I know it’s not quite time to be doing Dia de los Muertos makeup just yet, but with having a mixed race family something that has always been really important to me is that my children know and celebrate their culture and traditions. As my daughters are part Hispanic, we have been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and trying to talk to our oldest (since the baby is still a baby!) about some of the amazing things about her heritage. We have started a family tradition of dressing up in a Dia de los Muertos look while learning- kind of a fun, hands-on experience that of course gets Sydney excited because she just loves dressing up. You can find last year’s look here. I can’t wait for Emilia to be old enough to start dressing up while we do this fun learning activity too. If you want to see more photos, you can find all of them on Tony’s photo website under the blog section in the next couple of days! He is the true master behind these beautiful photos. Clearly, it wasn’t my shaky hands holding the camera, ha! I style the shot, he works the MAGIC.

XXOO Sunny