Shopping for wordpress themes is fun and exciting, but I’m not going to lie it can be a real b**tch too trying to find the perfect one to represent your brand. I mean, this is YOUR WEBSITE, it’s the first impression people have of your business, it has to be beautiful and create a powerful, positive user experience! That’s a big role to fill! 

Luckily, I’ve been at the blogging and marketing game for a LONG time and I’ve come across thousands of themes and different companies that build sites, and I’ve rounded up a list of some of my favorite places to buy cute wordpress themes perfect for bloggers or small businesses.

Here are some of my favorites, I promise you’ll find something cute you love at one of these shops!

Hello You Designs

I have several friends with a Hello You Designs theme and they all have the most stunning sites, so these themes deliver awesome results! Shop Here.


My current theme is from Bluchic! All their themes are so pretty and feminine, and easy to install! Shop Here.

Bella Creative Studio

If you’re looking for something a little bit more inexpensive, most of these themes are in the $30-$40 range and are very light and airy in design, seriously such cute WordPress themes! Shop Here.

Kotryna Bass Designs

Another super inexpensive option for a beautiful WordPress theme, and they offer FREE Install services (at least they do right now at the time I’m writing this!). Most themes you can install yourself, but if you’re new to WordPress this is a huge value to have help with installation! Shop Here.

Restored 316

They have so many different styles to meet all types of different tastes, which is amazing! Their themes are built on the Genesis Framework which is good to keep in mind because you’ll need to have that, but they are functional and beautiful. Shop Here.

17th Avenue Designs

I love that they have a few different price options for their themes in different budgets. All of these themes are really feminine and sweet. Shop Here.


Pipdig has really beautiful, clean designs and they have SO many options! I’ve heard great things about their support team as well! Shop Here.

WP Royal

This company has a smaller selection, but I love that they have a couple of FREE templates to try use that are really clean and nice! Shop Here.

Studio Mommy

I love sTudio Mommy themes and they have really affordable options, whether you want something for just a blog or something that’s a little bit more built out (they have both premium and blog site templates!) Shop Here.

Hirschi Creative

This is a newer discovery of mine and I recently found out they’re local to Utah (like me!), and I LOVE shopping local! They have really fun, exciting designs that are a little bit more upscale. Shop Here.

Sky and Stars Design

This is a super cute Etsy shop that has hundreds of great reviews! I first discovered them when my friend purchased one of their themes, and I’ve been obsessed ever since! Shop Here.


Speaking of Etsy shops, you can find just about anything on Etsy and their selection of cute WordPress themes from hundreds of talented designers is no exception. Shop Here.

Creative Market

I LOVE Creative Market! Similar to how Etsy works, brilliantly talented designers have small businesses on Creative Market that sell gorgeous, responsive WordPress themes. Shop Here.

I hope this list of shops is helpful with your search for the perfect, cute WordPress themes! If you know of any great places to buy themes (or maybe you sell them yourself!) drop them in the comments!

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XX Sunny