Believe it or not, ’tis already the season to be sending out holiday cards and if you’re anything like me you know how important it is to make sure your cards are beautiful and personal, so custom holiday cards are the only route to go!

Let’s get real for a minute though- who has time to sit and design custom cards from scratch? I’m not really the greatest graphic designer either so I’d probably need to hire someone. Do I have extra money for a custom designer at Christmas time? Ha! That’s a negative. Enter the perfect solution: Basic Invite custom holiday cards.

Before you think, “oh great, just an ad for another holiday card site,” hear me out because Basic Invite is different from anything else out there. They have an unprecedented custom color system with over 180 colors and the ability to customize your card to perfection. When I was doing my cards, my favorite part was changing the colors and watching how the entire look and feel of the card changed with it. Color is amazing that it has the ability to change the entire feeling around something, and for custom holiday cards I definitely want to be generating ALL THE FEELINGS!

yes… even these feelings are worth sharing haha

The other thing I love about Basic Invite is that they have over 500 options for custom holiday card templates, including Christmas cards for kids, beautiful cards for Hanukkah and holiday Christmas cards, and an amazing selection of custom holiday cards for business. The templates are really simple to use, you just select the card you like then add your photo and your text.

Honestly, the templates are so beautiful that if you don’t have energy or time to customize from there, you can totally order them like that and know that your cards will be delivered as the happiest holiday mail that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy to get. For me, I’m just too particularly and needed to customize them to the way that I felt was perfect for us. With the option to add a back, patterns, colors, a variety of foil options, and change the font and size, there are infinite ways to customize your card into a holiday masterpiece and you don’t need to have ANY design experience. It’s seriously so easy and incredibly intuitive because you can see your changes made in real time to ensure your looks exactly the way you want it.

How cute is the shape of this one?? It definitely stands out a little more than just a standard square!

If you’re still unsure and you’re the kind of person that needs to see it IRL before committing, you also have the option to order samples. That way you can see what your card looks like or try different foil types or paper to see what you like best.

Right now, Basic Invite is offering a 30% off discount with your order with coupon code holi30 which makes now the perfect time to order. The holiday season is busy enough, get your perfect custom holiday cards early and check one more thing off your to-do list!

So many designs I couldn’t choose just one favorite!

XXOO Sunny

**Huge thank you to Basic Invite for partnering on this post! I love working with companies that, in my honest opinion, are absolutely incredible and that I believe in.**

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