Buckle up babes, you’re about to go on an adventure with me as I talk you through my process of choosing the most perfect pair of Nikes my feet ever did have the pleasure to wear. Apply these steps and you too, can have a perfect pair of Nike shoes to grace your feet. 😉

Or maybe those Nikes are the lucky ones to be graced by the presence of your feet… haha too far?

One of the things I’ve really struggled with since embarking on this journey to self confidence has been making sure that I’m getting adequate exercise, a problem that I refuse to take responsibility for, and instead I’d rather blame it on the fact that I didn’t have shoes good enough to support this whale-sized lard body that I’m lugging around.

Yup, it’s ALL the shoes fault. 😉

I’ve also really struggled with coming to terms with the fact that my problems are STAYING my problems because I keep making excuses, but it’s time to say NO MORE EXCUSES. I know that it’s not the shoes’ fault that I’m chubby and have a hard time exercising, but it really does help to have comfortable shoes! This whale would like to shrink to cow, and then to a normal human, which means I need to exercise and heaven’s knows when my rational mind stops working I’ll look for any excuse not to, so it was time to replace the old sneakers to eliminate potential of that excuse.

Look at me, thinking ahead! Of course, if I could just be one of those people that LIKED to work out, making strategic plans for future self during times of doubt wouldn’t be necessary. If someone knows the secret to becoming a person that LIKES to work out, please share. ASAP.

Coming from a branding background, I’ve always really liked the Nike brand and THAT is how I decided to look into Nike shoes versus other brands (yup, I’m shallow and only here for the looks!) but it was a long process for me to find that perfect pair of Nikes to start my new exercise routine with.

If you are in the market shopping for Nike’s because you think the brand is awesome, or you are also a whale that would like to shrink to a cow and eventually a human, but don’t know where to start, then this guide is for you! I’m a first-timer to Nike shoes myself and I feel like these things really helped me make a good decision about the shoes I got!

Consider how you’ll use them. For you other couch potatoes out there, did you realize there are different shoes for weight lifting vs. cross training vs. running vs. walking? I mean I’d heard of it, but I didn’t realize the difference in styles ACTUALLY made a difference. Aren’t all exercise shoes the same?

Nope. They aren’t! For me, I’m a newbie to the workout game and wanted a shoe that was generally good for all around activity, but particularly good for walking since that is the activity I’ve been starting with. Sadly, walking is about the only thing my poor little rolls can handle without begging for injury.

Consider the actual fit. Are they too narrow? Too roomy on the side? Is the arch too high? I know, I know, DUH Sunny…. But really. So many people out there choose a shoe based on how it looks or how cute the colors are. I mean if this is an accessory to you then that’s GREAT, but if you’re rocking the shoes to help your rolls lose THEIR roles, then make sure it’s comfy enough to do physical activity and you won’t be getting blisters.

Because blisters are the FREAKING WORST. Worse than paper cuts which I cannot handle. CANNOT.

And finally, consider how easy they are to put on .Yes, really. Not all Nikes are created equal, some of them have these weird elastic things so you can slide your foot in and don’t have to fuss with laces, they look super slick but I CANNOt squeeze my sausages into those things without significant effort and a whole lot of crisco. I really think if I had bought those, my entire workout would be getting them on! I opted for laces for this reason, but they do look very cool with those bungy cord things so if you’re up for a pre-workout workout, this option might be for you!

Happy Nike shoes shopping, babes!

XXOO Sunny