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Madame President LUSH Bath Bomb Review

Let’s just start by saying how sad I am that this is an exclusive bath bomb for Mother’s Day because I loved this one way more than I should have! It was such a pretty, bright, vividly colorful bomb to watch fizzle out! My first impression is that it looks very youthful and kind of childish since it has the big star pattern all over it. It’s definitely more of a fun bomb rather than luxurious, however the price point is excellent because it was only $5.95 USD which for a Lush bomb is on the lower end of the cost scale.

Typically the cheaper bath bombs fizz out pretty quickly, but the staying power of this one was pretty great! It took more than 5 full minutes, with the little gold start kind of melting for a long time afterward. AS I mentioned, it’s extremely bright and colorful so it’s a really pretty bomb to watch, especially if you like pink and blue. The water turns a kind of fuchsia-y purple color and it has gold glittery swirling around so it actually reminded me of the Karma bubble bar a bit, which is my favorite bubble far!

The one drawback to this bomb is just that I personally wasn’t totally in love with the scent. I appreciated the citrus-y grapefruit hints but it had a kind of dirty floral smell somehow. I’m not sure if it is the petitgrain oil that is inside it or what it was, but it just kind of had a wet flower smell or something haha, does that description just do it for you? 😉 I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t love it. With how pretty it is when it fizzes out and how incredibly silky the water feels after, plus the low price point, the scent was a very small drawback that I’d totally overlook and purchase this one again. I’m so bummed it’s only exclusive for Mother’s Day this year, but who knows, maybe the Lush Kitchen will do a release of this some time or they’ll have this one again next year!

XXOO Sunny

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Giant Rose Bombshell- SUPER Bath Bomb from Lush!

GUYS. I said I wasn’t going to do it, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to do it. I just wanted it SO bad and I’ve had a really crazy busy stressful few weeks at work, so I decided that I was just going to splurge and buy this ULTRA, SUPER, MEGA, GIGANTIC bath bomb from Lush. Like… you’ve all had those moments, right? Those moments of weakness? I prefer to think of it more like a moment of strength when I realize that I’m worth splurging on haha, soooo…. this purchase is justified. 🙂 Have any of you guys tried it out? Did any of you try the limited edition run that was at Christmas time? I know they only released a few of those and I didn’t get my hands on one, but I’m curious what you all thought!

As for me- this bath bomb was an absolute dream, like I was floating away on a cloud of pink glitter. My husband was giggling because he said it looked like I was bathing in pepto bismol and after that it was pretty much all I could see, it is seriously so thick and pink. Talk about my personal Nirvana! Then there are rose petals that float out as it fizzes and so it feels super luxurious and I smelled like roses for like three days straight.

The one negative to this bath bomb that I was bugged by is that it dissolved so quickly. I put it in the water and it was like 30 seconds later, poof! It was gone. It is probably one of the fastest dissolving bombs, except for maybe the fizzbanger. I guess it isn’t a big deal for a lot of people, but if I’m spending my hard earned money on bath bombs then I’m going to enjoy the experience, dammit! And part of the experience for me is watching the bath art that unfolds as it dissolves, it’s mesmerizing and sometimes I’ve turned into a crazy person and need to have that hypnotic art to stare at until I’m sane again haha. No judging. 🙂

Happy ALMOST Valentine’s Day! Have any of you bought yourself a present yet?! Make sure you do! I did a whole post about it here, and I’m serious, you freakin’ deserve it so buy yourself a gift!

XXOO Sunny

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A Review and Rating of EVERY Lush Bath bomb (to date!)

I’m an addict. A junkie. A LUSH. I am absolutely obsessed with taking baths, they are my ME time and I love to just sit in the water and unwind. What is better than that you ask? A LUSH bath. Of course I use a lot of products and various “lotions and potions” (as I call it) when it comes to creating the perfect bath experience and that means I have used my fair share of lush products and I’ve gotta say, I love them all, especially the bath bombs. However I have found that bath bombs can be kind of expensive and for those of you looking for the most luxurious of baths without spending a million billion dollars trying every single bath bomb to find your favorite, I thought I’d break down a list of all the most popular bath bombs at LUSH with my review and rating.

As a friendly reminder, this is my opinion and if you try a bath bomb and don’t like it, it is not my fault that you don’t have good taste… 😉 **take with a grain of salt and shot of sarcastic humor.

Now without further ado, let’s get into it! I’ve tried almost every single bath bomb to date (excluding some of the limited edition runs and the jelly bombs), so there should only be a handful that might be missing. I should also mention that this is based on bath bombs that have been released in the last few years, I only discovered the goodness about 3 years ago! Gasp, I know! What a day that was for me!

Ratings are on a scale of 1-5 stars based on my own personal opinion 🙂


5 stars

I’m going to kick this off with one of their best sellers and one of my personal favorites. If you’re looking for the ultimate one to gift then I recommend this one because I really think it has more of a “wow” factor than the others. It’s really pretty and vibrant while it is fizzing, and then the water is left a shade of really deep blue with swirling glitter. I’m a big glitter girl so this is a huge hit for me.


4 stars

This one is a little more cost effective than the others and I love the color the water turns. First it fizzes out kind of pink (as the outside looks) and then inside is a blue color so the water turns a really pretty purple, but I’m not a huge lavender fan so the scent isn’t my favorite.


3 stars

The water ends up absolutely beautiful when you use this, it turn s a really pretty kind of rose color! The scent is little too sweet for my liking because Jasmine is naturally kind of a sweet smell, and then the petals on top kind of turn into a slimy texture that really grosses me out although the lady at the store said they are like a skin softening substance haha. If you get weirded out by textures like me…. let’s be friends.


2 stars. Maybe 1.

Let me tell you what, this one was such a let down. I heard so many great things about it, and I heard it is really cool to watch dissolve but I bought one with high hopes and it turned out to be a dud. It’s on the more expensive side to begin with, then the fizzing (at least on the one I tried) just wasn’t all that impressive, especially when I kind of expected it to be on par with the intergalactic bomb based on price. After you are left sitting in water that looks like a dirty toilet has been stewing for three days. Yes, it’s a gross visual. Save yourself the money. You’re welcome.


4 stars

This one is actually really refreshing and I love the natural kind of salty smell it has. I would absolutely give this one five stars just for the relaxing scent and the really pretty aqua color it turns your water, it feels like you’re soaking in a Tahitian oasis or something, but it has seaweed in it. For a lot of people they like the seaweed, and seaweed has some really amazing qualities as a natural ingredient for baths buuuuuuuuuuuut….it’s back to that texture thing I mentioned earlier. Ew. Still worth the money though!


3 stars

This one is actually kind of fun to watch because the yellow is so bright and vibrant, it honestly looks like you’re bathing in yellow gatorade haha. It mostly fizzes yellow but then once you hit kind of the middle there is a layer of pink in there so it looks pretty. I do absolutely LOVE the smell, it’s very citrus-y and I love citrus! Overall it’s a little underwhelming compared to some of the other bath bombs Lush offers but it’s still kind of fun if you’re looking for something to wake you up. I feel like it’d be a great for a morning bath.


4 stars

This one makes your water feel like you’re laying in SILK, it is seriously so soft that it’s almost like butter. Maybe that’s why they name it butterball?? And it smells soooo good, too! I love that it’s a little more neutral and it’s not quite as strong fragrance-wise compared to some of the others which is nice because I get headaches from strong smells sometimes ha! I really am a fan of things that are pretty so I prefer to have water that is pretty too, if I’m spending money on a bath bomb, and this one doesn’t really do anything to the water or look that pretty fizzing but it is an absolute dream to bathe in and one of my favorites because it is so cheap compared to the others.


1 star

This one is usually a fall-time exclusive, or at least it has been for a couple of years. I have to admit, this one I may not be able to give that great of a review on because I used it while pregnant and that was a HUGE mistake on my part because I was throwing up like crazy and just the smell of this still makes me nauseated in memory of it. Pregnancy is weird, haha. It’s kind of pretty with the green and wine color and it’s very warm and cinnamon-y which is something I would ordinarily love but I will tell you that I’ll never purchase it again and I could pick it out of a crowd a mile away and get nauseated, so for that reason it gets my one star rating.


3 stars

This one has a bit of a berry scent and it is pretty cost effective. The water turns a pretty lavender color and as it is dissolving it kind of has these little strands of berry (or something) that dissolve in the water. It is a quick dissolver though.


4 stars

I’m just a big old space geek, so I knew I was going to love the launch of all the space-y themed bombs that came out recently! The Rocket Science bomb is no exception, I really liked it. I think the one drawback is that it is very similar to the intergalactic, the colors are similar, it fizzes in kind of the same pattern, and the water ends up dark blue. It is kind of fun because the pink fizzes out like the tail of a rocket which I think is clever, it smells really good but is another one of those that is not too overpowering (#win), and it is definitely more cost effective than the intergalactic as it’s smaller and doesn’t last quite as long.


3 stars

This one looks really pretty in the store, but it’s kind of pricey and fizzes really quickly. It doesn’t really have any cool tricks up it’s sleeve and even though it smells good, it feels a little underwhelming after you just spent what feels like a fortune on a bath bomb. The smell is very floral and it does leave a nice aura (can you leave a smell aura haha) behind you after you’re done.


5 stars

I’ve mentioned I love the citrus smell in this post, right? Let’s say it again. I LOVE CITRUS. And this one is extra lime-y and it reminds me of bathing in a sunset on a tropical beach. The colors are very sunset-y too. I just have nothing bad to say about this one. Go get it. Now.


3 stars

This one is fun but a little underwhelming. It turns the water blue, but only a little bit lighter blue than the rocket science and it’s not nearly as fun to watch. It just kind of fizzes and then the yellow stars come off and float in the water. I feel like this one would be really fun for younger kids. I do really like the scent, it’s different than any of the others that Lush has and on reading the ingredients, I think it might be the honey.


4 stars

You guys know that candy cane cocoa that comes out around Christmas every year? This smells like that candy cane cocoa to me! This is an exceptionally pretty one to watch fizz and the water ends up a really pretty shade of turquoise/teal green. It’s one of my favorite colors for a bath bomb actually and so far the only company that has one that I like is the COSSET bath and body bath bomb called Down To Earth (guys, go check that one out if you haven’t, it’s incredible, but this post is about Lush haha). The other thing that I love about this is the cocoa in it makes the water feel really soft and kind of buttery, so when you get out you feel really moisturized.


5 stars

I’m not sure if they use more glitter in this one or what, but it feels like you’re swirling in a sea of blue glitter and I feel like if you were a princess in an igloo this is what your baths would always look like. Since I’m a princess, I’m in love with it. The scent is subtle and kind of floral but it works really well with the smell of the natural ingredients. It has varying shades of blue and white as it fizzes and ends up kind of a blue koolaid color.


2 stars

This one is very strong with the lavender smell so I just….. meh. No like-y. BUT it is very pretty to watch, it fizzes really pink and then has little sections that break off and fizz in yellow and blue. The water ends up kind of a pink-y scarlet which I really like, but other than that I wasn’t impressed with this one just because of the smell. For you lavender lovers, this is a seasonal one that you would love and I recommend it.


2 stars

This one was fun because it was vibrant color for pretty cheap, and my daughter loved the little confetti stuff it left behind, however it was a quick fizzes and they have since replaced this one with the new PINK one, which is by far superior!


5 stars

ALL THE PINK!!!!!!! This bath bomb is basically layers of varying shades of pink and white, and as pink is my favorite color it is an absolute delight to watch. I also love the aroma therapy going on with this one because the smell is really natural and kind of sweet, and when you get out of the bath it lingers on your skin really well so you smell amazing and your skin is so soft. It smells kind of like vanilla but the vanilla is not overpowering, if that makes sense? I would say probably of all of them, this is one of my top favorites.


2 stars

This one is great because it is a little cheaper than some of the others, but in my book that’s pretty much the only win. It fizzes very quickly and then the scent is a little dull, it seems to dissipate quickly. It doesn’t really do anything fancy with the water or make it extra soft or anything, I’d say this one is definitely more for a kid that would just think it’s really cool to have a neon yellow/green bath.


3 stars

This one makes your skin feel like a dream, it’s by far the moist SOFT feeling, besides maybe the butterball.


4 stars

This one is a seasonal one for winter time and it’s pretty great actually. It’s pretty much identical to the butterball, so check out my review under that section as it all applies and I’m too lazy to type it out here. 🙂


5 stars

I’m in love with this one. It is so freaking cute before you even put it in the water, then you put it in and the scent instantly hits you. It’s another one that is citrus-y scented (surprise!) and kind of sweet like vanilla or candy. I think the only downfall is the scent is kind of strong so I ended up with a headache one time after using it, but the colors of the pink and blue and purple swirl around really well and just can’t be beat. This is one of my favorite seasonal ones and if you ever need a gift, this one is a hit.


3 stars

I thought this one was going to be SO cool because it looks awesome, has a cool name, and smells different than all the other bath bombs. It’s more spicy and warm smelling, like a hot tamale candy haha. It actually felt nice because I had sore muscles that day and it was kind of soothing. I think that the silver, pink and yellow inside looked really cool while they were dissipating, but otherwise the water ended up kind of a gross brownish color and the worst thing about it is that it left a residue all around the tub that I had to then wash. Extra work = FAIL in my book.


4 stars

Picture taking a bath in pop rocks, that is kind of what this is. It has some kind of popping effect and then the blue fizzes out of the yellow and it is really fun. This one is a little cheaper, too, and it smells kind of like fall apples to me. Overall even though this one fizzes very, very quickly I think it is fun and like to get it every now and then.


2 stars

Truth time, guys. I’ve actually never tried this one. I just can’t bring myself to do it when there are so many other cool ones to choose from, but I have bought them for my daughter and she thinks they are really cool. The smell is pretty subtle and it turns the water kind of a sky blue color. From a kid’s perspective, it’s great. If you’re looking for an amazing bath for yourself, shell out the extra dollar or two for something a little better.


5 stars

This was the very first ever bath bomb I tried from Lush, where my love first began. I feel like Khaleesi just because it is called a dragon egg, but more than that it is such a fresh, kind of lemon-lime scent. It fizzes out white, then kind of an orangey color, and then there is the “dragon” (yep, I call it the dragon!) in the middle with a gold glitter core. To me it is so soothing and refreshing, and I love the way my skin smells after I get out because it is one that really seems to soak into the skin. For the cost, this one is an absolute winner.


3 stars

We all live in a yellow submarine…. 😉 I’m pretty sure everyone that reviews this one gives some kind of rendition of that in their comments. This one is very coconut and fruit-y to me. The scent felt a little overpowering at first but it seems to wear off quickly and then it just kind of feels like you’re chilling in a warm mango smoothie. This one is fun to watch because it putters around the tub as it dissolved and is pretty to watch but overall it’s a little more juvenile. I really enjoyed it but it’s probably not one that I’ll get again.


4 stars

This one was actually a gift to me and I probably never would have tried it otherwise. It smells like Pavlova (where my Australia and New Zealand peeps at?) and reminded me of a milk bath. The water was very smooth and soft which means you come out feeling very moisturized, I didn’t even need lotion after I took a bath which is saying something because I’m basically a lizard with dry skin. The roses make you feel really pretty while you are bathing haha, so it’s romantic. I like pretty and romantic, so I really enjoyed this one!


5 stars

This one is hands down my go-to bath bomb because I just love how it smells. It is the most citrus of them all, and honestly if you just picture taking a bath in a big thing of fruit loops, that is what this smells like. It’s so relaxing and my skin always feels so CLEAN afterward. This one is cheaper than some of the other bath bombs that I love, which is what usually makes it my go-to automatically. Plus I love the Kelly green color that the water turns.


3 stars

This one is actually really fun to watch because the purple spots are made of an oil based ingredient, so they kind of float through the contrasting orange water just like a lava lamp and that was really fun. I love citrus as I’ve mentioned, but this one is very orange-y so it kind of smells like you are bathing in a bath of Tampico. No complaints there. It IS a little pricey and I think the reason for that is because of the lava lamp effect, but I think I would like this a lot more for a slightly lower price.


5 stars

This is the longest running fizz, it literally lasted like 20 minutes or something because there is a bath melt in the center and it takes forever, so I immediately fell in love with that! I love the gold and orange swirling together as it fizzed and it has a very fresh scent that really sticks to you after you get out so you feel like you’re very fresh afterward.


1 star

This might be the employees fault, haha. She REALLY talked this one up, telling me how great it was and how it smelled amazing and was so pretty when it was done which I’m sure was her opinion. But I definitely didn’t share the opinion. It smelled good while it was dry but as it dissolved the scent was almost overwhelmingly earthy to me, which sounds weird but I’m not sure how else to describe it. Then the color of the water just was kind of a dull green. Overall I felt like it was a dud and I wouldn’t buy this one ever again.


2 stars

So this one kind of smells like candy, but I honestly didn’t really like it. It smelled kind of like burned sugar or something. I did like that it felt healing on my skin which at the time was beyond scaly with eczema, so I do recommend this if you are struggling with that. I noticed considerably less itching after on the dry patches.


4 stars

This one is a holiday exclusive and it’s a lot of fun because it is SO vibrant. I love the red, and I do NOT love the burtnt orange color that comes out of it haha. I think it is one of the cuter ones before you put it in the water. It also smells kind of like a gingersnap cookie which makes my mouth water the whole time and it’s delightful. For a holiday bomb, it’s a really good one.

Alrighty guys… that’s it for my list for now, I’m sure I will do some more posts like this reviewing some of my other favorite bath products or lush products, it’s always so fun to get them all down and compare them piece by piece! Be sure to let me know what your favorites are and if you have any recommendations for me to try! 🙂

XXOO Sunny



Pink Bath Bomb

Ok so the look on my face is pretty grouchy…but LOOK AT THE WATER!!!
And Black and White because I’m really into that lately.. 😉

Guys… my obsession with bath bombs CANNOT be stopped. I swear it gets worse every day! And people tell me I’m crazy because I’m spending money on something that literally washes down the drain, but the way I see it, I’m paying for a little slice of heavenly happiness. The kind of slice that can only be filled with a glorious bath bomb! The aroma therapy is so stress relieving, the ingredients make my skin soft, and bath art is just beautiful to look at and I’m one of those people that finds pretty things almost therapeutic. Soooooooo make fun all you want – you just don’t get it. And for those of you who DO get it, boy do I have a treat for you! Lush has been releasing some new bath bombs lately and one of the brand new ones they just come out with is the PINK bomb! EEEEEEEE! Can you hear my squealing from the caps-lock there??

Pink has always been my favorite color, I love it, and this bomb is like pink tie-dye swirling around in the tub in a shimmery pool of perfection. It has a really soothing smell because it has a little bit of vanilla and something called, “tonka” which I didn’t know existed until now (is that bad?) and it is positively delightful. I just HAD to share it because I love it that much! And I would like to share more about the products and stuff that I love because those are the types of things I like to read about so in future posts I’m going to share more about my experiences with my favorite products 🙂

Now go buy this bomb and have a great start to your week, everyone!

XXOO Sunny

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Secret Arts LUSH Jelly Bomb Review!

I’m FINALLY getting around to trying out the jelly bombs at Lush and it’s almost embarrassing that I’ve waited so long! There are no defensible arguments for my behavior, so I guess I’ll just hang my head in shame and hope you will forgive me for that, and I’m making up for it by trying out my first one ever, NOW!

As I mentioned in THIS post a few weeks ago reviewing all of the lush bath bombs to date, my kind of bath bombs are the ones that are citrus-y or coconut-y and SPARKLY. They were out of the green coconut and marmalade bath bombs when I went in which were my first two picks for the scents, I ended up choosing Secret Arts.

Let’s be honest, if it’s got a mysterious name, I’m game. Haha if you call something, “black bath bomb” I wouldn’t think twice about it, but call it something like, “black magic,” or “Salem’s spelll,” or something and suddenly I’m intrigued. Anyone else with me on that?

Psychology is real and weird, man! Haha!

So I walked out of LUSH, totally stoked on my new purchase and excited to take a bath and see what all the rage was about. With the Secret Arts bomb, the smell is very spicy because it has cinnamon in it. It kind of reminded me of the Lord of Misrule bath bomb a little but this was definitely a more subdued smell and it kind of had a slight citrus twist to it so it was WAY better. It’s possible (probable) that I’m not giving the Lord of Misrule a fair chance since he got judged when my morning sickness was at it’s worst and so naturally I hate him and will forevermore remain that way…. BUT for the Secret Arts bomb it was nice.

Dissolving this thing looked pretty wicked, it was all dark shades of silver, grey, and black and then the center had a very irreverent fuchsia (it took me 4 tries to spell that!) spilling out of it and it was really pretty.

The interesting thing about the jelly bomb is that it doesn’t dissolve the same way a normal bath bomb does. It starts fizzing, but then as the jelly component is kind of throughout the bomb, it breaks into segments of the jelly and slowly melts away kind of like the bath melts, but it is more oily. The nice thing about this is that your water is literally like bathing in the finest oils in the land and you feel like a Khaleesi stepping out of the tub. The negative side is that it coats your tube in a thick residue and I’m ALL for skipping the chores. My maid keeps forgetting to show up.

Oh wait… I don’t have a maid. I’m just lazy.

So with the Secret Arts bomb, it left a really big, thick, black ring around my tub and residue from the bath bomb jelly stuff all over it because the jelly kind of clumps up and dissolves really slowly, so some pieces hadn’t even dissolved yet and then there was the ring at the water line as well.  I wasn’t impressed with that as far as cleaning goes but the overall bath experience with the jelly bomb really is nice. I love the black-ish water because it feels mysterious and I just love black. (AND we’re back at psychology of colors and names again!) And the cinnamon in the water kind of warms up you skin beneath the surface, so I imagine it would feel nice to soak in if you have sore muscles.

Overall, for the Secret Arts jelly bomb, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars. I really like the colors and how it looked, but I didn’t like how dirty it left the tub and the smell was good but not great. My skin did feel VERY soft after so that was a huge bonus on this one. I think if you are looking for a black bath bomb just for looks, this one is a great option for you although I’d recommend the Cosset Bath and Body bomb called, Apocalypse over this Lush one because it is 5 stars, all around and dissolves a much darker, richer black. Maybe I’ll do a review on that one soon?!

XXOO Sunny

PS How creepy is that last photo? Haha I like to take the underwater photo with the bath bombs because I love the kind of “floating head” look in the pretty water (I know, I’m lame and weird!) but this one just came out super creeps and it’s kind of like I’m a water demon or dead person that got distracted and attacked by grindylows. 🙂

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What REALLY Are The Best Products For Normal To Dry Skin?

I have normal to dry skin. That’s a statement I can say easily now, knowing what I know, but let’s just talk for a minute about how I’ve never known a damn thing about skin or skincare, because I was one of “those” kids that people hate and never struggled with acne as a teen. Too bad being the envy of the crowd was short-lived in my life journey, because BAM. I got pregnant and DOUBLE BAM. My skin turned into a monster. Permanently. To stay. It never went away. Not even after that baby was born! Not even after three years of meticulous care! Not even after another babe!

I suppose it’s justice for the years I was an undeserving perfect skin queen as a teen. 😉

The point is, when I became an adult and had a huge hormonal shift (aka, the spawnling was born), my skin changed and it took me years of trial and error and research to figure out how to care for it.

The great news is, I’ve also discovered some incredible products that have done wonders for my skin, and it just wouldn’t be right to keep them to myself. I mean, I don’t need to fuel karma with a reason to come after me, right? So here we have it- a guide to the best, most effective and awesome beauty products for women with normal to dry skin types!

**This post does contain some affiliate links which means I may make a commission off anything purchased at no cost to you- but I don’t put any links to anything I don’t genuinely believe in, use, and love – and of course there’s no obligation to purchase! Thanks for your support of me and my blog!**

For every item on this list, I’ve included a brief reason WHY I feel like it’s a great product for normal to dry skin. I hope that it helps in your beauty product shopping!

Shiseido clarifying cleanser facewash  

I’ve been a heavy Shiseido user for about 4 years now and have tried a bunch of their products. By far, the most effective one for my normal to dry skin is the clarifying or the gentle cleanse wash. I don’t always get “gentle” because I feel like they either don’t work or are too oily, but in this case it’s better than the purifying cleanser alternative, which while good, tended to dry out my skin, especially around my eyes. Both cleansers really cleaned my pores out as well as an astringent without making my skin sore or red or dry afterward.

Clinique chubby stick

I was running late and desperately needed to fix my face, so my mom offered me what she had in her purse… a Clinique chubby stick in the shade voluptuous violet. I’ve never had a product that I fell in love with so quickly, that I literally went straight to Sephora within two hours of putting it on and bought not one, but TWO of them. They are a great alternative to super drying lipsticks and stains. They provide excellent moisture and have different colors that range in opaqueness from very neutral to bright and bold. Brilliant, genius product. Worth every single penny of that $18.

I did a full review on the Clinique chubby sticks that you can read here if you want more details!

Tatcha rice polish foaming enzyme powder

I first tried this in Sephora when getting a free makeover and fell in love with how it felt and how my skin felt after using it. It exfoliates all the dry skin off and helps moisturize the skin underneath. I did about choke when I saw the price because let’s be honest, most of  my life I’m a Walmart-brand-version-of-the-value-product kind of girl, but it’s absolutely worth the splurge. It’s something that has truly changed how my skin functions and has totally helped to get rid of the dry flaking skin that I’ve had for years.

IT Cosmetics CC cream

This is another product that was literally a game changer in my routine. I was looking for a foundation that had SPF in it, but couldn’t find one that didn’t either entirely dry my skin out or make it look incredibly oily. I’m someone that prefers a light-medium coverage, so I don’t want my makeup too heavy but it still needs to provide smooth coverage that isn’t smeary or oily or translucent, if that makes sense? I decided to try this one out after seeing some recommendations from beauty bloggers I follow, and I haven’t looked back or even considered trying another product.

For me, it’s the perfect amount of coverage and isn’t too drying on my normal to dry skin, and it also doesn’t look greasy. It’s more pricey than a drugstore foundation, but it’s very well-priced in terms of foundation products in general and it’s a great value for the cost you pay and the amount you get. I also like the sparkling one, but definitely feel that is more of a summer or date night look when you want really glowing skin or want to look extra fancy. I have seen they also have a matte version, although my experience tells me that foundations with the title “:matte” in it, tend to dry out my skin so I’ve stayed away from that.

Shiseido BB cream sunscreen

I hate sunscreen. I hate that it’s greasy. I hate that it gives me acne. I hate that it makes me look sweaty and my makeup doesn’t go on over it. I hate that it’s oily. But I’m extremely fairskinned and unfortunately, my hatred of it doesn’t make it less necessary. At least, I thought I hated it… until I discovered this BB cream. It’s got SPF 50 and it’s not oily or greasy at all, and it doesn’t leave you looking powdery or pale either. It has a nice natural tint that helps your skin look glowy and smooth just like a traditional BB cream would, with the added benefit of the SPF 50. It’s my go-to sunscreen and the only one I’ve found that doesn’t cause me to break out after I wear it, hence the reason it’s on my list of normal to dry skincare product favorites!

Elizavecca milky piggy carbonated bubble clay mask

I have been really interested in Korean and Japanese skincare products as a whole (have you noticed the theme?) because they seem tailored perfectly to my skin. I bought this Milky Piggy mask for fun because I thought the foaming gimmick seemed like a fun trial, but it turns out it is so much more than a gimmick! It’s great for sensitive skin and the bubbles lightly warm and make your face glowy without any sensitivity or pain, and it doesn’t dry your skin out. I don’t feel like I need a moisturizer after, but it’s still dry enough that it doesn’t leave your face oily and shiny. It’d honestly be a great one to use prior to applying makeup in my opinion, because your skin feels fresh.

Vaseline lotion

Inexpensive, very moisturizing, and scent neutral. = dream product. This is the bottle of lotion that I buy in the largest size and the whole family uses it, so it’s a great all-around body skincare product. Especially during winter months when my skin gets extra dry.

Flamingo shaving cream products

As a marketing person, I’ll be totally open in admitting that I bought this product initially because the CUTE AF PACKAGING. Trying it out though- I’ve become a dedicated Flamingo cult-ist (it’s a thing). Since trying to figure out how to care for normal to dry skin, I’ve been a victim of consistent razorburn and it’s been the worst. The thing I love about the flamingo shave cream (besides the amazing fresh sweet ocean-y smell) is that it’s moisturizing without being oily and it doesn’t clog up the razor when you’re shaving. So. Good.

PS you can buy Flamingo at Target now!

Burt’s Bees skincare makeup removing wipes

I love the all natural products because then they don’t have harsh chemicals that are known to dry out skin even more. The grapefruit scent is my favorite.

Kirkland brand wipes

These are a super cost-effective alternative to the Burt’s Bees wipes and honestly, I use them both about equally depending on what I feel like my skin needs. Or whatever’s closest, ha! These are infused with micellar water which is amazing because I feel like on top of removing makeup, they leave your skin feeling hydrated and clean. I don’t feel the need to rinse with water afterward. Plus they smell great and are gentle on the skin, without being too gentle if that makes any sense! I buy these at Costco.

Maracuja oil

I especially like this when I get my dry patches right under my eyes and in the middle of my forehead. I will get weird flakey skin that also somehow looks oily (tell me how THAT works) and this stuff always seems to refresh it on a more heavy duty level.

I love THIS one from Tarte Cosmetics.

Coconut oil

What problem does coconut oil NOT solve? From intensive moisturizing to makeup removal and more, coconut oil has so many uses as a beauty product that works incredibly effectively for normal to dry skin. See an entire article I wrote for High Style Life about uses for coconut oil in your beauty routine to get more ideas here.

Aquaphor advanced therapy healing ointment

Ok so this one is not so much for normal to dry skin, but like… REALLY dry skin. I live in a desert climate and especially during the cold winter, some of my dry sections can get REALLY dry and I’ll develop eczema. It’s not a regular occurrence, but it happens a few times a year so it’s often enough that having a product to remedy the eczema on hand is necessary. Aquaphor does the trick. It’s incredibly inexpensive and works like a charm to soothe and repair the dry and damaged skin.

A humidifier

Using a humidifier, especially in extracting for your face. This is another one that is great when skin is extra dry, however I think the best use is when doing extractions. The moisture will open up your pores and help reduce pain, swelling, and scarring that can occur if you’re just picking and extracting your normal to dry skin without taking proper care.

Lush bath bombs

Especially the butterball because it’s so great for your skin. Lush uses all natural, cruelty-free products. They’re the best. You probably can tell from my hoards of bath bomb posts that I’m obsessed with Lush, so really this one shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s on the list. I find using a moisturizing bath bomb helps your skin to soak in enough moisture to prevent it from being dry, without also needing lotion afterward that will make it overly greasy.

These are all products I love and use on a VERY regular basis! I will keep updating this post as I find new products that I love for my normal to dry skin. If you have any suggestions I should try, be sure to throw them my way, send them to me on instagram, or shout them out in the comments for everyone to enjoy!

XXOO Sunny

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Gift Ideas For Yourself This Valentine’s Day (or any day!) Because You Freakin’ Deserve It!

Who is joining me on the journey to self-love this year with the #loveevolvesher campaign? Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, and honestly it’s not my favorite holiday but this year I’m excited because I’m going to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently. Valentine’s Day is about love, and this year we’re focusing on loving ourselves! So I’ll be celebrating self-love this year instead of the typical mushy hearts and candy stuff. What does that mean?? AN EXCUSE TO BUY YOURSELF PRESENTS!

As if you really NEED an excuse…you can buy yourself a present anytime you want because you freakin’ deserve it!

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, try to celebrate YOU a little bit. Pamper yourself, buy yourself a gift, think about how awesome you really are because you really do deserve it. You are beautiful, smart, talented, and strong! Celebrate that! And splurge a little 🙂 Here are a few things that I have been obsessing over lately that would make an awesome gift for yourself this Valentine’s Day (or any other day!) 🙂


Subscription to Something Fun!

I’m definitely into the subscription box thing right now, and what better gift than buying yourself a subscription to one full of your favorite goodies?! Need some ideas? Here is a list of subscriptions I’d love to try out!

-Loot Crate: Wizarding World of Harry Potter (for the Harry Potter geek everywhere) Find it here.

-Stitch Fix (cute clothes you can try and choose to keep or send back!) Find it here.

-Ellie (work out gear!) Find it here.

-Fab Fit Fun (an all around great box with a variety of things geared toward fashion, fitness, health, beauty, and wellness) Find it here.

-The Planner Addict Box (a grirlboss’ DREAM) Find it here.

-LOOT for Her (a variation of loot crate with nerd gear specifically for women) Find it here.

23 and Me DNA Testing

I have absolutely been DYING to do this! This year, they are promoting the Year of You to encourage learning more about who you are. What falls more in line with learning to love yourself and the #loveevolvesher project than THAT?


My current obsession is with the Apocalypse Bath Bomb from Cosset Bath and Body.

SPA Day, or Your Favorite Spa Treatment

Pedicures, Massages, Manicures, and Facials are top of my list. Always. You just can’t go wrong with a little self primping!

Maskcara Makeup

Maskcara is something that I have recently discovered and I am in love with it. I recently did a full review on it (read the post here) if you want more details on that, but for reals you just need to trust me on this. you need this BEAUTIFUL makeup, it’s like dessert for your skin and I swear you’ll look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel with it on. It’s stunning. #thisisnotanad #itsjustawesome

A New Outfit

This might be a lame suggestion to some people, but I’m that person that still has clothes from high school and only buys new things when the old ones are beyond worn out. I’m a big believer in dressing nice because it makes you feel better, but I’m really terrible at doing this for myself so forcing myself to splurge on a new outfit or two would really be good. If you sound like me, then this option is for you, ha! 🙂

Enroll in Classes to Learn Something You Really Want To Do!

There are really two options with this. You could take a pottery class, or get scuba certified, or maybe you’re like me and can burn boiling water so a cooking class sounds great.


You could sign up for something like Skillshare, where there are tons of classes on all sorts of topics with things you can learn- everything from calligraphy to photography,business to technology and code writing. There are a lot of platforms out there that offer classes like this, but I’ve personally used skill share and it’s really affordable and so easy, and they have so many options!

A Luxury Item You’ve Been Wanting

Maybe it’s a new purse? Or that overpriced swimsuit? A new comforter for your bed? Whatever it is that you’ve been really thinking about lately but haven’t been able to justify buying for yourself. BOOM. Self-love this Valentine’s Day. JUSTIFIED.

Share what ideas you guys have for gifts for yourself! I’d love to do another post like this with even more ideas in the future!

XXOO Sunny

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Don’t Look At Me! My Favorite Lush Mask

You all know my obsession with Lush bath bombs, but the obsession doesn’t just end with bath bombs. No. Of course it doesn’t. Why do they have to have such freaking good stuff??

I really love all of the masks I have tried from Lush, but this one is by far my favorite. Most of their masks target a specific thing, like hormonal acne, dry skin, etc. This mask is just an all around GOOD mask for generally anything. I feel like it really cleans my skin well and it exfoliates, and my skin always looks so bright and new after. I also love this mask especially when I get irritated skin or pimples and stuff because it is one of their refrigerated masks so it goes on cold to your skin which I’ve heard some people complain about but for me it’s like…. Ahhhhhhhh. It’s so soothing!

Of course, squid loves all beauty products she can get her hands on so we have little spa nights sometimes and she loves when we pull out the face mask. This one is her favorite because it is bright blue, and let me tell you it IS pretty fun to have a face mask that kind of makes you want to take selfies hehe.

Have a lovely start to your week, babes! XO

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Who Am I As A Blogger?

Who am I as a blogger?

Lately I have been asking myself this question a lot. For so long, my blog has just been my hobby, what I love to do. It’s kind of a mish-mash of things that I like, but lately I have been evaluating what my goals are for this blog. Of course I still feel as lost as Alice and as mad as the Hatter when it comes to figuring out my goals… a whole lot of whimsy and crazy chaos, ha! BUT if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when you make a goal you need to know where you are starting. So today, I wanted to kind of introduce myself and where I am “starting” as a blogger. I did a 10 day instagram challenge a few months back that I feel like asked some really good questions related to this, so I thought I would share my posts and answers to those questions because I feel like it is a really good summary of my starting point, me as a blogger, right here, right now. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Disclaimer… these were all instagram posts, so the captions/tags/hashtags are all straight from insta 🙂 


Decided to join the @creativemarket party and do the #instafeedmakeover ? I figure I’ll just introduce myself. Hi! I’m Sunny, a mama of 2 girls, coke enthusiast, and lover of Harry Potter and superheroes. I work in corporate marketing, but my blog is my passion and favorite hobby. ❤️ I started my blog after my experience with postpartum depression. I also love to paint, hate to cook, and my happy place is in the sunshine ☀️


Day 2 of the #instafeedmakeover – post what you do! This is my blog, my creation of love ? the most recent post is of Emilia’s birth story (link in bio if you missed it!) and I’ve got a new one headed your way tomorrow! @creativemarket


Today’s @creativemarketprompt is your day to day in a nutshell. ☝? This right here about sums it up! I usually wake up, toss my hair in either a top knot or messy braid, nurse the baby and then play the balancing act between work and 2 kids the rest of the day. At night I work on my blog to relax, and tonight there’s a new post up talking about my favorite baby products so far including @bamboobies@sollybabywrap @littleunicornofficial and more? happy hump day! #instafeedmakeover


Day 4 of #instafeedmakeover -My biggest inspiration. What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t say these 2 beauties?? ? They are the reason I get up, the reason I keep trying, the light in the dark. When I struggled with depression, that inspiration is what literally kept me alive some days. I want them to live only the happiest, richest lives full of amazing experiences, and to give them that I need to not just work as hard as I can but teach them how through living by example. And I want to share my story with others. These girls are my sunshine ☀️ @creativemarket


My lifestyle in one post ✌?usually it’s a combination of messy, crazy, happiness, mommy-hood, anxiety, doodles, love, and daydreaming. I frequently sport the no makeup look, live by sticky note organization, and my humor isn’t always known to be appropriate. I believe in energy and spirits, and each of those bangles on my wrist are of extreme sentiment that I almost never leave without. This is my lifestyle- infused with a healthy dose of nerd. ?#instafeedmakeover #day5@creativemarket


Today’s #instafeedmakeover prompt: what makes you, you? I looked at what other people were posting and they all have inspirational, insightful answers and I’m over here like….bath bombs, blonde, has read Harry Potter 35,437 times…. ? I suppose if I look deep into my soul there are other things that make me the person I am… like I make a lot of sound effects, i have a weird gift for remembering birthdays, and I like to eat mustard plain on a spoon.? I guess you could say I’m PRETTY unique ? #bebonafide


When I started my blog, I started it for ME. For fun, for practice, for self-therapy. I never imagined a single other person would take the time to read it or care what I was writing. Does it impact others? I have no idea. What I do know is how it has impacted me, how my life is better because of it and how I’ve grown as a person by allowing myself that creative outlet. And I share my story, my thoughts and ramblings, in hopes that if someone ever is reading it, that they might be positively impacted. If I can influence even one person for the better by sharing my craft, then I am successful. Also. Those tan lines on my feet ? @creativemarket #instafeedmakeover


Where are my night owls ? at?? I’m doing the #instafeedmakeover a little late tonight! ? Today’s prompt is to share what you’re working on, and tonight I’m working on a few new posts that you can expect to see later this week! ??Including Emilia’s sweet newborn photos that I’m sharing ❤️ So stay tuned ?? Also. Did I use enough emojis for #worldemojiday in this caption?? ?✌???? #keepinitreal

Side Note: You can find that post with her newborn photos here


Why do I do what I do? Because I love to. Because it makes me happy. Because sometimes life is pretty freakin’ amazing and beautiful and I want to remember that. Because sometimes life looks more like this photo- blurred, exhausted, sad, and messy, and that’s ok, too. Because it’s ok for people to realize being human is imperfect and messy, no matter how beautiful the IG feed portrays it. Because I want to share all those things with others and people I love. And that is why I blog ? #instafeedmakeover@creativemarket


How do I even try to fit my hopes and dreams into a single post for #instafeedmakeover ? I believe that we are alive for the purpose of experiencing life, and all of the learning, emotions, and relationships that come with it. My dream is to build a life where I love what I’m doing and it allows my to meet new people, see new places, and learn new things. I want to help other people and be a source of positivity and encouragement to reach their potential. I want to give all of that and more to my cute family. And if I can add a little fantasy in this post too- I’d really love an endless supply of bath bombs for the rest of my life ?@creativemarket

This is a little bit of a different style than my usual posts, but I hope you guys like the change and for those of you that are new here, WELCOME, your support means everything to me!

XXOO Sunny



A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

I never thought I would be a mom. I always had a big plan for my career and was ambitious about my life plan. And then I had a baby and the whole world changed. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to give up my career, but I also didn’t want to give up those precious times with my babies that I knew I would miss while away at work. It’s an extremely difficult struggle that I know so many moms can relate to. Right now for our family, it makes the most sense financially and for other reasons to have me working, which I love, but in an effort to not miss any part of my girls’ lives I manage to keep myself VERY busy, so I thought I’d share kind of what a typical day in my life looks like for any of you interested mamas out there 🙂

First up, I drag my half zombified body into an upright position in bed and feed the baby while trying not to let my head roll onto the floor. Or maybe I’m just dreaming it’ll fall on the floor because… sh**t I’m asleep again! Ok, NOW I’m going to sit up and feed the baby, and I’m NOT going to fall back asleep….. and I’m asleep again. I am NOT a morning person, and never have been. For people that say you can “choose” to be a morning person… you don’t know… hahaha. I literally feel ill in the morning, and God forbid if I happen to need my butt out of bed before 7am. Pray for the world because this woman is more beast than human at that time.

So first comes the struggle of waking up, and then I feed the baby and try to snuggle with her as long as humanly possible, and then it’s off to the usual crazy scramble. I don’t spend time getting ready usually,I do a lot of hairstyles that take less than 5 minutes (would you guys want to see a post on that sometime?) and then I keep the makeup pretty basic and natural and I’m out the door.

I’m typically an 8-4 kind of person, I work through my lunch break and eat at my desk so I can leave a little earlier since I live kind of far away from my work place and my commute takes a good chunk out of my day, especially in afternoon traffic. I work in marketing for a finance company, so most of my work consists of managing marketing projects and material. Since I’m breastfeeding, I take one or two breaks during the day to pump. If you’re considering breastfeeding and having a hard time with the idea of pumping at work… DON’T have a hard time with it. Having an excuse to get a 20 minute break a couple times a day is GLORIOUS in all senses of the word. TAKE ADVANTAGE IF YOU CAN. Ha!

After work I drive home, I almost never make stops if I can help it because I just want to get home! If I have to go to the store or run an errand, I’ll usually run home and pick up the kids first then go. Yes, it takes longer. Yes, it’s usually more frustrating to have screaming kids around on errands. Yes, I’m crazy, and this isn’t the only reason haha. But I love to have them with me and miss them during the day, so I like to take advantage of those few extra moments with them, even if it’s shopping at the grocery store and trying to calm tantrums in the aisle. Or paying for broken jars of pickles that the 4 year old thought could bounce. Yep. That happened more than once.

Once I’m home, the car turns off, the garage door shuts, the bra goes OFF. Literally the first thing I do the second I get home is change into comfy clothes. If you are the kind of person that stays dressed nice when you are home for the evening… more power to you. I understand you the least. 😉 I like to get comfy when I’m hanging out for the evening.

Usually I’ll start on dinner, but I’m not a cook and don’t enjoy or do well at cooking, so my meals are pretty minimal and I pretty much have the same ten go-to meals that I use. My husband is an amazing cook so sometimes hell cook something up, and in that case he bans me from the kitchen to make sure I don’t “ruin” anything **eyeroll** 😉 I’m pretty sure I’ve only set off the smoke alarm like 4 or 5 times in our new house though which is a far cry from when I first moved out on my own soooooo #winning.

After dinner we always watch a show and play games. Sydney is obsessed with games and coloring right now, so we pretty much spend the next couple hours very busily involved with that. Since I’m not home during the day, I take this “play” time very seriously and commit to just focusing on the kids. A lot of times I strap Emilia to me in the baby wrap (best invention EVER, read more here) like seen in the photo above and she loves it. She HAS to be entertained and/or held at all times or she screams, so the wrap is the perfect solution.

Then we have our bedtime routine. I’m going to do another post on that soon, so stay tuned. Basically we get the kids ready for bed and then I kind of turn into a zombie again because I only have one thought.. BATH. It literally consumes me the way a zombie craves brains. It’s my relaxation time and I swear I can feel the stress in my neck melting away when I sit in a hot bubble bath. And yes, you bet your butt that I am stocked up on all manners of bath bombs, melts, bubbles, and salts. I take my bubble bath-ing very seriously.

After my bath I can usually function again as a working member of society, and I try to squeeze in a little bit of work on the computer- usually on my blog but this is when I find time to answer emails, pay bills, use pinterest, etc. I am on a computer a lot at work, basically all day, so I try to limit my screen time. I don’t want my eyeballs to shrivel up and fall out of my face now, do I?

I try to always squeeze in time to read for a while, or sometimes I draw. I bullet journal to help organize my life so I regularly work on that. I have found that I have more fun drawing the pages out on my journal than actually organizing my life though, ha! And at the VERY end of the day we watch the Office. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We never miss it. I could watch that show for the rest of forever and ever and never get sick of it. Anyone else with me??

Then we go to sleep and that is kind of the end of my day, and that is pretty much my Monday – Friday routine in a nutshell!




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