The thing I love most about sunflowers is how resilient they are. Sunflowers are technically weeds, something that usually has a negative connotation in the plant world. But despite the negative rap weeds get sunflowers bloom brightly against it, often in tangles in small fields or crevices along the side of the road in rough dirt without ideal conditions. The beautiful yellow blooms are kind of a simple reminder to me that whatever your situation is, whatever you’ve been labeled, whatever the odds stacked against you are, you can still plant yourself firmly and bloom beautiful, happy rays of sunshine. You are beautiful and can choose to thrive in your own way. 🌻

With that said, let’s talk about using that sunflower as the perfect hair accessory for late summer and fall styles!


Find your little patch of sunflowers! I’m in northern Utah and these are growing literally all over the sides of every road right now, and they are up in the mountains and at the parks, in fields… seriously they are scattering everything like perfect little rays of sunshine ha!


Pick the perfect sunflowers! Make sure to leave a stem a couple of inches long on each flower, and go for a size that will be easily supported by your hair and look good. I chose to use a few different sizes.


Choose a style that the flowers will be able to take hold easily. For me, this means I need a braid or some kind of elastic at the very minimum so they don’t slide right out of my straight hair. Then I use the stems to weave them through the pieces of my braid and BAM- complete. No extra pins needed.

XXOO Sunny