Let’s talk about gifts that boost confidence, shall we?

Every year for the last few years around Valentine’s Day, instead of a traditional gift guide I’ve put together a collection of gifts to buy YOURSELF. (Check out previous ones here and here!) For one, I don’t love Valentine’s Day (I know, I know, gasp of horror!) so I don’t like the idea of an inflated holiday to spend money on someone you should be celebrating regularly, and I hate that it’s exclusive to anyone without a ‘plus one’ to share it with.

I DO however, think we need to start loving ourselves more and focusing on teaching the new generation about the importance of self love, body positivity, and confidence. Therefore, I think it’s important that on Valentine’s Day, whether you love it or hate it, you invest in gifts that encourage those values, and maybe buy a little gift for yourself because you LOVE you and you’re worth it!

Here are some ideas for gifts that boost confidence for anyone on your list, including yourself!

Get a New Read

Investing in books that promote self-confidence and empowerment is always the right answer. I really love SHE by Kate Spade (it’s about strong women and super inspiring, see my review here.) You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis (I’ve heard this one is great on audio), and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

Finally start that blog or business!

You know the one I’m talking about… the dream that’s been rolling around in the back of your mind for months now. You keep making excuses but it’s time to stop and put your dreams first! Starting towards your dream is an immediate confidence booster! Invest in your site/materials/brand/etc. and start it up.

The Self-Confidence Workbook

This is a guide to help overcome self-doubt and building your self esteem, and it’s super inexpensive!

Photo credit Barefoot Blonde Hair

Hair Extensions

More specifically…. Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions. Having a great hair day is an instant confidence booster, and making your hair look over-the-top full and beautiful by complimenting your natural hair beauty with a set of extensions is a great way to get that great hair day! Amber Fillerup is QUEEN (you all know this because I’ve said it soooo many times!) and developed her own line of extensions. The best part is that there are several options! If you don’t want the length and just want some extra volume you can get the fill-ins, or dominate the world with show-stopper up-dos using the Up, and of course you can never go wrong with a classic set of extensions. You can even get a sample kit to try various colors. And no, I’m not being paid to talk about these, I just genuinely love Amber and think what she has created is amazing- now every girl can have confidence in her hair!

A new lipstick!

I’m not the only one who feels BOMB with a new lippie on, right?? In fact, it’s become my new year’s tradition to get myself a new lip color for the start of the year so I am starting the new year in confidence!

Ultimate Self Love Series by Simply Sadie Jane

I have heard absolutely nothing but INCREDIBLE things about Sadie‘s new self-love series! If you’re not  following her (why though?) then you need to, asap. she has experience and an enormous amount of knowledge when it comes to boosting confidence, finding self-love, becoming body positive, and fighting anxiety. And then the goddess went on and created the self-love series courses to spread that knowledge to others. Bless her.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… this is the thing I’m saving up for to buy for myself!

Splurge on Teeth Whitening

Never underestimate the power of a smile! I’ve never really fussed much with my teeth, but last year I was sent a teeth whitening system and I was SHOOK by how much of a difference it made for me. SHOOK. I loved having whiter teeth, I couldn’t stop smiling! This is actually something I still do when I’m feeling like I need to spruce up a bit.

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A Photoshoot for Yourself

I think having photos that you like and make you feel like you are beautiful is one of the biggest confidence boosters around. Hire a professional photographer (yes, a professional! they know how to make you look good and all the right editing tricks to let your inner glow shine through!)  to take some photos of you, get dressed up, and let them work their magic. These photos are great to have as a reminder that you ARE beautiful, whenever you might need a visual reminder.

Photo credit of Peas & Love

Bracelet from the Jordan Shrinks Collection by Peas & Love

You can find this beautiful bracelet and several other designs with confidence-boosting quotes/words on Peas & Love’s site here.

Photo Credit: ModEvil Etsy Shop

ME ring on Etsy

Is this not the cutest thing ever? Remind yourself daily that you love you with a simple reminder like this. ModEvil also has tons of other pretty jewelry options, so if you’re just looking for some new accessories in general- that shop is fantastic.

The Happy Book Sticky Notes

Positive affirmations are such a HUGE game changer, and I think it’s important to have little notes and inspirational things all around to bring the positive energy you need for positive affirmation! what better way to boost confidence than to get yourself a little book of quirky and inspiring messages?

New Threads

Is there anything the magic of a new outfit can’t solve? But really… refreshing your look with an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident is a great booster in both your mood and your feelings toward yourself. This is something I find especially helpful when looking for a new job or attending an important meeting or date, get yourself a new outfit so you feel all clean, new, and empowered!

I am enough coloring book (Amazon)

Positive affirmations and reminders in the therapeutic form of COLORING! What could be better? I love this one because it is so cute and great for any level of artist (because hello, it’s a coloring book!)

Photo credit: Rad & Happy on Instagram

Rad & Happy Subscription

While we’re on the subject of coloring, can we just talk about how RAD Rad & Happy is? All in agreement? Rad & Happy is a company that provides joy to the world through coloring. You can get a monthly subscription of things to color (say yes to the color happy subscription!), positive affirmations and quotes, and other inspired paper products that just help you feel a little more confident and happy. Should we also mention that they offer classes and tutorials to help you become more confident in your creativity game? Yes, yes we shall.

I hope this helps you spur some ideas to boost confidence for yourself, and of course they all would make a pretty good gift for someone else that might need a little boost- if you’re into gift-giving on Valentine’s Day 😉 I’m not, but like… I get it.  We can still be friends.

XXOO Sunny