I got this sweet little camera for Christmas this year… FINALLY! I’ve been wanting one for a long time and I’m super excited to finally have this in my paws. I wanted to do a little review of the camera and talk about what has really held up to my expectations and what I don’t love as much, and if you don’t have one hopefully this will help you decide if this is right for you!

We recently did a video version of this review with a vlog at the zoo which you can find on Tony’s channel HERE.

Alrighty, first things first, let’s talk about the body of this camera. It is an amazing size, it is small enough to fit right into your purse easily, or a diaper bag or suitcase, and it’s lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. My husband has the Fuji Instax WIDE camera, so it’s noticeably smaller than his.

I also love that this camera comes in so many cute colors. Every release of the instax mini comes in a variety of fun new colors. I tend to prefer neutral colors, but I’ve gotta say that I’m completely obsessed with mint. HELLO, GORGEOUS! Anything even remotely close to Tiffany Blue gets extra points in my book.

Something else that I love about this camera is how easy they make it to get a good photo. I am not an expert photographer and really don’t know a lot about cameras, but luckily I don’t really need to in order to take a decent photo because they have added a feature that will show you which setting to have the camera set at, based on how bright it is outside. There are four settings that range from darker room to bright sunlight outdoors, and when you turn on the camera it will flash on the setting that you should adjust it to for optimal photo taken.

I didn’t realize this was a “thing” until I had taken a bunch of photos already and couldn’t figure out why they all looked overexposed. Whoops!

And finally my favorite thing about the camera is that you get a cute little print immediately, I mean how fun is that?? I love having a little print instantly and I love that the film kind of has that vintage vibe so your photos all look like they were printed like in the 60s or something, to me it is super charming and Fuji does an excellent job with their color film so that it really looks as good as it possibly can. I also got some Monochrome Black and White film to try out, and I absolutely LOVED it. The photos come out with that amazing black and white contrast and I think I possibly like the black and white over the normal color photos. I highly recommend trying it out!

As I mentioned previously, my husband has the Fuji Instax Wide camera, so if you are considering getting either the Fuji Instax Wide or the Fuji Instax Mini (like I have in this post), we made a comparison video going over the pros and cons of both cameras so hopefully that will help you decide what is right for you! Below is the video!