Happy Halloween from the pumpkin patch! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and we do everything we can ALL MONTH LONG to prepare for today- seriously if there is an October/Fall/Halloween/Anything-remotely-close activity you can think of….. we have probably done it. Halloween is just the most magical time of year- it’s fun, spooky, a great excuse to dress up, the weather is UNBEATABLE in Utah and the colors are undeniably the most amazing thing you’ll ever witness, plus the magic of the pending holiday season coming up is starting to spark and it’s just such a fun, magical time.

Can I use the word MAGICAL enough times in this blog post? Maybe I should consider using it as my SEO keyword… 😉 ha! Just kidding, I’m probably not going to do any SEO on this because some of these photos are….well- hilarious but I don’t need to SEP them. Ha!

Some of our favorite MAGICAL (see what I’m doing there?) activities this year have been visiting the Pumpkin Nights festival, going to the pumpkin patch (where these photos were taken), attending a family wedding (I know, not fall related but fun still), and doing Sydney’s Dia de los Muertos look for this year. I already can’t wait for next year and want to plan it all out, it’s just such a great time of year!

Let’s talk about these photos- some of them I’m going to treasure forever. Some of them… maybe not so much. I shared these on instagram in my stories because I like to share the outtakes and the response I got was insane so I thought I’d post a few of the outtakes here, too. With all of the behind the scenes, goofy shots- here is the instagram caption I used. I want to share because I feel so strongly about it.

Swipe for a good look at Instagram vs. reality ➡️ I’m not photogenic by nature so for every one decent shot I get about ten of the other ones 🙈 Luckily for me, I actually love the others because they are always so true to me and my personality. I’m not a beautifully curated woman in the boxes of an Instagram grid. I’m a wildly messy masterpiece that is still trying to figure out her creative mess. I love beautiful photos on Instagram, but I don’t love the outtakes any less. Always be willing to laugh at yourself, it makes you that much more beautiful ❤️

I hope you guys get a laugh with a few of these, and if you don’t… well friend you’re in the wrong place.

The WIND in my hair 😉

This was clearly the winner