Those Homemade Corndogs though….
I’m a sucker for flute music

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One of the best parts about the end of summer and beginning of fall is the wide range of festivals and fairs that are around. This weekend was spent shopping little boutiques and eating way too much yummy fair food (anyone else addicted to deep fried everything and having sticky cotton candy hands??)

For me, one of the best things about going to festivals and fairs is the experience. I love going to interesting festivals that give you a little taste of culture or tradition. I really believe life is about learning and enjoying as much of the world and life as possible, so getting to experience new things that you may not otherwise see is something I’m always excited about.

We have been lucky to go to a few festivals this year (check out our Arts festival adventure here!) but are always looking for new ones to go to, so would love suggestions of any favorites you guys have so I can add them to my calendar!