It takes something special to be a #girlboss, but to be a working mom with kids running around and manage to pull off the MOM BOSS title? Pure magical divinity.

Some days being a working mom means there are some awesome, productive days but it also means there are days where you’re barely running on the fumes of caffeine, top knots, and sleeping for 30 seconds on the toilet when you take a bathroom break.

I get it.

When I’m feeling a slumpy day (is slumpy a word?) but I NEED to have it pulled together, because #momboss, I’ve got some of the BEST beauty products that are also pure magical divinity that I want to queue you guys onto.

With thousands of beauty products out there, you’d think this list would be a mile long but I am VERY picky about the products that double as my hero when I’m trying to balance mom life and work. I feel lie the BEST beauty products for working moms last a long time, are easy to use, make you look and feel AWESOME, and are priced well.

These are my ten most favorite, best beauty products especially for working moms!

1- Lipsense

Because ain’t nobody got time for lipstick stains on your teeth or applying lipstick 12 times through the day. I know people have mixed feelings about lip sense, so if you want more details about what I like and dislike about it read my REVIEW POST HERE, and call my girl Natalie to hook you up!

2- Batiste Dry Shampoo

Because I’m not about to wash this mop every day. Or every other day. Or even every third day. I prefer the tropical scent, it’s literally the best smelling dry shampoo I’ve ever used, and smell ALWAYS wins me over. Plus… CHEAP. #winning

3- Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara- waterproof

You need something that won’t streak your face when your eyes are watering every 10 minutes from yawns, right? Plus I only ever need to apply one coat so I’m not wasting my time with my eyes wide open trying to rake mascara through my lashes for ten minutes every day. Less chances to stab myself in the eye and become blind for the rest of the day.

4- Clinic spot treatment

I suffer from these ridiculous (really, it’s ridiculous) welt-sized pimples that like to have a surprise party on my face when I get really stressed. Luckily, I can usually feel a really painful, deep bump under my skin before they pop out of hiding and I zap that mother-sucker with some spot treatment. I particularly like the clinic one because you can put it on ANYTIME, so before you apply makeup or halfway through the day or whatever. A lot of spot treatments are supposed to be only after you clean your face for the night so product I can use any time? Clear winner.

5- Urban Decay b6 water

They sell this as something to refresh your skin and help it feel moisturized, but to be honest I use it when it’s 5000 degrees outside and I need a quick spritz to remind myself I’m still alive and haven’t melted. It feels sooo good, and during the winter it still feels great to spritz on when your skin is all dry and stuff.

6- Urban Decay ALL-NIGHTER spray

Clearly I love me some Urban Decay. 😉 I have never used a setting spray that I felt actually works for me because I swear my skin just DOESN’T WANT TO BE SMOTHERED so it rebels and after an hour of wearing makeup it looks all worn and gross. Until I met this handsome fella. Bless you, Urban Decay, for making such a wonderful spray. This stuff locks your look in place and it ACTUALLY STAYS for the duration of the work day. Watch out co-workers, now I’m sexy ALL day long instead of just 9-10am.

7- Concealer

Remember those ridiculous zits that like to have a party? Well they have a friend called, dark under-eye circles, and they like to turn my face into their playground together randomly through the day. I keep concealer in my purse AT ALL TIMES because you just never know when one (or both) of those hooligans is going to make an appearance. I love Tarte Shape Tape for slightly more full coverage, and the Maybelline MATTE.

8- SECRET Mini Deoderants!

HOW I didn’t discover these sooner, I’m not sure I can forgive myself for my ignorance… I have loverly, super sweaty underarms so I use a prescription grade anti-persperint to keep the armpit oceans at bay, but it’s very inconvenient to shove a whole tube of that in your bag. And I NEED a refresher halfway through the day. What can I say, I’m just smelly and sweaty and it’s a real glamorous trait of mine. For you fellow ocean-pits like me- INVEST in this little magic stick so you can take some with you.

9- Bath and Body Works FOCUS lotion.

They have lots of smells if you don’t like the Eucalyptus (but if you don’t, we’re natural enemies because it’s the best.) and I love it because it’s invigorating. Sometimes my brain feels like it is going to shut down half way through the day and pulling out this lotion kind of wakes me up with the scent, plus it is ultra moisturizing and doesn’t leave you feeling oily like a lot of lotions do.

10- Schick Hydro Silk Razor

 Razor and shaving cream all in one, and plenty of blades so I only have to go over my legs once and I rarely get cut, which means I spend less time lathering and cleaning up blood after. Let’s face it, I’m very much a Godzilla-style shaver so lots of blood has been known to happen. When you’re too poor for laser hair removal and regular wax treatments, you work with what you’ve got. In this case, this razor is THE best there is.

BONUS! Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick

You’ve got to take care of those gorgeous legs of yours, don’t let them beat each other up just because they’re kissing all day! For those ladies without a thigh gap, you understand. Especially if you’re in a professional office setting dressed in a skirt all day. You’ll thank me later.

These are all my favorite items that I think are the absolute best beauty products because they are incredibly efficient for me as a working mom, but I know there are others out there! What are your favorite products that I’m missing out on, share your secrets!

XXOO Sunny