For some reason every time the seasons start changing, I start drying out like a nasty old prune. I think most people who live in places with cold climate winters can relate to the dry skin/lips/etc. when it is freezing cold outside, but I in particular have a hard time all year round it feels like- basically every time the weather changes. Maybe it is the desert climate I live in? My biggest problem area is, and always has been, my lips, so over the years I have worked and experimented to come up with the perfect concoction of lip treatments to repair my dry, cracked lips quickly. It is an especially great treatment for emergency care if your lips are extremely painful or you are embarrassed of how the dry lips look and want soft, luscious lips again ASAP. So here is what I do when my lips are screaming HELP!

1- A Simple Sugar Scrub

Scrubs are seriously the best thing you can do for any kind of dry skin because they exfoliate it so well, removing the dead skin without hurting anything else and leaving behind glowing skin. The same goes for lip scrubs. I have a personal sugar scrub that I came up with a recipe for and LOVE (will be posted next week!) because I hate spending money on things that are so easy to make, BUT if you don’t have time or don’t want to prepare a recipe scrub, the simplest way to do it is just to get a little spoon of white sugar and put a few drops of water into it, until you can create a little paste. Then take it and rub your lips like crazy! Try to get all around the outsides of your lips too! I find it helps if you moisten your lips with a tiny bit of water first because the scrub seems to go on smoother. I always use a circular motion to rub the scrub in, and I usually try to be pretty rough while doing it so that it really gets all the bad skin off, but do it however feels most comfortable for you!

2- Deep Moisturizing

The key to dry lips is that they are lacking moisture, so you want to use something that will really smother and lock the moisture in. I actually prefer to skip right over the “typical” lip moisturizers because I feel like when my lips are really bad they just don’t work fast enough. I just head straight for the vaseline or the mentholatum- before you comment, yes I know they are not products intended for lips, no I don’t care because they really do work. I plaster the stuff over the whole bottom half of my face to make sure my lips are totally covered, haha! I like to just sleep overnight like this because literally, the damage will be 100% repaired by morning, but if you are on a time limit or unable to just let it sit for a few hours, do it as long as you can- even just 5 minutes will help I promise! Just take care not to actually get it in your mouth because 1, it tastes awful, and 2, like I said, they aren’t products intended for in the mouth typically. I just like to get creative and make my items be multi-taskers.

A little secret- if you don’t have or don’t want to use a product like vaseline, use honey. Yep. Honey. Just take a spoon and rub it across your lips, leave it there for 5-10 minutes, and wash it off. Honey is incredible and I am finding it increasingly harder to discover things that honey can’t do- moisturize your lips with honey and they will feel like baby skin.

3- Continuous treatment

Find a good lip moisturizer or chap stick, and be as consistent as possible in applying it. I mean every 20 minutes (or more if it tastes good, right?) If you need to do another sugar scrub immediately after the deep moisturizing then that is fine, but usually I just go straight from the mentholatum to applying chapstick. I love Burt’s Bees products, but lately my absolute favorite is the “egg chapstick” as my sister calls it, it is from Evolution of Smooth, or EOS chapstick. I pretty much snatch these every time I am at the store the same way people grab a pack of gum as they wait in line. They are cheap and work wonders.

4-Things to avoid

If your lips are prone to getting dry, especially if they have recently been dry or it is winter, try to avoid things that will dry them out. Salty or processed food going into your mouth (even if you don’t think it touches your lips!) will make your lips more likely to get chapped. Licking your lips too often will make them dry, which is horrible because if you have really dry lips you want to keep licking them to try and moisten them, but TRY to resist because it just makes it worse! Finally, avoid products that have a drying effect, like most lipsticks. Opt for a lipstick that specifically is meant to moisturize (there are only a few out there, despite what advertising says!), or stick with a gloss.

If your lips are really sore, cracked, chapped, etc. just do this routine as many times as it takes and your smackers will be back in business in no time. Pucker Up!