If you follow me on instagram you know I love my vikings and for reals, 75% of the reason is because of THE HAIR. Seriously Lagertha’s braids are always so spot on, I am usually drooling or crying haha. When I created this look I was actually going for something completely different but sometimes when things just don’t work out you yell, PLOT TWIST, and adapt.

I may have been cursing in the mirror, too.

I ended up giving up on the initial style I was going for but by that point I had a bunch of random braids in my hair and so I decided to just keep playing with it until I had all of the mixed up in a way that looked decent. Sometimes you just need to play and go with the flow, you know? With Vikings, their braids are always so intricate and beautiful, yet somehow messy and wild, too? So as I was playing with this style that’s what I kept in mind.

For this particular look, I used a couple of braids on either side of my head to pull back over a half pony, then criss-crossed them around and pinned randomly so they kind of held on a central point on the back of my head. Then I used a small fishtail braid on the lower strand of hair for detail and pulled it all back into a ponytail at the nape of my neck. From there I created a bubble because I initially wanted to bubble it all the way down and then I changed my mind after I created the first bubble haha. I liked the look of the little fishtail accent in the bubble so I left the first bubble but then did a fishtail braid the rest of the way down.

When I walked out Tony called me Helga, so I think I hit the mark as far as my inspiration! I’m sure NOBODY noticed (yeah right!) that I have a TON of flyways in that large braid and it was a disaster by the end of the day. I don’t mind it so much because I was going for a messy look anyway, but I think in the future I would use a little bit of hairspray or gel and run it through my hair to smooth it down before braiding it.

What are some of your favorite Nordic looks? I want to start creating these as much as possible because they’re so pretty!

XXOO Sunny