Baby Girl Announcement


Baby #2 is a GIRL! 

Baby Girl Ultrasound Gender Reveal


Baby Girl Outfit by Jessica Simpson


We are SO excited to announce that baby number 2 is a little girl! I was actually really nervous to find out, I really wanted to have both so I knew either way I was going to be both excited and disappointed, but as I was sitting there looking at the ultrasound and the tech said that it was a girl and started showing us all of the details of the image, I just felt my eyes get teary (thanks, pregnant hormones…) and I was overwhelmed with love and excitement for this new little girl. Ever since I found out I was pregnant my little four year old has been BEGGING for it to be a sister, a brother just wouldn’t do, so in her eyes this was a total dream come true and I can’t wait to see them together!

Seeing this little girl and knowing she is in fact a girl has really helped make the last 4 1/2 months of misery worth it. I pretty much have neglected everything in my life (especially this blog!) so I can spend my time with my head in the toilet. I know pregnancy is different for everyone, and mine just happen to be exceptionally miserable. I have a post planned for soon (stay tuned!) to talk about my first trimester and my experience so far with Hyperemesis Gravidarum so hopefully if there are any of you mommies out there suffering you can get a few tips and at least know you aren’t alone! (Update: you can find that post here!) If you’re one of those moms that just loves being pregnant and feels great, I hate you and want to stab you all this will just be a post about all the fun you’re missing out on… 😉

It’s Sunday night and now that it is after 8 I can barely keep my eyes open (I’m a REAL partier, especially when pregnant!) so I’m headed to bed! Happy start of the new week and I hope it is fabulous for everyone!