When I was looking at this style I had no idea how to describe it to title this blog haha- braid accents with pigtail braids? 4 braids together? Braid crown and hanging braids? I came up with a list of like ten possibilities but the more I thought about it the more weird they all felt, kind of like when you start thinking about a word for too long and it starts to sound funny?

These aren’t actually my favorite photos either because I didn’t feel like they were very flattering, but sometimes you just need to #getoveryourself and post things that push your comfort zone solely for the purpose of making yourself comfortable with being uncomfortable. As many of you know, I’ve tried to make body positivity a big focus of mine this year and part of that means learning to love the things about myself that I’m uncomfortable with. Putting my insecurities aside, I decided to post anyway because I loved how the style came out!

I wanted to share this style because I think it is a really fun, very easy way to jazz up classic pigtail braids. Sometimes it’s easy to get bored with the same styles over and over, so I always like to look for ways to put a creative spin on them, or find a way to make it just a little more visually interesting. I really believe the tiny details are what make a style POP. If you’re interested in some more tips for turning braids into masterpieces, I just did a contributor post on Abbie Snape’s incredible blog this week, The Little Blonde Life. Be sure to go check it out and find more fun braid tips there!

Let’s also take note of the mermaid on my shirt and that I found a mermaid mural to stand in front of- small wins are the ones that count 😉 I am definitely always looking for new things to try so tell me – what are some of your favorite ways to dress up your pigtail braids or other classic styles?

XXOO Sunny