It is no secret that I’m absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter and the entire Wizarding World. Just for fun, I decided to write up a whole post all about my obsession (because normally people do that, right?) and I asked my instagram peeps for some creative questions about who I am as a Pott-head, and boy, you babes did NOT disappoint! I had SO many insanely good questions come in! I’ve picked out some of my favorites (plus some of the traditional questions you would ask any HP lover!) and answered them all below! 

Why today you ask? Because it’s HARRY’S BIRTHDAY!! (happy birthday to the first true love of my life!) and I want to start creating content each year in his honor. Check out last year’s post here!

If you’re also a Harry Potter lover, you should totally do this with me!! You can copy the questions here and answer them for yourself and share on your blog or instagram! Be sure to tag me on social or email me with your blog link because I DEFINITELY want to know about it!! Us magical creatures need to stick together! 

Better grab some butterbeer and a pumpkin pastie or two and get comfy, this is going to be a long one!

Q- What’s your house?

A- Slytherin, duh!

Q- What’s your wand made of? 

A- Rowan wood with a dragon heartstring core, 14 ¼” and slightly springy flexibility

…tall and springy flexible, just like me, ha!

Q- What is your patronus?

A- A black swan! Which I love, I used to be obsessed with black swans and totally did my first grade animal report on one. They’re so graceful and mysterious!

Q- Did you ever dress up for a movie/book release?

A- 100% absolutely did

Q- Obviously Harry Potter has tons of symbolism JK threw in, what’s your favorite symbolism represented??

A- I have two answers for this! 

Answer 1: The dementors. After I had my first baby, I got postpartum depression. I felt like when I told people they thought I was being dramatic or trying to get attention because I was “depressed,” and I couldn’t explain that I wasn’t sad or wantin gattention. There are no words that I can come up with for how I felt, but JK Rowling does it perfectly with the dementors. She created dementors based on her own experience with depression, and it is something that has always touched me so personally since I discovered that. The dementors accurately represent this really dark place in my life, and I love that they are driven away by the driving force of light and love. 

Answer 2: The Black family tree. The entire family tree and how they are all related is all based around astronomy! I’ve loved astronomy since  was in sixth grade and my teacher introduced me to it, and my fascination with the stars has only increased over time. There used to be one particular star I loved because it was SO bright and when you look at it, you can actually see it twinkle in red, green, blue, and purple. It’s mesmerizing! The star is named Sirius, also known as the dog star. Fun, right?? The entire black family has similar ties to astronomy and I just think it’s incredibly well thought out and love the symbolism. 

Q- What’s your favorite Wizarding World treat?

A- OMG I die over the frozen butterbeer!

Q- Who is your favorite professor? 

A- This one is SOOOO hard, but I just have a soft spot in my heart for Professor Remus Lupin!

Q- Kiss, Marry, Kill – Harry Potter style! 

A- Kiss Sirius Black. Marry Fred or George Weasley. Kill Pansy Parkinson who is a waste of space

Q- Who would  you date?

A- I feel like this one is kind of answered in the last one, but I have the biggest crush every on Sirius Black (can you imagine him when he was young and hot??) and the Weasley twins! I’m a sucker for a guy with jokes!

Q- If you could be an animagus what animal would you turn into and why?

A- Is it cliché of me to say a lion?? They’re just such powerful animals, beautiful, solid muscle, not afraid to go after what they want and protect what is theirs! I want to command power, ha! Plus they’re lazy, and I think taking a nap as a lion in the sun sounds like a freaking DREAM.

Q- What is your favorite movie?

A- The 5th one, The Order of the Phoenix! Which is actually surprising to me, considering it is my least favorite book of them all (I still love the book, I just love it the least of all of them, ha!). I feel like the movie does a good job of displaying what happens and it is visually really pretty compared to the other movies. 

Q- Would you enter the tri-wizard tournament? 

A- Nope. Even though I like adventure, I’m a total wuss. I also don’t like to play  games unless I know for sure that I’ll win because I’m competitive AF. With the tri-wizard tournament, I can’t guarantee it’d be a sure thing. 

I also can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t just hop on the back of the dragon and go burn down all of King’s Landing. Valar Morghulis. (wait… wrong fandom) 

Q- What treat would you get off the trolley on the Hogwarts Express?

A- Sherbet lemons! I know, I know, technically a “muggle sweet,” but they sell them at Honeydukes in Harry Potter world so…….. 

I also love the idea of chocolate frogs and the cards inside! In real life I’m a bit of a snob about  my chocolate and don’t love the chocolate they use (that’s what I get for working in a chocolate shop as a teen!), but if I were in the Harry Potter universe and I’d bet these are delicious, these would be my thing.

Q- Which book is your favorite? 

A- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I freaking LOVE all of the backstory you get in this book about Voldemort and how he became who he is. I love that the relationship between Dumbledore and Harry is really strengthened, which makes Dumbledore’s death even more beautifully tragic. I love that SH*T GETS REAL with the horcruxes. I love the character development we see with Snape. It’s all so juicy and delicious. SO good. 

Q- I have never watched or read these, why do you love them?

A- First of all, the number of people that responded with “I’ve never watched or read HP” on instagram was appalling. SHAME on you. Part of your heart is missing and you need to remedy that immediately. 

Second- I honestly believe that I love these so much because I grew up WITH Harry. I started reading the books in 4th grade as a kid. I remember waiting every summer for the new book release, and each year Harry was a year older and so was I. It was such a huge part of my teenage years, and when I felt like I needed to escape (because I was all angsty like teen girls are), Harry was there for me. I can’t describe the magic they have brought into my life and I hope that I can share a little bit of that magic with everyone I meet, regardless of whether they like Harry Potter. 

Q- Do you like or hate the movies and why?

A- Soooo this is a loaded question. I like the movies purely on principle that they are Harry Potter and I love that they bring a little bit of the visual aspect of the Wizarding World to life. However, I hate that they miss SO much. Not just things here and there, but HUGE plot points. If you’ve only ever seen the movies, you really only know about ⅓ of the whole story. 

I think something else to consider is that when the first movie came out, several of the books hadn’t been released yet even and there are so many important things that I believe they would have included in the movies if they had known how Harry Potter was going to end. IT would have been set up totally different. 

Honestly, I hope that HBO picks it up and creates a TV Series on it like they did with the Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones), because they could totally find a way to do the whole story justice! Someone tell them that was my idea so I get a cut of the check, ok? 

Q- What question would you ask Moaning Myrtle? 

A- I want to know why she chooses to spend the majority of her time in the girls bathroom. Surely as a ghost of Hogwarts there are way more exciting places to be?

Q- If you drank polyjuice potion, who would you want to turn into? 

A- I think it would be magical to be Luna Lovegood for a while! Or Nymphadora Tonks! Shape-shifting like she does would be so fun!

Q- Why did Harry’s wand connect with Lucius Malfoy’s wand in book 7?

A- I’m a believer in Dumbledore’s answer! I think that because Voldemort and Harry had such a deep connection both through blood and soul, there was a deeper element of magic present that can’t totally be explained. I think that Harry’s wand recognized Voldemort and regurgitated some of his own magic back at him, and Voldemort, who was not armed with his own wand, only had Luscius wand to defend him and since Luscius wand doesn’t have that strong connection to it’s user, it couldn’t perform under the pressure and it snapped.

I’d love to hear other theories on this!

Q- What part of the books do you wish made it into the film?

A- Is everything an answer? I hate that so much is missing from the films! I wish there was more of the backstory, we miss learning so much about Snape and Lily, Voldemort’s history and the Gaunts, and even Neville’s involvement (they basically took him out of some very important scenes in the first couple of movies where he is present in the books!) and the whole Longbottom story! I wish they had included more about Dumbledore’s background too. 

Another thing that ticks me off (like it does everyone), is Harry’s eyes. They are a huge part of Harry’s character and never make it into the films. I also think SPEW is such a fun part of Hermione’s personality that we don’t get to see and wish that had been included. 

It also really kills me that Harry’s entire personality in the movies is different. In the movies, I feel like Harry is just a little b*tch to be honest. In the books, he is brave, he’s sarcastic and kind of sassy, he’s got a temper, and he and Ron are pretty mischievous! I wish we saw more of that in the films as well. 

And where the hell is Peeves?

Q- Which HP death hurts the most. Only one!

A- First of all, you friend, are ruthless for asking this! How can I choose just one?! I think especially heartbreaking are of course Harry’s parents, Sirius, and Dumbledore- but the one that is absolutely the most gut-wrenching to me is Dobby. He loves Harry so much and dies  protecting him. When Harry is digging the grave by hand…. I’m going to start crying just thinking about it. 

Q- First shop you stop at in Diagon Alley?

A- Ollivanders! Such a magical pace! I also really love Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. 

Q- Which horcrux would you be or would you own?

A- Nagini! 

Q- Personal opinion what’s the best, most useful spell?

A- For me personally, probably Accio! Then I never have to get up for anything and I can complete my transformation into full-on potato. 

Q- Have  you taken the Ilvermorny quiz? 

A- Yes! I’m in Horned Serpent!

Q- What magical creature would you have as a pet?

A- Do I have to choose just one?? I feel like a snowy owl is realistic and they’re so beautiful, but I would LOVE to have a Hippogriff! 

Maybe if I turned into an evil wizard I’d go for a basilisk too, I’ve got a thing for snakes (insert tongue flicker).

Q- What is the best wizard way to die?

A- In your sleep when you’re 100 years old just like a muggle?? HA! I feel like getting taken out by a dragon would be pretty badass…. Although I don’t burn because I’m the mother of dragons. 😉

Honestly, Avada Kedavra is instant and probably the most painless, so it’s probably the way to go. 

Q- If you found out you were a wizard RIGHT NOW, what’s the first thing you’d do?

A- Visit Diagon Alley! 

Q- Who is your least favorite professor?

A- It’s hard to rival Dolores Umbridge but I actually really hate Professor Trelawney and think she’s annoying. 

Q- Who is your date to the yule ball?

A- Viktor Krum. Move over Hermione. 

Q- Who is your most favorite “bad” character?

Probably the hardest question yet! I really, really love Severus Snape and he is one of my top 2 all-time favorite characters in the entire series. 

Other favorite “bad characters” are:

Bellatrix Lestrange -I totally dig her level of crazy and her obsession with Voldemort rivals my own.

Narcissa Malfoy – I’m in love with her! Her ultimate priority is her child, and I love that you can feel that love.

Gilderoy Lockhart – I don’t know that he qualifies as “bad” but he certainly isn’t “good” either. I love that there are so many ranges of good and bad characters, just like in real life! Lockhart is a really quirky character and I love that he has a full backstory as a fraud and con artist. Plus his obsession with himself is fantastic, and I want every single person to have that kind of self-love and confidence! 

Q- What is something that bugs you about the Harry Potter series?

A- I really hate bobotuber pus… because gross…. And I hate Dedalus Diggle’s name, haha. 

Q- What position do you play in quidditch?

A- I have never been very coordinated when it comes to sports, and like I said if I don’t know I can win then I usually don’t play haha- but if I had to be on a quidditch team I’d be a Beater!

Q- What is your favorite thing about Harry Potter World in Universal Studios? 

A- When you walk through the brick wall into Diagon Alley for the first time, it’s magical. I legit cried. Real tears. I felt like Harry when he walked into his first encounter with the magical world at Diagon Alley. I want to experience that feeling over and over and over again. 

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Q- How do you feel about the Fantastic Beasts franchise?

A- I have mixed feelings honestly. I love that it is an expanision of the wizarding world, and I love Newt Scamander’s character. I think it is a fun addition to Harry Potter, but it honestly doesn’t even compete for me. It’s fun, but doesn’t have that special place in my heart the way the traditional Harry Potter story does. 

Q- Have you logged into Pottermore? 

A- Are you even a Harry Potter fan if you don’t?? Of course! That’s how I know my house, wand, and patronus! I also love all of the extra back story and fun read syou can find there because they help build out this world. Seriously, it’s a beautiful work of imagination and I’m. Here. For. It. 

Q- Have you ever done any  creative Harry Potter themed projects (like art, fan fiction writing, other projects? etc.) ?

A- Yes! Basically all the things!! I’ve thought about sharing some of them here- if anyone is interested in seeing that definitely let me know, ah! If you have suggestions, I’m always looking for my next Harry Potter creative project so please give me ideas! 

Q- Favorite HP memory, go! 

A- I used to go to California for the summers growing up, and I remember being so excited to just laze around at the beach reading my new book! Then my parents would always pick up the book on tape and we’d listen to it on the drive back and I would get to hear the story again. Such good memories! 

Q- What is your favorite magical object or invention that you wish existed in the real world?

A- Obviously magic wands! But I’d kill for some Felix Felicus every now and then, and an invisibility cloak. 

Q-What is your favorite Harry Potter quote? Only one!

A- There’s a lot of them that I love, but hands down, my favorite is, “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” (insert sobbing)

Q- What are your TOP 5 Harry Potter moments?

A- 1) The conversation Dumbledore and Harry have about the prophecy where Harry realizes the difference between being dragged into the arena and walking in with your head held high. It’s an incredible scene in the book.
2) Watching Snape and Lily’s love story unfold.
3) Any scene that takes place in Diagon Alley- they’re the best!
4) The epilogue at the end of the books ending with the scar not having pained Harry in 19 years. I cry every time.
5) The backstory of Regulus Black as Kreacher tells it.

Q-What is the thing you love most about the movies and the thing you hate most about them?

A- I love that they turn the magical world into real life. Diagon Alley looks just as it should, and I love how well they cast characters like Molly and Arthur Weasley! 

Besides obviously half of the plot missing, the thing I HATE about the movies is that in the last film, Harry just snaps the Elder Wand in half like nothing. Seriously, WTF?

Thank you so, so much for reading along! If you have more Harry Potter questions for me, throw them down in the comments!!

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