I never thought I would be a mom. I always had a big plan for my career and was ambitious about my life plan. And then I had a baby and the whole world changed. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to give up my career, but I also didn’t want to give up those precious times with my babies that I knew I would miss while away at work. It’s an extremely difficult struggle that I know so many moms can relate to. Right now for our family, it makes the most sense financially and for other reasons to have me working, which I love, but in an effort to not miss any part of my girls’ lives I manage to keep myself VERY busy, so I thought I’d share kind of what a typical day in my life looks like for any of you interested mamas out there 🙂

First up, I drag my half zombified body into an upright position in bed and feed the baby while trying not to let my head roll onto the floor. Or maybe I’m just dreaming it’ll fall on the floor because… sh**t I’m asleep again! Ok, NOW I’m going to sit up and feed the baby, and I’m NOT going to fall back asleep….. and I’m asleep again. I am NOT a morning person, and never have been. For people that say you can “choose” to be a morning person… you don’t know… hahaha. I literally feel ill in the morning, and God forbid if I happen to need my butt out of bed before 7am. Pray for the world because this woman is more beast than human at that time.

So first comes the struggle of waking up, and then I feed the baby and try to snuggle with her as long as humanly possible, and then it’s off to the usual crazy scramble. I don’t spend time getting ready usually,I do a lot of hairstyles that take less than 5 minutes (would you guys want to see a post on that sometime?) and then I keep the makeup pretty basic and natural and I’m out the door.

I’m typically an 8-4 kind of person, I work through my lunch break and eat at my desk so I can leave a little earlier since I live kind of far away from my work place and my commute takes a good chunk out of my day, especially in afternoon traffic. I work in marketing for a finance company, so most of my work consists of managing marketing projects and material. Since I’m breastfeeding, I take one or two breaks during the day to pump. If you’re considering breastfeeding and having a hard time with the idea of pumping at work… DON’T have a hard time with it. Having an excuse to get a 20 minute break a couple times a day is GLORIOUS in all senses of the word. TAKE ADVANTAGE IF YOU CAN. Ha!

After work I drive home, I almost never make stops if I can help it because I just want to get home! If I have to go to the store or run an errand, I’ll usually run home and pick up the kids first then go. Yes, it takes longer. Yes, it’s usually more frustrating to have screaming kids around on errands. Yes, I’m crazy, and this isn’t the only reason haha. But I love to have them with me and miss them during the day, so I like to take advantage of those few extra moments with them, even if it’s shopping at the grocery store and trying to calm tantrums in the aisle. Or paying for broken jars of pickles that the 4 year old thought could bounce. Yep. That happened more than once.

Once I’m home, the car turns off, the garage door shuts, the bra goes OFF. Literally the first thing I do the second I get home is change into comfy clothes. If you are the kind of person that stays dressed nice when you are home for the evening… more power to you. I understand you the least. 😉 I like to get comfy when I’m hanging out for the evening.

Usually I’ll start on dinner, but I’m not a cook and don’t enjoy or do well at cooking, so my meals are pretty minimal and I pretty much have the same ten go-to meals that I use. My husband is an amazing cook so sometimes hell cook something up, and in that case he bans me from the kitchen to make sure I don’t “ruin” anything **eyeroll** 😉 I’m pretty sure I’ve only set off the smoke alarm like 4 or 5 times in our new house though which is a far cry from when I first moved out on my own soooooo #winning.

After dinner we always watch a show and play games. Sydney is obsessed with games and coloring right now, so we pretty much spend the next couple hours very busily involved with that. Since I’m not home during the day, I take this “play” time very seriously and commit to just focusing on the kids. A lot of times I strap Emilia to me in the baby wrap (best invention EVER, read more here) like seen in the photo above and she loves it. She HAS to be entertained and/or held at all times or she screams, so the wrap is the perfect solution.

Then we have our bedtime routine. I’m going to do another post on that soon, so stay tuned. Basically we get the kids ready for bed and then I kind of turn into a zombie again because I only have one thought.. BATH. It literally consumes me the way a zombie craves brains. It’s my relaxation time and I swear I can feel the stress in my neck melting away when I sit in a hot bubble bath. And yes, you bet your butt that I am stocked up on all manners of bath bombs, melts, bubbles, and salts. I take my bubble bath-ing very seriously.

After my bath I can usually function again as a working member of society, and I try to squeeze in a little bit of work on the computer- usually on my blog but this is when I find time to answer emails, pay bills, use pinterest, etc. I am on a computer a lot at work, basically all day, so I try to limit my screen time. I don’t want my eyeballs to shrivel up and fall out of my face now, do I?

I try to always squeeze in time to read for a while, or sometimes I draw. I bullet journal to help organize my life so I regularly work on that. I have found that I have more fun drawing the pages out on my journal than actually organizing my life though, ha! And at the VERY end of the day we watch the Office. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We never miss it. I could watch that show for the rest of forever and ever and never get sick of it. Anyone else with me??

Then we go to sleep and that is kind of the end of my day, and that is pretty much my Monday – Friday routine in a nutshell!