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Happy New Year, friends! We spent the weekend adventuring in the snowy mountains and even though it was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g, it was still really fun and I thought I’d share some of our photos from the weekend and talk about some resolutions for the new year 🙂

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onyx and blush snow day

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I’m officially in love with New Years. There is just something so refreshing and exciting about the feeling of a clean slate, a time-frame for new dreams, and the unity of others joining in to make goals around the world. Cheesy? Maybe a little… but I’m all about cheesy, and I really, really, I love it. I love the idea of people evaluating their lives and finding things they want to work on, and I love the idea of so many people worldwide participating in that at the same time. Annnyways…. I took the last month off from blogging to really focus on my family and some of the projects we’re doing (more to come on that!), and I got the chance to take some time to focus on some of my personal goals for this new year. I’ve always been a goal oriented person, I love goals, I love lists, and I love planning. It’s funny, I actually like the goal-making and planning part more than actually following through (as evident of the countless lists and goals I’ve made that have been tossed aside, who else is with me?), but nevertheless I also find that the things I spend the most time planning out are the things I’m most successful with. AND I’m really excited about my goals this year, so I have spent a LOT of time planning…. so fingers crossed I’ve got good success rate and I beat the 99% of new years resolutions that are given up by February. Below are some of my new years resolutions for the year, raise your hand if you’re ready for an awesome new year, too!

Be Healthier.

I know, I know, me and a million other people in the world, right? If you remember, this was my goal last year. And it was also my goal the year before that, and before that, and before that, back to as far as I can remember. However, previous years my goal has been to lose weight. Yes, I’d still like to drop some weight but this year I don’t want to focus on that, what I really want more than anything is to just be healthy. I want to feel good and feel healthy. If you’ve got insight for me on things that might help me out, throw it my way!

Cross Off 16 Items from my Bucket List

I have a monstrous, gigantic bucket list. Recently I’ve had some epiphany moments about what I feel like life really is about, and one of the top things on that list is experiences. We are alive so that we can EXPERIENCE life, and I definitely have some things I want to experience! My list is ever growing as I think of things to add, but in honor of the year 2016, I’m going to make it a goal to cross of 16 of those things! Maybe I should do a bucket list post to talk about some of the things on that list? Hmmmm. To be continued…

Be Adventurous

This one kind of goes hand in hand with the bucket list goal. I am really on a kick about trying to experience everything amazing about life, so I want to make a goal to get out more and find more adventures to go on and fun events to attend. I’m trying to break out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Follow Through on my Personal Art Projects

I love art, I love crafts, and I love making stuff. But I have two big problems. One, I have so many ideas that I start on something and then get distracted and don’t finish, and Two, I keep doing projects for other people and get burned out so I don’t have time for my own. So I’m going to start being more selective about the projects that I actually start, and then….get ready for it…. I’m going to close my etsy shop for a while. Gasp! Yes. I’m going to close it temporarily while I work more solely on my blog and my other projects so that I have time to really put effort into the things I want to focus on the most. I may open it up again because I do love running it, but for now it will be indefinitely suspended so I can do some of the other things I love more. Some of the first items on my list… new headboard, squid painting, and jewelry display.

Write More.

I love writing. It’s stress relieving, therapeutic, and helps me sort my thoughts out and get creative. I may not be a great writer, but it’s something that I do for myself and I know that for me to accomplish my first goal of being healthier, I need to spend more time focusing on myself. Maybe I just want to be more selfish 😉 So that probably means I’ll be writing here some more. 🙂

Make More Meaningful Relationships

I love technology, but the bummer thing about technology is that our contact with other people has moved to be so digital. Between email and text and social media, communication can start to become less and less personal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a fantastic tool for communication in a lot of ways, but something that I really would like to focus on this year is building and growing my relationships to be more meaningful. I want to make an effort to actually visit people in-person when I can, spend more time trying to help and serve those around me, and be more thoughtful with my emails/texts/etc. to build stronger bonds with the people I love. Along with my philosophy on life being about experiences, I believe life is also about people and the relationships you have. I want to focus on being a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, etc. by being more connected to the relationships I’m in.

And of course I have a few more goals, and smaller goals within these goals so that I can meet these goals…. Are you sick of my use of the word “goals” yet? But these 6 things are my biggest goals for the year, and I’m so excited to see where the journey takes me! What goals does everyone else have? Happy 2016 everyone, I hope it’s your best year, yet!