You all know my obsession with Lush bath bombs, but the obsession doesn’t just end with bath bombs. No. Of course it doesn’t. Why do they have to have such freaking good stuff??

I really love all of the masks I have tried from Lush, but this one is by far my favorite. Most of their masks target a specific thing, like hormonal acne, dry skin, etc. This mask is just an all around GOOD mask for generally anything. I feel like it really cleans my skin well and it exfoliates, and my skin always looks so bright and new after. I also love this mask especially when I get irritated skin or pimples and stuff because it is one of their refrigerated masks so it goes on cold to your skin which I’ve heard some people complain about but for me it’s like…. Ahhhhhhhh. It’s so soothing!

Of course, squid loves all beauty products she can get her hands on so we have little spa nights sometimes and she loves when we pull out the face mask. This one is her favorite because it is bright blue, and let me tell you it IS pretty fun to have a face mask that kind of makes you want to take selfies hehe.

Have a lovely start to your week, babes! XO