onyx and blush get dirtyThe other day I read an article about fun things to stimulate a child’s mind through play, and a lot of suggestions involved mess-making ideas. Then I read one of the comments on the post where a concerned mom asked if there were any ideas that weren’t quite so messy. At first I thought, “Oh! This mom is smart! Prevent the mess before it happens by doing good mess-free activities!” but the more I thought about it, I had a little epiphany moment. Why NOT make a mess? So we don’t have to spend a little time cleaning up? Some of my most fun memories as a child are doing things that certainly made significant messes and ruined a few outfits, and as my little brain kept ticking, I realized that I don’t WANT to be that kind of person who will bypass the experience because of the mess. Not just for my child, but for me. I’ve always loved jumping in puddles, building mud sculptures, and going to color festivals, and I’ve noticed that lately I’ve done less of those things because I am trying to be a “grown up” that avoids the mess out of responsibility, but that is not who I naturally am. I don’t believe it is who anyone naturally is. We are here to experience life, make messes, play hard, and get dirty! I know it’s April which may be too late for a “new years” resolution, but I’m a dork who calls all of my goals “new year’s resolutions” whether they are at the new year or not, and so my new year’s resolution is to not be afraid of getting dirty and messy, and to do more things that make a mess. So if you have fun, messy activities for me to try leave it in the comments! And I challenge you all to get dirty more often, too!