Happy Monday, Loves! I’m really excited about my product review today because I’ve been dying to try Maskcara out for a long time and I FINALLY got the opportunity and it did not disappoint! 🙂 Let’s get into it.

My cute instagram friend Lauren (follow her @saltymaskcara !!) is an expert and knows what she is talking about! She contacted me and asked if I wanted to try Maskcara, of course I said yes, DUGH. Then she just knew exactly what colors would work for me and everything! Why hasn’t she been makeup shopping with me every time I’ve gone and screwed up my color? Although admittedly, I do make a cute Oompa Loompa when I happen to get too dark of a color. 😉

My package from Lauren came and was the freaking cutest mail EVVVAAAA. Seriously, how cute is this package?

Inside was a Bruch (dual sided! How BRILLIANT is that??) some brush cleaner, face setting spray, a beauty blender, and the four colors to make up my custom foundation palette.

I seriously don’t know HOW she did such a good job finding the right colors for me, but they are awesome. Here are the colors that I got: White Peach Highlight, Walnut Contour, Pink Grapefruit Lip and Cheek, and the Pearl Illuminator.

My first impression, before I even tried anything on, is that the branding is absolutely stunning. My career is in marketing so I really pay attention to branding elements and the attention to detail that companies put into showcasing and selling their product, and Maskcara is nothing short of immaculate beauty. I’m in love with the imagery they use on the little tins, and your compact comes with a magnetic casing so you can just snap in your palette and you are set to go, plus it is easy to swap out or replace, and all of it looks beautiful in your bathroom. Seriously mine is displayed right now instead of in the usual makeup box.

I’m not an expert with makeup or anything despite the fact that I love it, so it took me a little bit of practice to really get the contouring down but they give you a little guide and make it SO easy. Lauren told me that the makeup should melt like butter into your skin, and I was like huh…. I don’t know if I want melted butter on my skin haha, but once I tried it suddenly I understood. And if you haven’t tried this stuff out yet… trust me. You want melted butter on your skin! 😉

I felt like it was a little oily at first compared to the powder foundation I usually use, which had me concerned, but as I blended it in the foundation really did just kind of seem to melt in like it was part o f my skin. It felt really light and smooth. I also have an issue with dry skin that gets irritated easily and I didn’t have any issues with this stuff, it didn’t feel drying or itchy or anything like that.

The brush is also a work of art. I’ve had a few good bushes in my life, but usually I just use the Sephora brushes and I even have several of the cheap ELF brushes because sometimes they just get the job done in a pinch! So THIS particular brush is double ended, which I can’t believe more companies haven’t already been doing because it is so smart and easy to have two brushes in one. It’s ultra soft and is applies the makeup so smoothly that I almost didn’t even need a beauty blender.

Overall I’m really, really impressed with Maskcara and I can’t wait to try more. Right now I just have the foundation palette but I am planning to get an eyeshadow palette, too. And I will definitely, definitely be re-purchaseing the setting spray. It smells like coconut and feels like you are misting yourself with mist straight from tropical heaven. Also did I mention COCONUT? Gimme all the coconut. Additionally it really does a good job of setting your makeup and it stays in place all day and doesn’t rub off on your hands or clothes or whatever happens to touch your face through out the day. WIN.

If you are new to Maskcara and don’t really know where to begin, hit up Lauren because seriously she is BOSS and so good, she’ll get you all set up in a snap! 🙂 Follow her here: @saltymaskcara

XXOO Sunny