A few years ago I got to go on a dream vacation to my choice of any destination, and being overwhelmed with choices I asked my experienced traveler aunt what her favorite destination was. (Of course, she was going on the trip with me so I wanted her input, but I genuinely wanted to go somewhere amazing and from her stories about her favorite city, it just felt like the right choice!) I chose Sydney, Australia and fell in love. I got the chance to experience some incredible things there and even got to sneak in a few extra places I wanted to see (ahem, New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns anyone?) Truly it is something I will need to write some more about because it was such an awesome experience that altered my perspective about myself, life, and my dreams (because now my dream is to move there and live happily on Bondi beach eating fresh food until I die….jokes, but seriously.) I went right as the summer season peaked in December, so every year in November I start to feel a little nostalgic about that life-changing vacation so I thought I would share a few photos of the trip. Some day I will write more about things to see and do there, and of course exactly why the trip was so life changing! But that is a much more personal story for asking for a nice, long post and right now I am unfortunately just procrastinating homework that needs to be done in the near future which = no time for a long post. I will do a follow up post soon though!

Yes, that is me climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
Largest arch bridge in the world.
Bright colors in nature = my favorite.
Loved seeing such fun animals native to the area! I particularly love the little joey in the pouch!
Hole in the Rock off of the coast of New Zealand. I don’t think I have ever felt so sick in my life as I did from being on that boat to get there!
Barefoot in the Mauri prayer house with my tourist clothes on!
Saw the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains! Don’t you love the blue haze around the mountains in the photo?
Beautiful beach
Saw productions Handel’s Messiah in the famous Opera House (hello Christmas time!) and then also caught Jersey Boys downtown Sydney!
Favorite activity of the whole trip? Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef.
view from my room! bridge and opera house.
One Word. PANCAKES. I have never, ever, ever in my life had such incredible pancakes. Ever. I still crave those pancakes. Plus they just serve pancakes with ice cream there. Enough Said. From Pancakes on the Rocks.