Alrighty guys, real talk here. I am in love with the pull through braid right now and have styled it in so many ways and so I was really excited to try it out in a high pony like this. Then I saw the photos that Tony took and I felt devastated. I feel like I look so chubby and disgusting, and they weren’t at all the fashion blogger look that I had kind of envisioned them being. I actually deleted them and just thought to myself…welp. That was a bust and I need to lose weight.

And then I remembered my mantra for the year. LOVE EVOLVES HER.

I may not look perfect or the way that I want to in these photos, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth sharing. I actually had real clothes on this day (totes worth documenting!) and I thought my hair came out pretty good. I really like how it shows all of the colors of blonde in the braid.

Repeating my mantra over and over, I recovered my photos from the deleted folder and decided that even though I might hate how I look, that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t share them. This is my life, this is who I am, and I was proud of myself this day before I ever saw the photo. I deserve to have documentation of that moment and I hope that with enough moments like this, I’ll be able to change my attitude about myself and my life in general. I don’t want to be the mom that isn’t in any photos when her kids are going through them years later, you know? So… here you go kids. Straight up Jabba chin and back fat, but dammit my hair looks fabulous. 😉

Have a wonderful day, loves!