Dance was a big part of my life for a while growing up, and my daughter is so active that I knew I wanted to get her involved with dance, too! When I started looking for classes though, I was overwhelmed by how many options they have for girls her age! After hours (days even… or could it have been longer? what year is it now? I spent too much time trying to be thorough clearly…) of research I found the perfect class for Sydney, and I wanted to share a few of the things that I thought were important to take into consideration if you are searching for a dance class for your little one!

1- Consider what you want your child to get out of the class. Are you looking for them to have social time? Is this just to test the waters and see if they like dance? Do you hope they will have a full dance career for many years? If you are looking for something with friends, look to find studios that offer dance classes that can have a lot of kids, or look for studios nearby where they might meet friends that live close. If you are hoping they will dance for years to come and you want to have a more serious dance education, look for schools with more prestigious programs and tend to cost more money.

2- It’s good to think about what dance classes you are most interested in your child attending. Do they have a preference? If there is a style you really want them to learn, make sure you sign up for classes that specifically teach that style. I had a friend that signed her daughter up for a dance basics class and was very upset when she found out they didn’t teach tap.

3- If you’re unsure what type of class to put them in, Ballet is always a safe bet. Ballet teaches all of the basic techniques that are used in most popular styles of dance, and if they continue to dance for years to come, at some point they will likely be required to get into ballet. Plus you can generally find more ballet classes than just about anything else.

4- Is your child EXTRA active? I know mine is! She’s basically a human tornado. What have I discovered that she loves? Tumbling! Tumbling or gymnastics gets them moving and jumping around, it’s perfect for that dancer with a little extra wiggle in them!

5- Think about how much money you want to spend, because the world of dance is NOT cheap. How much are you willing to pay for monthly tuition? How many classes are you willing to pay for? How much do you have to pay for outfits/gear/accessories that might be needed? If you’re a frugal mama like me, this is probably the first thing you should consider before making any decisions!

6- Think about convenience. Some of the best dance schools in the state are located within a half hour drive from where I live, but here’s the thing… I work full time and have a baby. I’m tired at the end of the day. Even though the dance school might be awesome, I need something a little closer that can work around my working-mom schedule. Most places will offer a range of classes throughout the day for kids that are pre-school age, then school age children typically have afternoon and evening classes. Thing about what works best with your schedule because in the end, you’re the one driving them around. Make the experience the least amount of stress as possible for everyone to avoid missing classes that you’re paying for, and to make sure everyone has a great experience !

XXOO Sunny

PS- how cute are these little photos? Tony snapped them the other day and I thought they were so cute, I just had to share!