When I was pregnant, I searched FAR AND WIDE for the best apps for pregnancy, I seriously had over 30 of them downloaded on my phone at one time. Even though I had a ton of apps however, I found myself going back to the same ones that I just loved so I thought I would share with you the ones that I think are absolutely amazing and what I love about them. And the best part is that most of these are FREE because I know as a young mom, the types of apps I’m looking for are the free ones…. hey, I’ve got diapers to pay for! 😉


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This was my absolute favorite, go-to, all-around informational app for pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant, I looked up apps and this was one of the first to pop up, and for good reason. It has excellent information, great graphics and tips, and my favorite thing about it is the community!! You can ask questions, respond to other people, get and give advice, and it’s all anonymous which protects your information and safety. I LOVED the community feature! Plus I loved choosing what fun comparison tool to use for the size of my baby- most apps compare baby to the size of a fruit, but this app gave you the option to choose between other themes and I don’t know why I loved that so much, but I did!


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Alright…when I said Ovia was my favorite I should have clarified that via was my favorite app for information, but my absolute FAVORITE app was the babylist app! Two words. Baby Registry. It’s a nightmare to keep track of everything you want or need and this app is AMAZING because you can add items from basically ANYWHERE to your list! This is designed to be a registry which is great for first time mama’s out there, and people can find your account and see what you need, but since this was my second pregnancy, I just used it as a list of everything I wanted and where it came from. It made it super easy to price shop when all of my stuff was in one place. I even included all of the mom gear for me on this list! Seriously, I can’t sing enough praises. It’s the best. Download it. Now.


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This app is incredible, it really is! It has so much good information and tips. It is probably most comparable to the Ovia app as far as how much value you get out of it, and I actually like how it is laid out and how it looks aesthetically more than the Ovia app. I’m obsessed with knowing everything that is going on while pregnant so this was just an amazing source of information with weekly and daily updates, tips, and advice.


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This app is SO simple, and you can use it beyond just pregnancy which I love. It is designed to track your period, ovulation, and symptoms. I used this to track my cycles every month and make notes of my symptoms and behaviors before I ever got pregnant, and once I found out I was pregnant I could keep notes and track my symptoms through my pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you’ll learn REAL quick that pregnancy brain is a thing and you’ll have the hardest time with your memory (if you don’t, I swear you’re not human!), so this type of app was awesome!


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So I was actually hesitant to try this one because #1 it costs money, and #2 there are so many mixed opinions and reviews. The app is designed to let you hear your baby’s heartbeat, but I read a ton of stuff that said it wasn’t real or couldn’t possibly work when dopplers cost so much money but this app is only a few dollars… but being a mom obsessed with hearing baby’s heartbeat I was just dying to try it anyway. I felt like it worked and I loved it, that is my own personal opinion, so just make sure before you purchase to keep that in mind. 🙂 They also recommend that you be around 28+ weeks pregnant I believe to be able to hear baby.


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So my favorite thing about this app was the 3D interactive feature that has kind of a 3D model image of what the baby looks like, which I think is really cool. This app also has a lot of good information, but it keeps it simplified so nothing is too overwhelming.


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I LOVED this app because it meant I was close to delivery… haha! But really, this is a cool app because it allows you to track your contractions, how long the last, how intense they are, and how far apart they are. I also really liked the kick counter for those times when I felt paranoid about whether or not she had moved enough that day. For those last few weeks, this app is absolutely THE best.


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This is a photo documentary type of app, so you can upload your bump update photos and it has all sorts of cute templates and text things and stuff to document your journey in style. I’m really into those kinds of things because I think it’s cute and fun, so if you are anything like me then I highly recommend this app because they have some really cute stuff!


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Naming your baby is either the hardest or the easiest decision you’ll ever make, I feel like there is just no middle ground, haha! But even if you already have your name picked out from the beginning, names are always fun to look at. Well… maybe I just think they’re fun, I’m not alone, right?? This app is awesome because it has so many ways you can search for names, and it shows you the meaning, alternative spellings, similar names, and more. This is just a super fun app that makes the naming process a whole lot easier if you don’t know where to begin!

I hope this list helps out a few of you expecting, or soon to be expecting mamas! Let me know if you have any additional app suggestions, I’d love to have them for the future!!

XXOO Sunny