Because I’ve never done spring family photos before, I decided to make a list of some fun ideas for shots to take and locations to take them, and I thought I’d share that list with you today in case it can help any of you considering doing a Spring family photoshoot! For the most part, these are fairly specific styles of shots that I wanted to get, but feel free to use your creative freedom!

Having spring family photos taken is not something I really thought I would do because I’m SO into taking family photos in the fall! I love autumn and usually feel pretty indifferent about spring, but this year I decided I wanted to break from the traditional once-a-year photoshoot and try doing a little family photoshoot during every season!

Find a blossoming tree

I really wanted the blossoms to surround us in the photo, but it would be beautiful to pose around the tree or sitting underneath it as well.

Play with baby animals

What says spring more than baby animals? I love the classic baby bunny and chick photos, but we decided to head to an actual farm and were able to see some really cute baby goats, baby cows, and piglets, too!

Wear pastel colors for some of your shots

I tend to like to break tradition from the “usual” when it comes to dressing for photos, but when you’re posing with fresh blooms or in springtime fields, the pastel colors just look beautiful. My dress here is from SS Molassy!

Picking flowers

Ignore your mom’s rule to not pick the flowers and get yourself a bundle to pose with, the photos come out so cute! If you’re in a location where it’s not appropriate to pick the flowers, consider buying a quick bundle or bouquet and bringing them with you to use in your photos.

Find some green

Spring is really known for the rebirth of the earth and that green, so embrace that concept and find a way to add green to your photos! Go to locations that have a lot of greenery, or even consider wearing green to embody the element of spring.

Capture your family in action!

The best way I can describe this is to choose one or two of your favorite spring activities, and have the photographer capture the real-life moments happening while you do them. For example, coloring Easter eggs, playing outside with bubbles or chalk, or visiting fields of flowers. Plan a family activity to do instead of the typical staged, posed photoshoot session, and let the photographer capture your real life.

A note: keep the funny faces and the outtakes, they are worth so much and are so fun!

Go to a flower field or garden!

I’m obsessed with fresh blooms and naturally, I HAD to find a gorgeous location where I could find beautiful fields of flowers. We went to Ashton Gardens (at Thanksgiving Point, for you northern Utah peeps!) where they are having a Tulip Festival to find the flowers I wanted. Do some research about flower festivals, fields, or other locations that are in full bloom during the spring and utilize that location in your photoshoot.

I hope some of these ideas help spur your creativity for your spring family photoshoot!

XXOO Sunny