back to school

Summer? Where have you gone?! Already we have come into the first work of school which, when your attending a university, means spending money, money, and more money.

The cost of tuition is outrageous. Honestly how did I gain the “freshman fifteen” when I couldn’t afford to buy food to eat after wiping my account out on the ridiculous cost of tuition? But it MUST be necessary, I mean they do justify it by paying out extremely low salaries to professors, having a psychologist department and stress center that they forget to tell students about so they never get used, and three sets of brand new uniforms for the whole football team for the new season! I mean, I am SO glad that every penny of that tuition money is being used wisely…..

Not to mention the bookstore adventures you have with your credit card.

Clerk: “That will be $652.38 please.”

Me: “Oh, you said ‘please’ before asking for that absurd amount of money? Well, let me just pull out my gobs and gobs of cash that I totally have and hand it over!”

Actually, I am sure that no college student has ever said that. Ever.

Upon closer examination of one of my books I discovered the professor even wrote it himself. And he is charging $270 for this?? Talk about having an inflated self esteem. I respect that you are smart and write books Mr. Professor, but writing your own book and then using it as the required text for your own class as the “expert’s words” and charging an arm and a leg and their future firstborn child is just a bit much for me.

And once you have wrung your account dry and have an empty, naked wallet you sit in class expecting to be given work. Only to find that your professor has decided to graduate to the “new era” and teaches the whole class through facebook now. Yes, I said facebook. So….WHY AM I PAYING FOR THIS? I could have just joined the facebook group and gotten all the information the semester was going to bring anyway, WITHOUT having to pay the tuition that allows me to sit in this desk and watch my professor play on facebook for the next hour.

Yet, I am still determined to be “educated.” Determined to pay my future retirement fund away for classes where the teachers use their own expert knowledge in their books and teach through facebook posts. But hey, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that when it is all through, I get a fancy piece of paper with the word, “Graduate,” on it that will eventually be hung on a wall in some remote corner of the house. BRING ON THE HOMEWORK!