Don’t mind me, I’m just hyperventilating into a paper bag as I type because I’m FANGIRL-ING so hard right now over Sarah Tripp, the blogger behind Sassy Red Lipstick. I know, old news to a lot of you that have heard me mention her on my blog before, but recently I had the absolute PEACHIEST opportunity to interview Sarah about the thing that makes her such an incredible powerhouse in the blogging industry-  her killer style and body positivity message.

I’ve been following Sarah for a couple of years now because she is incredibly well versed in style trends and literally exudes confidence about her curvy body, which is so inspirational in today’s world of perfect instagram feeds and body shaming trolls! The only thing I might love more than Sarah’s message about loving your body is how much Sarah’s husband LOVES and BRAGS about her body! It’s the cutest thing ever. I mean… THE CUTEST. He is always showing her off, and last year his message went VIRAL. That’s how cute it was! You need to go check it out for yourself. Find it HERE.  You can also read more about the adorable-ness that is their relationship in Women’s Health, HERE.

Together Robbie and Sarah are the definition of a power couple- building an empire and conquering the world! Along with running Sassy Red Lipstick, Sarah works with other incredible people and brands to promote body positivity and encourage confidence. Just recently, she was featured with Iskra Lawrence (another badass body positive babe!) in SHAPE where she talked about why you need to stop thinking of common things as “flaws.”  Robbie is also an inspirational provoker of thought leadership and has written his own book. Together, the Tripp team dominate their industries.

Even more amazing is their willingness to share that success with everyone, they don’t act like they are above anyone with their success (even though we are all clearly worshipping the god and goddess they are!) They’ve been very open with sharing their story, what’s made them successful, and tips they believe will make YOU successful based on their experience. Check out Sassy Red Lipstick to read some of their posts about how to build your own success, and read this article from FORBES on their tips for entrepreneurs that want to turn social media into a business.

Clearly, they aren’t human. Who else is fangirl-ing with me now?? All of you? Great. We’re in this together, folks.

And Sarah took the time to interview with me. ME! I mean I’m pretty great, I know (no humility here!), but this is Sarah Tripp! Of course I jumped all over the opportunity to ask her about how body positivity has changed her life and effected her message as a blogger.


I know that Robbie has been a huge source of support on your body positivity journey, what was life like for you before that? And what was your relationship with your body at that time?

He definitely has. When Robbie came into my life, he opened my eyes that there truly are guys out there who love curves and that helped me feel more confident and sexy. He’s loved and celebrated my body from the moment we met.

Before that, I had an up and down relationship with my body, much like my weight. In high school I was always pretty confident and didn’t really start gaining weigh until my senior year. However, I had a boyfriend and a great social life and it never really bothered me until I got into college. Being thrown into the crazy college dating scene as a curvy girl showed me that guys seemed to only go for one certain body type. All my size 2 girlfriends would get asked out on dates weekly and I rarely did.

Self-love is a long, winding journey and I learned to love myself by accepting who I am and my shape. Instead of fighting with my weight or being worried about comparisons, I embraced the fact that I am a curvy girl and that is beautiful! Getting in healthy routines has been a huge part of this. You feel so much better when you have a good exercise routine and solid diet. My worst times with my body were when I was in a rut with those two things and felt uncomfortable in my own skin because I wasn’t being as healthy as I knew I should.

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Before you learned to embrace and love your body, what were some of your biggest insecurities? Did you have a “security blanket” item when you felt like you needed to hide?

Great question! I always thought my thighs were too big. I remember when skinny jeans became popular and I bought a pair. I remember seeing myself in the mirror one day and thinking how my thighs were literally twice as big as other girls. In high school I started wearing swim skirts to the beach to try and hide my thick thighs.

Ideally, as time goes on and you progress in your self-love journey, you look back and realize how silly you were. When Robbie and I started dating, he thought I was insane because I was self-conscious about my thick thighs. He told me that was one of his biggest turn-ons with me. Once you realize that you are your own worst critic, it makes it easy to accept those parts you used to battle with!


 How has being body positive changed your lifestyle?

It has changed it dramatically! As I mentioned previously, I never really had a good exercise routine or diet in college. It wasn’t until I started going for runs and eating healthy that I realized how big of a difference it made in my self-esteem. Feeling good about your body is inseparably tied into taking care of it. When you’re eating right and getting a good workout in 2-3 times a week, it is so much easier to feel good about your body. Also, I’ve learned to get ready in the morning and take care of myself as far as my appearance, even just working from home. Spending all day in leggings and messy hair and not showering is a great recipe for low confidence. Take care of your body and it will take care of you!


When you have moments of insecurity (everyone has them occasionally, right?) what are some things that you do to combat that?

Most definitely! I always remind my followers that I’m human and I have bad days just like anyone else. When I have those days, I have a sweet and supportive husband who reminds me how beautiful I am. Individually, I have to look in the mirror and force myself to think kind thoughts and cut out that negative thinking. Look at those parts in the mirror you’ve been at war with and tell them that you accept them. Stop fighting with your body and accept it.

From her post, MADE FOR THE DESERT.

What have been some of your favorite brands to work with as a blogger that embrace women of all shapes and sizes?

Of course Aerie has been an absolute joy to work with. I really cherish my relationship with Aerie because of their incredible commitment to inspiring body positivity and showing real aspects of being a woman in our social media age. The #AerieReal campaign is so important. Any brand that comes to me with a new size inclusive collection is my favorite campaign to work on. A lot of brands are finally coming around and making clothes for women of all shapes and sizes.


 What are some fashion and style tips that you have for embracing your curves?

Learn what flatters your body! It’s a trial and error process so try new things and figure out what makes you feel the most confident. For me, I love wrap dresses, bodysuits, and high-waisted jeans. These cinch in my tummy, hug my waist the right way, and accentuate my booty. On the other hand, I stay away from dresses with cap sleeves because they make my arms look too big and I try not to wear loose, oversized clothing because it just makes me look wide. Us curvy women have an extra task in finding clothes that work for us, but once we do, we look just as fire as anyone else!


You’re clearly a fashionista and always look top-notch! How has embracing the body positive message effected how you dress?

Thank you! I’ve learned that you should use fashion to accentuate your shape and celebrate your body, not hide it!


What are the things you personally love about your body the most?

I love my legs! I have been blessed with muscular calves and delicate ankles. I love wearing skirts and dresses with open toed heels that allow me to show off my legs. I also like my booty, but that’s mostly because Robbie is obsessed with it haha.


Not all of us have a Robbie for support (unfortunately!), what are your tips for someone that lacks external support and needs to find inner strength to learn to love their body?

Such a good question! I always say that if you don’t have a Robbie in your life, let me be your cheerleader! My DMs are always open to women and girls who need a little extra support. That being said, self-love definitely has to come from within. Yes, Robbie helped me be more confident in myself by helping me to feel beautiful and sexy, but you can’t let your confidence depend on someone else. I love my body because it’s mine! Find that inner strength by looking in the mirror and committing to love that beautiful, strong body you’ve been given. 


Do you have a favorite outfit (or style of outfit) that you just feel DYNAMITE wearing?

High-waisted jeans, a formfitting bodysuit, (with a good padded bra underneath), and a nice pair of open-toed heels. I feel like a curvy queen when I rock this outfit!


From her post, FALL DENIM GUIDE

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

Love these types of questions! I would choose teleportation! I always joke to Robbie whenever we travel that I wish we were in the Harry Potter universe and we could use Floo Powder or just apparate places haha. Taking planes and trains can be exhausting so how amazing would it be to just snap your fingers and appear wherever you want to go?!

 AH, a girl after my own heart, someone who understands the need to live in the Harry Potter universe so we can apparate! ***insert more heavy breathing because I love her and I’m dead***


Any final comments or message you’d like to share?

My passion is helping women and girls learn to love themselves and feel confident in their own skin. If you’re ever feeling down, come on over to Sassy Red Lipstick and hopefully I’ve got some posts that speak to you. Remember, you are beautiful and valuable just the way you are! You don’t have to change for anyone.


Sarah, thank you so much for sharing your answers with me and for spreading such an inspirational message by promoting self love and confidence!

XXOO Sunny