I remember watching a tutorial someone posted about how they tie their head scarf and just thinking…. HOW? I always get single strands of hair caught in the knot and then it pulls and hurts, or I get it so tight my brain feels like it’s bursting, or it is too loose and comes off 40 times through the day. I also naturally have a kind of small head so I feel like a head scarf has the ability to make my head look even smaller if I’m not careful, so for the last couple of months I’ve been on a mission to find a way to wear a head scarf that is easy, looks cute, stays put, and doesn’t make my head small. How’s that for a challenge?

And then I had a stroke of brilliance and ran like a banshee into my closet (yep, banshees run. I think.) to grab my lava lava (aka sarong, but lava lava is way more fun to say) and tied it around my head. Of course I looked ridiculous and it took a few tries but I finally figured out that if I bunned my hair up in the back and then put this scarf on, positioning it almost like a towel turban where you place your head in the middle of the long side of the towel and then wrap it all up in a turban on top, it kind of worked.

Instead of tying it though, I found that using hair elastics to secure it in place was WAY easier and faster, plus I didn’t have to worry about accidentally tying my hair in single, painful strands! Win, win!

It’s definitely a look that is more tropical and maybe better for visiting the pool or going on a tropical vacation, although I think it would be really cute with a bright colored maxi dress on a trip to the farmer’s market, too!

XXOO Sunny