Today was supposed to be an awesome post with my brilliant recipe for a perfect apple pie, complete with beautiful pictures and everything. BUT, when my smoke detector went off and I opened the oven only to get suffocated by a wave of black smoke and a flaming (not in the good way) piece of charcoal in the middle of my oven- I was too mad about it to even try again. Sorry folks, I won’t be making another apple pie for a long, LONG time. Stupid inferno oven. Really, you would think it was one of Dante’s circles of hell it buns so hot. So instead of an apple pie recipe, I am just going to give a shout out to my awesome husband for being an awesome taco maker, TV show binge-watching buddy, Beatles music jammer, and super nerd. We may not always see eye to eye… mostly because I am super tall and he’s not quite at that level (“yet” he says…although when he expects that “growth” spurt as an adult I have no idea), but a little because marriages mean sometimes there are some differences, right? Actually mostly because I am practically the jolly green giant… but I sure do love the guts outta him!!

**Don’t let the pictures fool you, I really am taller, but I slouch and stand in ditches and he has fluffy hair, so it ALL evens out. And I think we are pretty darn cute. Maybe I am biased. #SorryNotSorry**