I’ll just start by saying that I know how bad the quality is of this photo but Emilia’s happily careless face as she clearly just socked me and is kind of pushing me out of the way is just too candidly funny to me to pass up. Happy Friday, everyone! I thought we’d do a 13 Randoms post since we haven’t done one in a while! 🙂

1- A lot of you have asked me about my rebrand and you guys have been SO sweet and complimentary so I just want to say THANK YOU! I’m in love with how everything turned out. If you want to read more about my why I chose to rebrand I made a whole post about it HERE. 

2- I really want to tint my hair light pink or rose gold, like maybe just the ends so it kind of has an ombre effect? I’ve never been super into brightly colored hair for myself personally, but I’m really loving how the pink looks on everyone right now so I want to give it a try!

3- I wanted to find a yard designing app to help me come up with some ideas for my yard and somehow I accidentally ended up with this interior design game that I love. It’s really weird for me to like playing any games at all because I’m not really an app or game player at all, but I love this one. As I was playing it I was thinking how weird it was that the structure was so similar to the fashion game that I like, which is literally the only other app I’ve ever played. Guess what They are made by the exact same developer and are sister apps. Haha I should have known.

4- I’ve been torn lately because I feel like I need to try and find more opportunities to do nice things for others because I’ve been given a lot of love over the years from all sorts of people and I want to pay it forward. However, my first several attempts where I’ve actively decided to do something nice for someone else I’ve been taken advantage of and the whole situation just became a mess all three times! Like- HOW? Only I would have that happen, I swear. Haha I know that is kind of a dumb thing but I’m just so frustrated because I totally am feeling the “no good deed goes unpunished” phrase.

5- I found these amazing new muffins by Kodiak cakes and they are pure bliss. I love the mountain berry flavor and the chocolate one. They are packed with protein and are made with whole ingredients so they are like a healthy muffin and I love it.

6- We just watched Jumanji yesterday and I was dying. I forgot that Jack Black is hilarious- seriously his character was killing me!

7- I had my consultation with my plastic surgeon for my breast reduction surgery! Finally! I want to do a whole blog about my breast reduction but I haven’t decided for sure whether I’m just going to do one big post or have like a post mini series. I did a poll on insta and the results were pretty much exactly 50/50! I DID however, do a video about the consultation with some Q&As about the process that you can FIND HERE.   🙂 Just a warning- I use that channel mostly to talk about my health journey that I’ve been working on since October, so if you’re there to stick around for a while just expect to see some raw footage of Sunny AKA Jabba the Hut.

8- The Albion Fit swim line for the summer has come out recently and I really love all of the pieces that they’ve come out with. I can’t wait to get my breast reduction and actually have boobs that might fit into their suits, ha!

9- Today Sydney told the dog that she had impeccable taste. I asked her if she knew what impeccable meant, and she told me no. Since she is five I decided to keep it simple, and I said that impeccable kind of means like perfect, it has no mistakes. She responded with, “Oh!  Just like me! I’m impeccable!” I started laughing and then she went on, “except when I accidentally pee my pants. Them I’m only peccable.” Haha I was dying. Kids say the weirdest, funniest things!

10- I got a new Smashbox palette that I’ve been playing with lately and it’s been amazing, I’ll definitely do a product review soon.

11- I’ve been wearing my hair up so much since I had Emilia that I have a full line of hair that is broken off right at the pony tail length and it is the worst! I need to start wearing it down all the time so that the section that is broken off can grow out. It takes flyaways to a whole new level and there’s no controlling it haha.

12- I’ve had this piano song that I heard back in high school stuck in my head for days now and haven’t been able to figure it out. I finally texted my friend that used to play it and basically said, hey you know that song that I like that you used to play? And she DID know! I couldn’t believe it, it was seriously so vague of me haha. In case you were wondering, the song is WITHIN by William Joseph.

13- I just recently discovered PewDiePie after my husband started watching his videos with me in the room. I know he is like the number one youtuber or whatever, but I hadn’t heard of him until now. Now I wonder how my life could have existed before his videos entered them. SO FUNNY.

XXOO Sunny