Find a few people you are comfortable with asking (your mom or best friend?) that would be willing to come hold the baby while you shower, or clean your kitchen while you nap with baby. Contacting these people before hand will help them to prepare and make it less complicated for you to have to figure someone else out on the spot later.

17- Decide when to announce the baby

Are you going to call everyone when you are in labor? Will you just text them with a baby once they make their arrival? Are you going to wait until you are home before allowing people to visit? Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by everything when you actually have the baby, decide now who you are going to tell beforehand and who you want to announce it to after and let yourself focus on more important things in labor!

18- Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Now- I was a weirdo, I actually got MORE sleep AFTER the baby was born. What can I say? I was miserable, and uncomfortable is an understatement. Plus I had to pee every 23 minutes. But if you feel tired, take a nap! Go to bed early! Sleep in! You don’t know how much you can get of that later, and you need all the energy you can get!

19- Journal about your story

Take the time to write about your pregnancy. Tell your funny stories, the best and the worst things about it, and even consider writing a letter to your baby. You will be amazed how quickly you forget the little things!

20- Don’t Be Shy!

If you are feeling sexy and have the energy, make some moves on your lover! You may not get another chance for a while, and even then, kids have a knack for ruining the romance moment!

21- Consider writing a will

This is something that doesn’t need to happen immediately, but the sooner you can get this done, the better and more secure the future is for your little one in case anything should happen. Even if you just take some time to do a little bit of research or contact a lawyer, you will feel grateful you did.

22- Make Decisions

Are you getting him circumcised? Is she going to be breastfed or bottle fed? Pampers or Huggies? Some decisions are bigger than others, but if you talk about what you want to do before they arrive, it relieves that much more stress later.

23- Make some meals

Spend a few hours and throw together some freezer meals that will be quick, easy, and tasty once the baby gets here and you don’t feel like cooking.

24- Indulge yourself

You literally just spent the last nine months building a body, creating a life! And you are going to spend the next 18 years (or longer) teaching that little body how to live. Take some time to do what you love. Go to your favorite store with breakable items (you won’t be in there again for years!), get a massage, have your hair primped, do a girls night. Whatever it takes to give yourself what you deserve!

Hopefully this list takes the edge of the frantic need to remember everything you have to do before your bundle of pooping/eating/crying/perfect joy arrives! For a list of 17 things to do after baby arrives, click here!

Hugs and Loves!

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Things No One Told Me About Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery has been something I knew would be a part of my life from the day I grew out of a DD bra and just kept going. After years of back pain and kyphosis, under-boob skin problems, squishing out of ugly grandma bras, and painful headaches, I FINALLY had the surgery a couple of months ago!

Queue the party music!

Now, I was expecting to have the surgery, have some pain for a few days, and then be back to normal after a couple of weeks. Boy did I get the wool pulled over my eyes! It was way more intense than I anticipated, and for anyone out there interested in getting breast reduction surgery, I just want to be the first to say you are NOT alone in experiencing some of these things!

Here are the things that no one warned me about with my breast reduction surgery:

You won’t be showering for a week.

They don’t tell you that until right before your surgery, so stock up on dry shampoo and deodorant.

The first time you shower, you’ll likely be lightheaded.

I totally didn’t expect this at all, but it’s like the smells from the surgical dressings or something were heightened and I honestly thought I was going to pass out. Just be prepared to maybe have some help or plan to sit down in the shower for a bit.

The swelling feels like you’re milk is coming in.

Only there is no relief of pumping or breastfeeding to get rid of it! Insert crying emoji. I found icing really helps out (try these awesome ice packs, their the perfect size!) and then I actually found lightly massaging helps. I use my jade roller on my boobs instead of my face haha.

Your nipples are going to peel.

Over and over and over again! Talk about gross! This might depend on the type of breast reduction surgery you have, I had a nipple graft, so when the casts were removed from my nipples they started to peel. The doctor said to expect it to happen several times over the coming months.

Nothing sexier than lizard skin nipples.

If you do have a nipple graft, plan on looking like Deadpool.

I really have no better comparison for what the skin on your nipples and around them looks like other than Deadpool skin. It’s freaking glamorous.

The incision feels like wearing the world’s sharpest underwire.

I thought it was maybe the tape they used, or the bolsters maybe. All I know is that it feels like you have the worst bra ever on and you can’t take it off!

No heat allowed!

This is probably a no brainer, but for swelling and pain they say you CAN’T use any kind of heat or heating pad because the skin is so sensitive it can burn easier. Only plan on using ice packs.

Your boobs are going to seem fake.

They are rock hard and super swollen. I’m almost 2 months out at the time of writing this and they still don’t move even a teeny, tiny bit! After doing some research and consulting with my doctor, I’ve learned that this will likely be the case for the first several months and up to the first year.

Don’t plan on wearing normal shirts.

Because you can’t lift your arms above your head. Duh. Stock up on zip-ups and button-ups.

It’s a full year of healing.

The surgery might only take 6-12 weeks to heal before you can return to normal activity, but I found out afterward that it’s about a full year before your body really settles into your new look and you stop having random swelling and pain.

You will want to spend endless amounts of money on new bras.

And I see no reason to restrain yourself from doing it. Treat yo’ self!

O.M.G. the itching is the worst!

I expected pain. I expected some swelling. I expected to look like I had swapped boobs with Frankenstein’s wife. But the itching?No. I did not expect that. It’s like having thousands of mosquito bites all over the places you can’t scratch. And you really can’t use cream the first few weeks. And the top layer of skin that itches is also conveniently numb (someone tell me how that works?!), so when you scratch it does nothing.

You can’t lift your arms.

I wasn’t even allowed to move them for like a full week, although I’ve heard other people with different stories. My incisions happen to go all the way under my arm to my back because that is how far back my boobs extended, so they cut right through everything in that area and even though I’m allowed to move now, I still can’t lift my arm above my head without some difficulty. It’s very tight and painful.

Wanna reach for something? You can’t do that either.

No reaching! And no repetitive motions (like vacuuming back and forth, or dishes where you’re going back and forth from the sink to the dishwasher,etc.) You need your boobies to heal properly though, so follow the rules!

Expect emotional waves.

I’ve literally been looking forward to the day I lopped off the TaTas for years, so when I felt anxiety and sad over it all I was totally thrown off. Like… what? Why do I feel like this? It’s totally normal though. I asked my doctor. 😉 The first two weeks after surgery especially I felt really up and down in general.

Thankfully, I was way happier with my results than I could have expected, which helped me out of those blue moments.

The back pain relief is almost instantaneous.

I expected my back pain to take a while to feel better, I could not believe how quickly it was gone though! Again, this could just be my experience but I was overjoyed and feel like it’s worth sharing!

I’m sure there are more that I will get to experience as the healing process continues on and I’ll be sure to come back and update this page as I think of them! If you haven’t read all the details about my surgery, you can find that post here. 

XXOO Sunny

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Pigtails with a Colorful Bus + 13 Randoms

Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies, from this colorful bus and I! We found this bus and I made Tony immediately pull over and take photos a few weeks ago (obviously pre-breast reduction surgery!) It has been a very, very long time since I’ve done a 13 randoms post, so since it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d make it an occasion, hehe!

1-I hate Valentine’s Day. I know, the horror at that statement! I love pink, I love hearts, I love all things glittery and sparkly- you’d think Valentine’s Day would be a shew-in for my favorite holiday, right? I just can’t stand how the holiday is basically a giant scam to earn money (note: this does not bother about other holidays, which I realize are also a scam for taking my money haha, it just bothers me on Valentine’s Day!) Plus it’s in February, which is cold and dreary and the longest month of the year (regardless of the actual number of days it has.) So there’s that. Every year I make an effort to treat myself though (see gift ideas for yourself here!) and I try to make it special for my kids with a little surprise and treat. Thankfully Tony is on the same anti-Valentine’s Day train so we usually make a mini-Thanksgiving dinner instead of going somewhere romantic.

2-Pigtails are really my jam lately. If you haven’t noticed.

3-Right now Emilia is in such a cute stage, I love the 1-2 year old phase! She is learning so much every day and I could die. Right now her favorite thing is to snuggle up on the couch, plopped right between my legs like they’re her armchair or something, and she’ll just sit there and snuggle. Talk about mom heaven.

4-I’m still really pissed that the blood moon a few weeks ago was covered by clouds where I was and so I couldn’t experience the greatness. I may have gone a little crazy with anger… and then Sydney threw up all over the floor and reminded me that I’m a mom and don’t get to have hobbies like looking at the moon outside because I’m destined to clean up barf. Good thing she’s freaking adorable.

5-My nipples look like Deadpool’s skin right now as they’re healing. I know you’re SUPER JEALOUS.

6-I can’t wait for Easter because EASTER CANDY RULES THE LAND. No other season can do candy justice like Easter can= those Reeses peanut butter eggs, Cadbury eggs and mini eggs, and coconut creme Dove chocolates are calling my name!

7-I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect skincare routine. I’ve never paid much attention to my skin or having a good skincare system, I’ve always just kind of washed my face with whatever and called it good. I’ve tried various products over the years but have never been consistent and somehow I managed, but my skin isn’t the same anymore and now I’m on a mission to figure out my skin and what it needs! Send your beauty recs my way so I can out ALL THE THINGS.

8-Last year towards the end of the year I started researching everything happening around my state for the following month and made lists of activities to do, and we had SO much fun! It was really nice to have a list of things to do, then we could just pick whatever we felt like going to and those were awesome fun-filled months. I’m definitely going to keep doing that!

9-I’m really digging the white nail polish trend this season.

10-We recently finished watching season 2 of The Punisher, and it was amazing. WAY better than the first season- I mean that one was good, but I didn’t think he did as good as he did during Daredevil season 2, so I wasn’t expecting much this time but OMG. So good. Jon Bernthal is crazy good.

11-I’m dying to go to the Alt Summit conference! It just looks like so much fun and I’m dying to meet all the amazing people that will be there, plus I’ve never been to Palm Springs! Too bad I had surgery this year (also I’m too poor this year if we’re being real, ha!) but it’s definitely something I want to go to in the future! Maybe next year? Who is with me?!

12-I’m obsessed with raw stone jewelry. I’ve always been in love with raw stones and rocks, I even grew up collecting rocks and I love my little collection. Right now I really love Little Sycamore and Raw by Olivia Mar, both companies have such amazing products. I’d love to learn to make my own someday, too!

13-I think I might need a chocolate chip cookie. Like… right now. Yep. I need it.

XXOO Sunny

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9 Things You Need to Have on your Animal Kingdom Bucket List

We were lucky enough to spend almost a full day at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom and you bet your bottom dollar that we squeeze every ounce of fun into the day that we could. This was my first time really going through the whole park and I got to learn a lot of amazing things and it was such a fun experience! If you’re a first timer (or even if you’re not!) Here are ten things you should have on your Animal Kingdom bucket list:

Take your photo with the Tree of Life

There are over 300 hand-carved animals in the trunk of that tree. Are you really in the Animal Kingdom at all if you don’t pay SOME attention to it?! Here’s an insider tip: don’t take your photo in front of the tree where it is crowded and the photo is the same photo everyone else has. There are tons of hidden paths around the tree to choose from where you can get an even closer, more beautiful, less crowded shot. Personally we loved this little path behind the tree, it was so pretty!

Learn something new on  Kilimanjaro Safaris

This was one of my favorite parts of the whole day, riding on the Kilimanjaro Safaris tour! I was astounded by the number of animals they actually have on reserve there, it was insane! My favorite new piece of information I learned is that giraffes have purple tongues because they spend 20 hours a day eating, basically they’re purple from the sun.

Have your custom Avatar made

If you’re an Avatar lover like we are, this is a MUST DO. The shop at the end of the Flight of Passage ride has a station inside where they will scan your face and make a custom Avatar that looks like you, it’s so crazy cool! It comes out slightly larger than a barbie doll (ahem… action figure, my husband says) and is such good quality. It was surprisingly not that pricey considering it’s in Disney World, I think we paid around $75 ish? Worth every penny, and it’s the coolest souvenir to have.You need to do it. End of story.

Watch the street performances

Throughout the day they had several street performances around the park. I’m not the kind of person that typically watches those things because I don’t like to stand in crowds in the heat, but… WHEN IN DISNEY…. ha! These cast members were so talented, you can see more in my story highlights on Instagram.  Make sure if you see one happening along the way to stop and watch, then cross this item off your Animal Kingdom bucket list!

Visit Pandora after dark

Let’s just say there is a reason Pandora is the most crowded section of the park, but it’s worth the hype. The handmade structures are incredible! And the whole world is bioluminescent (is that the right spelling?!) at night! M.A.G.I.C.A.L.

Walk through the Asia section of the park and ride Expedition Everest

this is such a pretty part of the park, it literally looks like a painting! Expedition Everest is one of my favorite rollercoasters in all of Disney World, it’s got such a fun theme and has some unique twists and turns as it takes you forward AND backward. SO fun! It’s a bummer that Disney World doesn’t have the Matterhorn like Disneyland does, but Expedition Everest definitely makes up for it.

Ride Flight of Passage in Pandora

Before we went, I had already decided I wasn’t going to go on this ride because no ride is worth a 4 hour wait and I couldn’t get fast passes. I’ll let you in on a few secrets the cast members told me though. First, on the day you are visiting, they frequently release additional fast passes that you can snatch up, even if you couldn’t get one in advance because they were booked. Second, the best time of day is to go at night before closing because most people leave to watch the light parades and fireworks in other parks, so the wait time is often very manageable (like 30 minutes or less.) Finally, if you DO have to wait in line, it’s worth the wait if the wait time is anything under 100 minutes.

The cool thing about the ride is while you’re waiting you’re basically IN Pandora and there is a lot of cool stuff to look at, so at least it’s pretty and visually stimulating. We decided to wait after hearing their advice and waited about an hour and a half, and it was totally worth every second. I’ve never been on a ride that innovative and realistic! Plus you’re riding a banshee, how amazing is that?! It’s literally the best ride I’ve ever been on. Anywhere. At any time in my life. Seriously, if you can manage to do it, DO IT.

Get a photo with Rafiki

This is sadly one the tI didn’t get to cross of my list because they had closed that part of the park down at the time we got there, and I was so bummed! Rafiki is one of my favorite characters and he is a much more unique character than the traditional Mickey and Friends that people always see, so he’s a fun one to visit.

Search for secret Mickeys

My favorite thing to do in every park and I hope I get to do it around the world! They have such fun hiding spots for the secret Mickeys!

Watch our vlog from the day here!


XXOO Sunny


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Always Find a Beautiful View + 13 Randoms

When you’re in doubt or confused or stressed, find a beautiful view and take a minute to just focus solely on that and soak it in. Sometimes I get caught up in a whirlwind of projects and thoughts and I just start spinning like a tornado, until I’m spinning so fast my brain just kind of feels fried and I can’t do ANYTHING. Lately I’ve struggled with this more frequently than normal, so I’ve been trying some stress relief tactics (thanks, pinterest and google!) and one that I’ve found really helps me is to focus my mind on something very unrelated to what’s going on in my life, for example, a view. Sometimes I find a pretty lookout like this, and sometimes my view is just looking at my sleeping baby or watching my girls play. I try to really focus on what is happening in that beautiful view and shut out the rest of the world, and I try to enjoy those moments of singular clarity. I’ve found doing this more frequently has helped me focus better when I have to return to the multi-tasking mayhem that comes with being a human on this planet so I wanted to pass it on. 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve done a 13 random things post, so I thought I’d share a few randoms that are in my mind lately! And don’t mind that basically all of these are rambling style paragraphs… it is random after all!

1 – My hair needs to be trimmed and highlighted. Badly. My friend at work and I were talking about how when you realize you need a haircut, suddenly it’s all consuming and drives you crazy until you do it. I’m totally feeling that, and I couldn’t get an appointment for a few weeks so I’ve been suffering, haha!

2 – I have no idea where this year has gone, it feels like I was making new year’s resolutions yesterday and now we’re staring down the last quarter of the year. Basically it’s 2019, happy new year.

3 – I’ve discovered the most amazing, incredible lip balm ever in existence. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Burt’s Bees or EOS which is saying something since they’ve been my life for 15 years, but what can I say, LABELLO lip balm has my heart. You need it in your life.

4 – We finally caught up on Vikings and I’m dying to watch the new season. I know everyone thinks Ivar the Boneless is a monster but I literally love his character so, so much and I think Alex Hogh does an amazing job acting. Also- Lagertha. She is a queen and braid inspiration for days, I can’t wait to see all the fun things they do with her hair next season! Where my other Vikings fans at?

5 – Speaking of Vikings, for some reason I’ve been pitting Daenerys and Lagertha against each other in my mind, they are both such amazing, strong characters that I can’t help but wonder who would win. I mean Dany has dragons, but Lagertha is a badass and no question, she’d win if it was hand to hand combat. And then I wonder why I’m torturing myself thinking about who would win in a fight, because I love them both and I know they’d never fight, they’d team up and be a super-woman team. #girlpower Right? Or am I crazy?

6 – I’m already thinking about Christmas lists – who has amazing blog posts or knows about great posts on Christmas gift ideas? I’m looking for the spawnlings, husband, siblings, in-laws, my parents, and friends so…. basically any kind of list is going to help me out. I’m tired of seeing all the same “Christmas-y” themed gifts (aka hot chocolate and a mug, or a home made ornament) on pinterest and I want real, amazing ideas. Send them my way. When I find a bunch of ideas, would you want a post(s) with a gift guide?

7 – My toenail is finally grown back and looks mostly normal after my toe surgery. It only took a year. :/ And it still kind of looks weird but nail polish fixes everything.

8 – I’m finally planning a day trip to Harry Potter World in Universal Orlando and all of my dreams are coming true. I’m crying tears of joy as I write these words.

9 – Emilia has a new trick where she is screeching anytime she is slightly displeased. I’m certain my inner ear will never recover. #sendhelp

10 – Sydney is learning French and can read the entire Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. I don’t know what I’m more impressed with, the fact that she understand and speaks French at 5 years old or how impressive her accent is. Seriously, she is spot on. Girl knows her stuff.

11 – As I mentioned with all of my spinning lately I’ve been trying to find de-stressers, and fell into a Netflix rabbit hole. I’m trying to be good about not wasting time, but also…. bingewatching is a real addiction haha. I think it’s good to have time to relax and shut your brain off and watch fluffy tv or read so that’s what I’m telling myself to feel better about the days when I watch several episodes in a row… My new binge obsession is Jane the Virgin. I know, it’s ridiculous. I can’t even tell you how ridiculous it is, but that’s pretty much why I love it?? I love Petra and I wake up every day and sing to myself, “It’s another beautiful day to be Rogelio! Wake up, Rogelio!” Does anyone else watch this?

12 – I recently re-read Daughters, one of my favorite sci-fi books ever. Now I’m depressed that it’s over and I need something new. If you want something really good and wildly different, definitely check it out. It’s on amazon kindle prime or whatever that is, or you can purchase off of amazon. It’s a fairly quick read but totally gets your mind turning.

13 – I’ve never really been a donut lover but the last three days all I can think about is eating the most delicious, fluffy donut and if I don’t have one, I’ll probably die. I’m really trying to stay strong with my healthy eating but I really neeeeeeed it. When you see my obituary in the next week, you’ll know it’s because I didn’t get my donut.

That’s it for now! XXOO Sunny

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Baby Punch + 13 Randoms

I’ll just start by saying that I know how bad the quality is of this photo but Emilia’s happily careless face as she clearly just socked me and is kind of pushing me out of the way is just too candidly funny to me to pass up. Happy Friday, everyone! I thought we’d do a 13 Randoms post since we haven’t done one in a while! 🙂

1- A lot of you have asked me about my rebrand and you guys have been SO sweet and complimentary so I just want to say THANK YOU! I’m in love with how everything turned out. If you want to read more about my why I chose to rebrand I made a whole post about it HERE. 

2- I really want to tint my hair light pink or rose gold, like maybe just the ends so it kind of has an ombre effect? I’ve never been super into brightly colored hair for myself personally, but I’m really loving how the pink looks on everyone right now so I want to give it a try!

3- I wanted to find a yard designing app to help me come up with some ideas for my yard and somehow I accidentally ended up with this interior design game that I love. It’s really weird for me to like playing any games at all because I’m not really an app or game player at all, but I love this one. As I was playing it I was thinking how weird it was that the structure was so similar to the fashion game that I like, which is literally the only other app I’ve ever played. Guess what They are made by the exact same developer and are sister apps. Haha I should have known.

4- I’ve been torn lately because I feel like I need to try and find more opportunities to do nice things for others because I’ve been given a lot of love over the years from all sorts of people and I want to pay it forward. However, my first several attempts where I’ve actively decided to do something nice for someone else I’ve been taken advantage of and the whole situation just became a mess all three times! Like- HOW? Only I would have that happen, I swear. Haha I know that is kind of a dumb thing but I’m just so frustrated because I totally am feeling the “no good deed goes unpunished” phrase.

5- I found these amazing new muffins by Kodiak cakes and they are pure bliss. I love the mountain berry flavor and the chocolate one. They are packed with protein and are made with whole ingredients so they are like a healthy muffin and I love it.

6- We just watched Jumanji yesterday and I was dying. I forgot that Jack Black is hilarious- seriously his character was killing me!

7- I had my consultation with my plastic surgeon for my breast reduction surgery! Finally! I want to do a whole blog about my breast reduction but I haven’t decided for sure whether I’m just going to do one big post or have like a post mini series. I did a poll on insta and the results were pretty much exactly 50/50! I DID however, do a video about the consultation with some Q&As about the process that you can FIND HERE.   🙂 Just a warning- I use that channel mostly to talk about my health journey that I’ve been working on since October, so if you’re there to stick around for a while just expect to see some raw footage of Sunny AKA Jabba the Hut.

8- The Albion Fit swim line for the summer has come out recently and I really love all of the pieces that they’ve come out with. I can’t wait to get my breast reduction and actually have boobs that might fit into their suits, ha!

9- Today Sydney told the dog that she had impeccable taste. I asked her if she knew what impeccable meant, and she told me no. Since she is five I decided to keep it simple, and I said that impeccable kind of means like perfect, it has no mistakes. She responded with, “Oh!  Just like me! I’m impeccable!” I started laughing and then she went on, “except when I accidentally pee my pants. Them I’m only peccable.” Haha I was dying. Kids say the weirdest, funniest things!

10- I got a new Smashbox palette that I’ve been playing with lately and it’s been amazing, I’ll definitely do a product review soon.

11- I’ve been wearing my hair up so much since I had Emilia that I have a full line of hair that is broken off right at the pony tail length and it is the worst! I need to start wearing it down all the time so that the section that is broken off can grow out. It takes flyaways to a whole new level and there’s no controlling it haha.

12- I’ve had this piano song that I heard back in high school stuck in my head for days now and haven’t been able to figure it out. I finally texted my friend that used to play it and basically said, hey you know that song that I like that you used to play? And she DID know! I couldn’t believe it, it was seriously so vague of me haha. In case you were wondering, the song is WITHIN by William Joseph.

13- I just recently discovered PewDiePie after my husband started watching his videos with me in the room. I know he is like the number one youtuber or whatever, but I hadn’t heard of him until now. Now I wonder how my life could have existed before his videos entered them. SO FUNNY.

XXOO Sunny

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Ice Castles + 13 Randoms

HAPPY FRIDAY, loves! We went to the ice castles a few weeks ago and that is somewhere I’ve never been before, but absolutely recommend. It was seriously SO cool! I’d recommend going up at night though because I’ve heard (and seen photos) from friends that the lights and stuff they have going is really amazing and the ice just glitters. We went up during the day time though and it was still awesome and really cool to see all of the ice in detail. Here are 13 randoms for this post. 🙂

1- Sydney has been the NAUGHTIEST lately! Her shenanigans are so crazy and I feel like I don’t know how to control her, but also they kind of show off how creative she is so maybe I don’t want to control her? LOL. Any other mamas out there with me? She has recently cut her own hair, drawn a mural on my wall, cooked her own meal with ALL THE FOOD in the house in the microwave, sprayed daddy’s iPad in hairspray, and crumbled packing peanuts along every square inch of usable floorspace in the entire household. I swear I only blinked and these things happen, I never take my eyes off of her but the girl is a master!

2- I had toe surgery a few months ago for an ingrown toenail that I had (I know, gross!) but now my toenail has been growing back and I hate that it’s only half way up my toe. It had better come in before flip flop season!!

3- Lemonade is THE best and I’m obsessed with it. I love how tart it is and it’s always been my favorite drink and I’m craving it REEEEEEEEAAAAAAAL bad while I type this.

4- I literally fell down so many times at the ice castles when we went to see them! Like… so many times. The first time I fell I had the baby strapped to me and I just biffed it on the sidewalk and really jacked up my knee. After that it was mostly just my pride that was wounded more and more with every time I fell over. It must have looked hilarious haha.

5- I was dying to try out that gigantic, oversized lush bomb but it was $20!!! I’m not made of money and at this point couldn’t justify it for something that would wash down the drain, but I’m dying to know. Who tried it? What were your thoughts?!! Please let me live vicariously through you!

6- We finally got around to watching the second season of Stranger Things and it did not disappoint! Millie Bobbie Brown is an absolute doll and I think she is so inspirational, especially for how young she is! What an amazing little actress!

7- I really want to buy and raise our own butterflies this spring for the girls, I just think that would be so fun! Has anyone else done that?

8- Java is seriously the sweetest puppy ever, I’m so lucky that we lucked out so much with a puppy. Most puppies are like little hellions and I think she is about as good as they come. She’s come really far along with her training, she has been sleeping through the night (knock on wood), and she is very friendly and loves people. On a side note- if you have a baby and are considering getting a puppy…. think again. I wouldn’t wish that amount of work on anyone and while I don’t regret my decision, I still wish I could have been smarter about it haha.

9- I really want to try out BBG and just downloaded the app! BBG girls club, here I come!

10- I’m STOKED about the number of movies that look awesome this year! Anthony and I both love watching movies and there are so many good ones that I’ve been waiting forevaaaaa to watch! We recently just watched Bladerunner (thank you Redbox!) and I was surprised at how much I liked it! I’m into sci-fi stuff so I thought it was really cool, although I’d recommend watching the original before the new one because I was definitely lost the first half of the movie, LOL. Some other ones I’m super excited for this year are of course the Han Solo movie, Ready Player One, Jurassic World, Deadpool 2, Aquaman, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Wreck It Ralph Breaks the Internet, Venom, and Fantastic Beasts! Really that list was hard to narrow down to just that handful even because there are so many that I think are going to be worth watching! WOO! Bring on the popcorn!

11- I’ve been breaking out like crazy lately and it’s not cool because I’ve also been having issues with my eczema and dry, itchy skin since it’s winter. I’m going to try some new products though so hopefully I’ll have some good news in the future about my skin! Until then, you can find me with a paper bag over my head.

12- I’m really loving the fringe jewelry trend lately. I thought it was a little weird at first but now I’m totally on board. Gimme all the fringe!

13- Sydney has started singing lullabies to Emilia when she is crying or trying to sleep and her go-to is always, You Are My Sunshine, which brings tears to my eyes because that is the song my parents have always sung to me, and they call me, Sunshine. I love that Sydney just chose that song to be THE song she sings.


Here is a fun video of our day at the Ice Castles !

XXOO Sunny

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Red Lips + 13 Randoms

This was a photo taken a little while back that I initially chose not to post because I just feel like I look so gross and chubby in it, but I really am trying to learn to accept myself and in the spirit of keeping up with my #loveevolvesher campaign, I’m working on just being more real and accepting that this is ME right now, and even though I may not love how I look, I love this photo. I love how happy I am and I love Sydney’s expression, so here it is haha. I also love this lip color, this is another one of the LipSense colors that I got (cranberry) and I think it is a really good red for my skin color. I am a HUGE red lipstick lover, ha! Since I haven’t done a 13 randoms post in a little while I thought I would do one really quick. 🙂

1- We went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago and were on our way out when we spotted the lions up close to the glass, so we went over there to take a few pictures and they started roaring back and forth. I’ve never heard lions roar like that, and it was crazy loud and SO freaking cool.

2- The baby is still not sleeping. She was sleeping through the night great and then she had a few teeth come in and ever since then she has struggled. It’s been a couple of months now and I’m dying, all I want is sleep. I’m trying to tell myself to embrace it because they aren’t little for long, but it’s hard to keep repeating that when you turn more and more into a sleep deprived zombie every day and all you want to do is bite everyone’s head off.

3- We love watching random cooking shows like Guy’s Grocery Games and other food competitions like that. Over the holidays we watched one that is based in Australia (a Netflix original I think, too) called, Zumbo’s Just Desserts and it was really fun. If you’re into baking/cooking shows I highly recommend it.

4- My sister got me some bath salts from Bath and Body works that are Eucalyptus. Praise heavens, I didn’t think such a wonderful thing existed until now.

5- I’m on the hunt for a new wallet! I’ve been using the same wallet for the last couple of years and I have loved it, it’s tan and pink and from COACH so it’s super cute and has held up really well, but I use it daily and it’s just time for a new wallet. Taking suggestions on people’s favorites so let me know what wallets you love in the comments!

6- I am obsessed with those big, fuzzy, old lady kind of socks right now. My feet are always cold and those big fluffy socks are so warm and cozy. I’m sure Tony is turned on by them all the time haha.

7- Three of the songs that have been on repeat lately in my playlists have been: The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin (thanks, Thor Ragnarok!), Clint Eastwood (because the Gorillaz are the BEEEEEEST), and Perfect by Ed Sheeran (yes, it’s overplayed, yes, I love it anyway. HIS VOICE is perfect.)

8- My favorite nail color lately is SUPERNOVA by Sinful Colors. Every single time I have it on I get compliments. It’s kind of a metallic-y silver with a rose gold hint.

9- Sydney knows every word of This Is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s my favorite thing ever and I feel like I’m winning as a parent every time she breaks out singing it, which at this point is like 3 times a day haha.

10- I’m already SO over winter, but I’m still trying to enjoy it. As part of my Love Evolves Her goal I’m trying to learn to love my situation for what it is, and right now my situation is cold, snowy, and icy. Haha I am just imagining a world where I can “love” this and it seems like a looming imaginary place of non-existence… failing already at my goal and it’s not even February haha.

11- Emilia is learning to crawl but she doesn’t totally have the hands and knees thing mastered yet, so right now she has a wonky scuttle she does across the floor and it’s hilarious.

12- My favorite thing on Pinterest right now are all of the workouts that people are pinning (probably because it’s the new year!) and I’m pinning right along with them! I really want to work on my back because I’ve had a lot of back problems for years (no thanks to the giant melons I heave around 24/7). I’m also hoping to get surgery later this year and I’d like to be in better health to help with the recovery after surgery.

13- My new favorite snack right now is Sheila G.’s Brownie Brittle. I discovered it a couple of years ago but I found it at Costco the other day and I remembered how delighted the tastebuds are when it goes into your mouth. I love how crunchy it is and it’s such a good snack that is low calorie. YASSSS.

XXOO Sunny

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Christmas Recap + 13 Randoms

I hope everyone had the happiest, most wonderful, merry Christmas and holiday season! I ate my weight in cheese fondue and I’m pretty sure Sydney got four times her weight’s worth of hatchimals toys. Have you guys seen those? I don’t know what it is with the “blind bag” style of toy right now but Sydney is completely obsessed with those. Santa even brought her one of the big eggs which to me seems like it’s really just a glorified furby… where my 90s kids at that remember those things??

I’m also really excited because I’ve been wanting one of the Fuji instax mini cameras FOREEEEEVVVVVEEEERRRRR and I’m completely obsessed. Tony always knows exactly what to get me and I’m obsessed (how many times can I use the word obsessed in a post?) with the mint color, I love it so much! Anyways… I wanted to do another 13 Randoms post today (see previous post here) and share some thoughts/things I’ve had going lately. 🙂

1- We just got EJ’s ears pierced and she looks like a freaking DOLL. I don’t know what is so cute about baby girls with their sweet little earrings!

2- I got a new perfume for Christmas, it’s the CHANEL Gabrielle perfume and it is a dream. Recently I read something about having a signature scent and I think I just found my new one for a while!

3- During one of my 2am sessions with Emilia, in my tired stupor I downloaded a fashion game that I found on Pinterest and now my life revolves around it, I can’t even talk about how much I love it because I love it so much haha. It’s super unusual for me because I am not a gamer and I’m not really into playing games on my phone or on an app either, but this game… guys. If you like fashion at all, GET IT. It’s called Covet. It’s free, but be warned, you blow through the free stuff fast and it will be tempting to spend money if you don’t pace yourself.

4- Sydney told me the other day that she was going to throw me under the bus and drive it. Yep. #winning as a parent.

5- I adore my little car, but it’s been on the fritz this year and requires me to start it twice every time. I’m really lucky it’s still running and that it’s been in such good condition but I am getting really bummed about the starter situation. I’ve replaced the batter, the starter, all of the plugs, and I have no idea what it could be. Advice welcome, haha.

6- Some of our favorite holiday traditions include seeing the Christmas lights in the park and watching A Christmas Story and we didn’t get to do either one this year sadly. I guess there is always next year, right?

7- I’m very excited for the new year. 2017 has been wonderful and the last half of the year since I’ve had Emilia has been some of the happiest months of my life, so I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store! I have an interesting idea for a resolution that I’m itching to try out!

8- Sydney had a dance recital and I pretty much died and came back to life like 4 times while watching, it was tooooo cute. She danced to Frosty the Snowman.

9- I have been working on a bucket list for a long time and I want to actually start crossing off some of the things on my bucket list! What are some of the things on your guys’ bucket list? I’m still looking for ideas to add clearly haha. Even though it’s ridiculously long. Would you guys be interested in a post on that?? Anyways… rambling, but send me your ideas!

10- I recently discovered the stuffed chicken tortillas at the Cheesecake Factory. Up until now my favorite has been the fried Mac n cheese, but these stuffed chicken tortillas or absolutely delightful and I want to learn to make them at home, which is saying something because I hate cooking and actually want to learn more still? What? Who am I? 😉

11- I secretly like watching Sydney open up her hatchimals because I have more of an interest in the little animal inside that she gets than I should. I guess I do understand the blind bag obsession after all.

12- There is still time to get a candy cane shake at chick-fil-a. Don’t miss out.

13- My house is a disaster right now just after Christmas, but I actually got all of my decorations down and put away and it’s only one day after the holiday! I’m totally the person that leaves it up for 3+ weeks because I dread having to take it all down and I’m lazy, so I already feel like I’m getting a good start to my 2018 and I still have a few days left of 2017 to kill. Woo!

Happy almost New Years everyone!


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13 Randoms: A New Series

So you know when you see an idea and it just hits you like a bag of bricks and you think… YES! Pretty much this sums up my life. As much as I pride myself on creativity (well…I think I’m creative. Ha!) I am way too excited about copying really cool ideas. Literally, Pinterest exists for people like me.

As a side note- go follow me on Pinterest for my fun finds #promoteyourself 😉

But being a blogger, I am inspired by a lot of other bloggers and I love seeing what other people do, and among my favorite is Amber Fillerup from Barefoot Blonde. Guys, if you don’t follow her. Do. She is QUEEN. I’ve never met her, I don’t know that I ever will, but I swear she is my spirit animal. She does this really fun series called, “12 Things,” on her blog where she kind of just talks about fun stuff she has going on in her life or memories that she wants to remember.


In a way, my blog is kind of my journal. It’s my creative release, and I have hopes and dreams that one day my kids will be able to look back and think I was a cool mom for documenting all of this messy, crazy life experience. Or so they’ll be embarrassed of me, which I’m totally cool with, too. Ha.

So I thought I’d start my own version of 12 Things because it is such a fun idea. Only I’m going to do 13 Randoms. Because I’m a one-upper at heart and 13 is more than 12. I can’t help myself. It’s a personality flaw.  Also 13 is lucky, right? So with that… here is my first ever 13 RANDOMS 🙂

1- Sydney’s birthday was yesterday and I’m DYING because she is 5 years old now. We saw Coco, which is super cute, and I was reminded how lucky I am to be married into a family with such a beautiful, incredible culture.

2- I am absolutely DYING to do one of those DNA tests that you send in and then you get analyzed and you find out what parts of the world you are from. I have family that has done a lot of research on this so I have a pretty good idea, but I’d love to know more and I’ve been obsessing over it lately.

3- I just used the word DYING in all caps in both #1 and #2. I am aware that I overuse the CAPS feature when blogging. No, I’m not going to stop.

4- My hair is all falling out from being postpartum, and as it is growing out I’ve noticed it is way darker than it ever was before! It is crazy that pregnancy does such weird things to your body, like turning your hair dark. I’ll have to remedy that ASAP.

5- Candy Cane Kisses are out. YASSSSS!

6- Emilia has decided she is no longer sleeping through the night, so it’s great because I get to be awake all day at work, then awake all night with her. Who needs sleep? #notthisgirl #justkiddingimdying

7- I wish I could get a pocket size version of my husband. He is hilarious and I constantly need a pick-me-up. Also when I first typed, “pick-me-up” it autocorrected to pickle. I constantly need a pickle. Also true.

8- Emilia turned 6 months old over the weekend. Again, I will repeat the saying, I’M DYING. It’s impossible how fast they grow!!

9- I’m done with ALL of my Christmas shopping for the season. Yes, really! Let’s be clear. I’m the kind of person that is the shopper at Walgreens at 9:30pm on Christmas Eve because it is the only place open shopping for gifts. The fact that I’m done before December 1 is crazy. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

10-I know I’ve said it a zillion times now, but I can’t stop loving on the Southern Blush bows for babies and girls. I have so many of them, and every bow she posts I feel like I need to buy. Emilia is a brand rep for them now and all you guys get 15% off so you can join in on this goodness. I know this sounds really sales pitch-y, but for reals I would not be repine’ their stuff if I wasn’t in love with it. Plus Jamie (owner) is a complete and total doll. Go get those bows! Discount Code: ONYX15

11- Emilia does this really cute thing where she gets this stern, judgmental look on her face while she watches you and you can just feel her judging. Then she’ll cock up one of her eyebrows and looks like the Rock. We’ve started calling her the pebble, because she really does look like a little mini Dwayne Johnson.

12- I am really loving on the company Rags to Raches right now, but man, they’re stuff goes WAY too fast. I was so excited for a new rag to drop, and right on the dot when it dropped I added it to my cart, but by the time I hit checkout, it was sold out. I may or may not have literally started crying. I need to get my prozac adjusted if I plan to keep trying to shop there for their cute stuff.

13- I just bought LipSense to try for the first time to see if it was worth all the rage. I was surprised at how much I liked it actually, and I think I’ll do a full product review soon and talk about all of my likes and dislikes. I still think that Urban Decay is my favorite when it comes to lipstick though!

XXOO Sunny

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