Sunny Fitness

So it has been a while since I have given everyone an update about my fitness journey- and that is mainly because things have been moving SLOWLY as I have not been as focused on my fitness goals over the last several weeks as I wanted to be, largely in part due to finishing school (yay!) and having a new job at the same time. BUT I have not given up and I am still working towards my goals, and now that I have a lot more time on my hands I am able to re-focus and have actually had a pretty great week this week. I am hoping things start moving quicker and my goal is to start involving my blog more with my fitness journey -then you guys can hold me more accountable and I am more likely to succeed- see what I am doing there? Master Manipulator. 😉 So, here we go- second official update for ya!

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Total Weight Loss: 16 pounds

Amount of Time: 18 weeks and 4 days

Inches Lost: 3, combined over my body

Differences Noticed: Most of these differences aren’t visual yet- again I am going to make the illusion to “whale status” but I have noticed a few differences that still feel substantial to me.

  • My skin looks AMAZING. I haven’t ever really had terrible acne, but I don’t even have little blackheads or whatever other nasty stuff lies in your skin- it has been great.
  • My ring can actually come OFF of my finger, for the first time since I had my baby. I really didn’t want to have it resized bigger than a 5 1/2 so I am stoked about that one!
  • I have so much more energy. I get home from work, and I don’t feel exhausted. I can wake up in the morning without considering suicide (I’m not exactly a morning person…) And I actually look forward to going out and doing things that I used to dread before because now I feel so energized.
  • I actually look forward to physical doing exercise- for the first time in my life.


  • I still really struggle with grazing. Most of the time I don’t recognize that I am doing it, I just suddenly realize I have my bag in a hand of chips or something and not even remember how it got there. I am getting better at catching myself, but I still struggle with that.
  • I have been really crazy busy and stressed over the last few weeks, and I have let that be an excuse not to work out as often or eat as healthy, hence the slower progress the last couple of months.
  • Every time I look at the scale or myself in the mirror I feel depressed. Emotionally I am very challenged with how I feel about my body, and it is hard for me to not just wake up one morning and automatically be smokin’ sexy. I know this is probably typical thought pattern for a lot of out-of-shape or chubby girls, but it doesn’t make it any easier on my psyche.

Helpful Tricks Learned:

  • Drinking lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of water. And not much else. I don’t usually drink a lot of other drinks besides water, but I have a not-so-secret love affair with Coke, so that one has been hard for me to give up completely…I’m only human, right? Ha!
  • Going to the grocery store AFTER I have eaten. If I go hungry, I am like a tornado and will literally whirl everything off of the shelves and into my cart. It is a problem that would be best to be avoided.
  • Finding healthy food that I actually like to eat- it is a lot easier to eat healthy if it is food I enjoy. Right now I am loving spinach, salads, squash, pomegranates, and green tortillas.

Well I think that about wraps up this update, again for everyone that has tips/suggestions/advice/whatever post ’em down below or email me, and be sure to follow my insta for regular updates!