Almost every year we made a trip to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple and celebrate the Holi Festival of Colors and even though it is the same thing each year, we still love it just as much as the first time we went! I posted in my stories on instagram some clips of our time there over the weekend and I got so many messages asking about it so I thought I would do a whole post and share all the deets. 🙂

To answer everyone’s questions, YES the powder gets everywhere, NO it doesn’t wash out of clothes easily, YES my hair is stained haha. This is an every year occurrence so I’ve learned to just expect it. Ha! Funny enough, even though my hair was pretty vividly pink by the end, I got hit with bright green first and THAT is the color that stuck to my hair, so now I’ve got green streaks all over my hair and I’m sure I’ll look real professional at my day job 😉

These are some of the photos that Kellie took while we were there (bless her for putting up with us all day!) and I just wanted to share them because the just embody how much fun we have. I think the thing that I love about going more than anything is just the friendly, positive atmosphere. Nobody is rude, people bump into strangers and it’s exciting, everyone is smiling or laughing or singing and dancing- it is really just such a good all around energy that is going on down there and you just leave feeling pumped and inspired and loving everyone on the planet haha. That kind of spiritual feeling of positivity is the boost I need after the death of winter and that’s why we go every year! 🙂 You can find our post from last year here.

If you haven’t been before or missed out, watch this little recap video Tony made!

The aftermath on my hair… yikes. 😉

XXOO Sunny