Happy Tuesday, babes! This autumn and start to winter has been so weird because it has been unnaturally warm this year but the last week or so it looks like the weather has FINALLY decided it is winter time, complete with frost, freezing weather, colds, and inversion. We all had the immense pleasure of getting sick together with the flu for the last few weeks so I’ve been a little MIA on insta but I’m hoping we’re all feeling goo d by Christmas time. I can’t believe there is only a week left before Christmas, I feel so unprepared haha. Where did the time go this year?!

On the plus side, I absolutely love celebrating the new year and I’m really excited for some things we’ve got planned so I can’t wait to share more of that in the next two weeks!

Today I wanted to share these fun pigtail braids with you guys. This is from a day that we went to IKEA to buy some blinds, and we totally got the wrong size and had to go back and swap them out because we didn’t measure well enough. Or at all. Like… it’s possible maybe I just eyeballed it and decided that’d be good enough, but who really knows what happened? 😉 I’ve seen a ton of my favorite bloggers do a style similar to this lately and so I thought I would try it out! Basically I just split my hair into half, then started a fishtail braid in each pigtail. I put in an elastic to make the bubble, then after another couple of inches of fishtail braiding put in another elastic. You could probably do as many as you want but with the length of my hair I felt like the three bubbles worked fine. After that I just pulled it apart to make it look messy and a little more “bubbled,” if that makes sense? This is a style that I actually think would be super cute with curly hair or even just a little more texture, my hair is so bone straight! I think next time I try this I’ll put in some texture spray and do a few curls and then see how it comes out. 🙂


XXOO Sunny