That’s right… Me! It’s kind of a funny story actually, with all of the bloggers that I follow and articles that I read, you would think that I would have hopped onto bloglovin’ from the beginning. Nope. Guess why. Because I had no idea what Bloglovin’ even was.

Yes, I’d heard the term. Yes, I probably came across the button on some of the blogs that I follow somewhere (because after researching, I discovered they DO all have bloglovin’!) but I’d never actually processed the concept and thought, “I must check it out.” And then somehow I ended up accidentally following a link there and discovered this really amazing place where I can keep updated with all of the new articles from each blog I follow. All in one place. SCORE.

So I thought to myself… why not? I love other bloggers, I have a blog (even though it is small, it is still mine!), and I think it is a fun concept! So I set up my account and got everything all working… I even have a whopping TWO followers right now. #winning (insert laughing so hard I’m crying emoji here) I even have a button linking to my account over in the sidebar of my blog (scan your pretty eyes that way!) and here is a link here. So… if you use bloglovin’ you should go hit that little follow button. And if you don’t currently use bloglovin’ you should seriously consider checking it out because it is a pretty cool site! Also, if you guys know of any really rockin’ bloggers you should tell me about them so I can follow them, I’m always looking for inspirational people!

Anyways… I hope you are all having a great week!