I created this really simple, easy black and white clown makeup the other day just for fun!

For my birthday every year, I choose a new word to try and live by for the whole following year. This year, I really want to Marie Kondo my year and do more things that spark joy, simply for the purpose that they spark joy. So this year, my word of the year is IGNITE.

I love it, because it’s kind of the cross in definition for both SPARK and START. This year I’m starting new things and doing more of what is just plain fun and happy!

Did I have a reason to do this black and white clown makeup? Nope! But it was fun, I’ve always wanted to do a black and white clown or marionette look, so I just did it! I have always loved doing fun makeups (remember my Harley Quinn and Lagertha looks?) so I decided for my first project of the new year, I would try something new out!

To create this look….

I used some extremely light coverup that I found from E.L.F., it’s the 16 hour camo concealer. It’s ultra cheap and I got the shade Fair Warm which was WAY too light for my skin. Then I just took some white powder eye shadow and brushed it over my whole face to give it the ultra-pale look without actually doing white paint.

For the black, I actually used the eyeliner pencil from Shine Cosmetics and was blown away by how butter soft it was! It seriously went on like face paint, but it obviously wears like eyeliner so you don’t have to wait for it to dry the way you do with paint. Plus it’s a sharpen pencil, so I was able to get really clean lines with it. This is my first time using the Shine eyeliner and I’m definitely obsessed. I used the color Focus.

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Then I just wrapped my hair into the messiest buns ever, I didn’t really even do anything besides use one, single elastic on each side and make it look as messy as possible. Then VOILA! A couple of balloons to shoot with and that was that!

Let me know what you think! What look should I try next?!

XXOO Sunny