Do you guys remember THIS post a couple of months back at the beginning of July where I decided to do the Barefoot Blonde Summer Hair Challenge? Well great news! Summer is over!

**Insert cheering as pumpkin spice comes out to rule the world**

I successfully went the whole summer without using ANY heat on my hair. I have been so impressed by how much softer my hair seems, but more importantly, by how much less tangled it is! It seems weird, right? That my hair would be less tangled? But I think it is because my hair is SO long that when it gets dry and has breakage it just tangles way faster and easier than it does when it is sleek and healthy. Overall, I’m really happy with the results and I think I’m going to continue to try to use very little heat and do deep conditioning regularly.

These photos are just a round up of photos I took from the various hairstyles I did while doing this challenge- my hair is bone straight and tends to lay very flat, so I had to try and get creative to make it look good. You can see that braids have definitely become a staple!

XXOO Sunny