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I have always loved school. Not necessarily the early mornings, all-nighters, or living on ridiculous amounts of caffeine, but I genuinely love learning, and it is something that for whatever reason, I have always had a knack for – I have always been good at school. Maybe that is why I loved it? But spending the last two years as a working mom and trying to get my degree at the same time has had its toll on me too, so as I stand at the crossroads ready to leave this chapter behind me to close, I am left with an incredibly bittersweet feeling.

My road started in 2009 as i graduated high school and made the decision to attend Weber State University where I had the opportunity to participate in some amazing programs and student government. I toyed with various majors, a few being Visual Arts, Pharmacology, English, Business Technical Sales, and Business Marketing. At some point, I stumbled into the Communication program and found a true love for Public Relations and Advertising. I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at Weber State University and learned a lot, but I found something lacking in my education experience in comparison with what I really wanted my educational experience to be like, so when I moved to Salt Lake City I found my true home and transferred to the University of Utah. I guess you could say that my blood always ran red! After 3 years of studying and trying to balance school life with working, family, and figuring out the ‘new mom’ thing, I find myself at the finish line, graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Communication. Over the course of the next few months, I am sure I will be posting a lot about more of my school experiences, photos, and I will try to post a few tips that I know because i certainly learned a few tricks along the way! Here are a few photos from my day, and congratulations to those graduating with me, the class of 2015! **insert celebratory graduation cap toss here!**

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University Campus

Isn’t the University Campus gorgeous?? I just love this photo of it, sitting all nestled into the mountains like that! Photo found here.

Professor Hug

Kind of a fun story here- My last semester of school I took 16 credits of upper division classes, including a statistics class, which was difficult for me while trying to still balance work and family life. While I have always been a good student, I was particularly worried about my statistics class final because I am terrible in the subject (and have anxiety which made me freak out over everything that might even remotely prevent me from graduating!) I worked really hard in those final weeks with my professor who took a lot of time to make sure I got the help I needed and I grew very appreciative of him for that. Grades had not officially been released at the time of commencement ceremonies, but right before it was my turn to walk across stage to receive my diploma my professor caught my attention and told me I had passed my class and aced the final. Of course like a nerd, I was so overwhelmed with relief and happiness that I spontaneously combusted into tears and he started laughing and gave me a big hug (pictured above) and I basically cried my whole way across stage. Haha I totally wanted to just scream at everyone that I was crying because I passed and that i actually did it and this graduation thing really was reality for certain now, but of course, everyone else there was graduating with me and had passed too, so no one would have even cared or understood why it was a big deal for me, haha. So I just looked pretty silly. But I don’t care. C’est La Vie, right?

University Sunny


My blood runs red forever!