Side Dutch Braid and 29 weeks pregnant


So remember a few months ago when I announced I was pregnant and that I was going to do updates and record my journey this time through pregnancy? Well…it turns out there is this thing, called being pregnant, that really just wipes you of motivation. I guess maybe not everyone goes through this, but please, someone tell me I’m not alone?? But now that I’ve hit my third trimester I wanted to share a quick update with everyone!

My pregnancies are pretty rough. I’m lucky because generally I’m healthy and I’m not a high risk pregnancy or anything, but man do I feel like I literally got thrown into a salad spinner and spat out on a train track to be run over by an oncoming freight. :/ I wrote up a post about struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum (basically ultra nasty morning sickness that lasts the entire pregnancy) but when I read it over I feel like it just seems super whiney and I realized I whine a lot in general. Even though that’s real life, I definitely don’t want to focus on the whining aspect of it so I’m making a few revisions 🙂 I’ll post that soon! (Update: you can find that post here!)

Now with that giant disclaimer…let’s get into it! I’m currently 29 weeks and 5 days pregnant, so I just entered my 3rd trimester! Woohoo for the home stretch! My morning sickness in general has improved, I’m only throwing up about 2 or 3 times a day now. As far as weight gain goes, I’ve actually lost weight at every appointment and I’m down 29 pounds from the time I found out I was pregnant. I’ve had a LOT of cramping in my abdomen and lower back, and my hips hurt like crazy! Especially when rolling over from side to side, I swear I have to have Tony roll my rhinoceros self over because my hips hurt so bad I physically CANNOT handle it, haha! I’ve officially become best friends with my body pillow for sleeping, and I probably get up once a night to go to the bathroom. I should probably enjoy that while it lasts because I know it just gets worse from here, right? 🙂 My belly button has started to pop out a bit, but luckily I don’t have stretch marks…yet. 🙂

I think really the only big update at this point would be my glucose situation. With my first pregnancy I took the glucose test (3 hour) and had an abnormal result the first hour with normal results the rest of the time, which meant I did NOT have gestational diabetes but that my glucose levels were definitely a little higher than “normal” range and kind of on-the-line. Because of that my doctor has had me testing my glucose levels this pregnancy from the time I hit about 14 weeks. They’ve been entirely within normal ranges until the last 5 or 6 weeks, where I’ve noticed they started increasing to slightly above normal. My doctor opted to put me on a very low dose of metformin just to help with controlling those numbers a bit and bring them back to normal. The negative here is that Metformin has a side effect of nausea, and I’m already pretty sick in general SOO it’s been fun. BUT the good news is, I don’t even have to take the glucose test! Based on my numbers and everything, my doctor is saying that like last time I have a higher glucose intolerance than normal but am not necessarily at the point where it is considered actual gestational diabetes- which I find weird cuz I always thought there was just a hard line, either you have it or you don’t, but I’m apparently ON that line? Or something like that. Ha!

ANYWAYS.. that is where I’m at for being almost 30 weeks pregnant. I want to start looking at baby registry items and what I need to purchase for baby (as if I haven’t been researching from day 1, ha!) so I would LOVE any recommendations or must have items! Let me know!

XXOO Sunny