I can’t begin to explain how I feel about this year- it is FLYING by! I feel like we were just banging pots and pans and screaming “Happy New Year” like….a few weeks ago, yet here we are, drawing a close on the month of July. And all month long I have been hearing nothing but people’s plans and comments about Christmas. Ummm…seriously?? It is July. We have at least 5 months before we get there people- to which they respond that I am a scrooge and ask where my “Christmas in July” spirit is. Well, I will let everyone know I certainly enjoy Christmas as much as the next person (definitely more than Tony, who truly is re-named Ebenezer during the holidays) but not in July. As the month comes to a close and I reflect back on the month my little family is had however, I am forced to hang my head in shame as I realize we kinda did celebrate Christmas in July without even meaning too. I have come to this conclusion because I have found that all the “Christmas-y” things that normally surround the holidays, have managed to surround us this month. In July. Hence, Christmas in July. Uggh.

I guess that just makes me a hypocrite. Whatever.
So, despite my efforts to convince everyone that there is only one time of year for Christmas, it seems my actions speak louder than words. We started the month with some quality family time (what is more Christmas-y than that?) by all getting the flu. Of course that forced us to all stay home together for three days straight, in the same room, enjoying each others company coughing our lungs out, and missing fireworks and bbqs for the fourth of July.
The next week I was feeling brave and decided to try my hand (not the first time) at gardening. Sort of. I have a brown thumb, so really the goal is to get ONE little plant in a pot to grow (whether he remains alive long is yet to be seen.) So far my greenthumbing skills have been surprising, my little bonsai tree is growing! More specifically, he is a jack pine. Which makes him a mini pine tree- which is what Christmas trees are made of. Further enforcement of Sunny’s Christmas in July this year. But I have to show him off…isn’t he great??

Jack Pine Bonsai Tree
And what is more Christmas-y than snow? Well, this July has been hotter than Dante’s Inferno so we had to stop and FIND some snow…..SNOW CONES that is! I really don’t think there is anything more divine than straight, thick, concentrated sugar in vibrant flavors and false coloring poured over a mound of shaved ice and topped in sweetened condensed milk (something called a snow cap? I don’t know who invented that, but it is a MUST try!)  I think this little darling may have been enjoying hers a little toooooo much…

snow cones
And then there came the charity and service. Service and helping those in need is something really important to me not just at Christmas, but all year round (although I recognize more charity and service work does tend to happen most at Christmas time instead of equally all the time, which I am guilty of) I had the opportunity to donate to one of my new favorite charities, Gigi’s playhouse. One of my dearest friends was blessed with a beautiful baby girl with Down Syndrome last year. That little girl has inspired me to recognize how wonderful these individuals are, and watching the struggles her family has gone through has made me realize how important it is to have organizations that are there to support families of children with Down Syndrome. Gigi’s playhouse is one of these organizations- a post on them will be coming later down the line because I love them so much! If you are feeling the need for some charity in your life, go to this link here and donate to them! They are currently raising money to build a center in the area my friend lives and there are hundreds of other families that will benefit from this center being built!

And then there is the whole thing about the empty bank account. At Christmas times are tough, and my bank account is drained, as it has been this entire month of July. Hahahaha. Who am I kidding? My bank account is always pretty much drained.
So there you have it. Sunny’s version of Christmas in July. Let’s hope the actual Christmas season is a little more exciting, although I can’t complain, we have had a great month!