Well Halloween was a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t actually posted about the little miss’ first trick or treating session. Well, technically her second but as she couldn’t even walk the last time and we pushed her in a stroller as we went with the other kids, we just count this as her “first” time. She went as Sophia the First because she literally can’t get enough of Sophia (the show, toys, stickers, you name it..if it has Sophia, she loves it.) Of course it was a little chilly so we had to find tights and a white shirt for underneath (note the logo on the collar, go utes!) At first she was a little hesitant because the very first house we went to had a bunch of creepy things set up on the front lawn and she has decided in the last few weeks that she is scared of all things even remotely creepy, especially skeletons! So I had to hold her hand up to the door with the other kids, and being the littlest of the bunch, she was the last to push her way to the door. And then….. she saw the candy. The nice old man handed her a piece and her face just lit up, it was adorable! I told her to put it in her bag so we could go to the next house, and then she turned around and SQUEALED with delight, luckily Tony caught it on camera!! Just look at how excited she was! From there, the rest of the night was history and she became a seasoned trick or treater in a matter of minutes! I love seeing her experience such fun activities, but it is so hard to watch her grow too! Bittersweet at its finest!