I was soooo excited to try out this hairstyle because the bubble ponies and pigtails have been super trendy and I LOVE them on all the other bloggers I follow but then I did it in my own hair and I was like…..huh. I look 12. Haha so I figured I’d just go with it but you know how when you feel self conscious about something you feel like everyone else is noticing too? That’s totally what I felt like all day- like people were just looking at me like, what is she doing with her hair? Haha I felt like I needed to explain, “No wait, I blog and I try new hairstyles and blog about them and this IS cool!” but like, you know, whatever. We took a few photos but really this is the only one where I wasn’t making a ridiculous face, although the one where I look like some bomb chief tribal woman was pretty awesome, but I decided to just post this one and call it good! Maybe the next time I try this I’ll look more less like a child and I’ll get a million awesome photos. Baby steps! 😉 The point of this entire post really is just because I thought I’d ask you guys what you thought about it! Do you guys like the bubble pony or pigtail look? Or do you think it’s kind of childish? For me personally, I’m not sure I’m in love with it haha I just felt too self conscious BUT I will say that I do like doing a twist on this style, for example I did THIS POST HERE where I did the same bubble pigtails but I did little fishtail braids in the bubbles. To me something like that seems more down my alley. And of course I think the classic bubble is really cute on a lot of other bloggers but for me personally, not my thing haha.

XXOO Sunny